Facebook Q & A-June 18, 2012

Gluten Free Red Apple Lipstick Makeup

Last Friday, I reached out to our Facebook fans and asked: [quote]”List your beauty questions below and it may be answered in Monday’s blog! Ask anything! Wanna know what color eye shadows compliment your eyes? Wanna know the best technique for filling in brows? Ask away!”[/quote]

Several of you asked questions and I’m here to provide you with answers! [hr][box]

Fibro-Girl asks: “Whats the best color for accenting the eyelid to make it appear more open?” 

This is a great question! Whether your eyes are hooded or just small in size, adding a lighter “pop” of color onto the center of your eyelid really brightens up your eyes! To do this, apply your eye shadow as usual. Then, take a lighter, shimmery color on a firm shadow brush and pack this only onto the center of your eyelids, right where the cornea of your eye would be. You can also do this on your lower lash line. Make sure you take your finger and blend the color into the rest of your eye shadow. Use a white eye liner to line your bottom water line. This creates the illusion that your eyes are a bit larger than they appear and instantly “wakes” you up! Use a dark brown or black eye shadow on a detail brush to thinly line your eyes. Anything too dark or too bold closes the eyes. Curl your lashes! This step works wonders! By pulling your lashes up, your eyes appear brighter, more open and more alert. Finish with your favorite mascara. Our up-and-coming eyeshadow in E1 would be PERFECT for achieving this look, but until then, opt for a white or pale yellow with light reflecting properties, but stay away from glitter.




Diana P.T. asks: “What is the best way to make your lip color last longer? What is the best color for brown eyes?”


Part 1: Let’s start with the basics. How often do you exfoliate your lips? How often are you applying a good lip balm? You lip color formula is definitely important, but if your lips are in poor shape, none of that matters. To make your own lip scrub, mix 1tsp each of extra virgin olive oil, honey and raw sugar. (You can make this in larger quantities, but it’s advised that you toss it after 2-3 weeks.) Take the mixture onto your fingertips and rub it onto your lips in circular motion. The sugar acts as an exfoliant and removes dead skin while the EVOO nourishes you lips and replenishes the oils that they were stripped of. The honey keeps it all together and makes it smell pretty yummy! Also, applying Rallye Balm 3-5 times a day protects your lips from the sun and gives you an amazing gluten-free source of vitamin E for smoother, softer and sexier lips! When it comes to the actual product, Red Apple Lipstick has amazing staying power on its own, but when worn over one of our lip liners, the color intensifies and stays for hours without feathering, bleeding or “gunking up!” You can also top your lipstick with a translucent setting powder to get it to go the extra mile!


Part 2: Brown eyed girls (and boys!) are certainly blessed! Since brown is a neutral color, there’s not much, if anything, that you can’t pull off! If you’re up for playing with bold colors, go for purples and greens. Most brown eyes have some variations in pigmentation so colors such as these will pull out those hidden flecks of color and bring even more attention to your eyes! The only thing you may want to avoid is wearing a matte brown shade (that matches your eye color) all over your lid. This can be overpowering and create unflattering shadows. Whatever you do, dare to try something new! If colored eye shadows aren’t your thing, try a neutral eye paired with a colored liner for an instant “pop” without having to commit to a look that’s outside your comfort zone!



Kerri C. asks: “I love liquid eyeliner and a great cat-eye, but I have one lid with a crease that won’t let me draw a good line, it takes longer to make that eye look right. What is a good product I could use to help with this issue?”


Hey, Kerri! Believe it or not, many women experience this problem, including myself! Lining your eyes to perfection takes time. If you’re in a hurry, line your eyes using a dark black matte eyeshadow color and a detail brush. This way, if you make a mistake, it’s much easier to correct than pencil, liquid or gel liner. When you’re not in a hurry, use my famous tape trick! (Okay, maybe I wasn’t the first to do this, but I use this trick daily!) Place a piece of tape on your hand then peel it off to weaken the adhesive. Follow the natural angle of your lower lash line and lay the tape down under your eye, letting it slant up at an angle. Line your eyes. It’s perfectly okay if (and when) you get liner on the tape-just pull it off and voila! You’ve got a perfect winged liner! Since you have a visual guideline, it’s much easier to wing perfectly the first time! (A similar technique is seen in our winged eyeshadow look seen HERE!)



JohAnna H. says: “I made the mistake of plucking my eyebrows too thin when I was young. I want to grow them so I can make them a better shape for my face but I don’t want them to look scraggly and unkempt. How do I grow them without looking like a hot mess?

I feel like many women make this mistake without even realizing it! Eyebrows are definitely tricky. My advice would be to analyze your facial structure. If you have defined bone structure, create a brow shape that is more rounded. If you have a round face and fuller cheeks, you can definitely feel confident about rocking angled brows. They key is to add dimension to the face without creating a distraction. The next step is to draw in your desired brow shape using an eyeliner pencil. If you’re comfortable working on your own brows, go ahead and tweeze your brows to fit the desired shape. If not, don’t be afraid to head to your nearest salon to get help from the pros! Most nail and hair salons offer brow work for under $15! Explain exactly what you want to the aesthetician. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Once you’ve got the basic shape going, you can fill in your brows with a matte eyeshadow or brow pencil until they grow in. Invest in a good set of tweezers and pluck away any straw hairs that grow in. Brow hair growth rates vary for everyone, but I find I can completely change the shape of my brows and have them grown into place within about 6 weeks! [hr]


FEEDBACK: If YOU have any beauty questions, feel free to comment below and your question may be answered next week!        

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