Fall Lip Care: Keeping Your Lips Hydrated and Colorful

Discover essential tips for fall lip care in our latest post. Learn how to keep lips hydrated and vibrant during the cooler months with our expert advice on caring for lips in the fall.

The leaves are changing colors. Then they suddenly begin to fall and eventually dry out. This is the kind of scenery we see and expect during the fall season. 

What else tends to dry out during fall? MY LIPS! The delicate skin on our lips, unfortunately, also experience a drying pattern when fall and winter arrive.

lips dry outside in the winter weather

Dry lips, dry chapped lips, cracked lips, cold sores- these are all common (and very much unwanted) lip problems that come as the weather starts to cool down. 

Is there anything you can do to prevent dry chapped lips from happening? Yes, there is! Continue reading to learn what steps you can take to keep your lips soft and healthy this fall season. 

Avoid Dehydrated, Dry Lips This Fall 

Our lips can get dry just about any time of the year, especially if you have sensitive lips or an autoimmune condition. Dry lips and chapped lips are even more common during fall and winter. Why is that? 

The cold air and wind that comes along with colder months is what causes havoc on the lips. Because our faces are usually uncovered, the lips are more exposed to these elements, causing them to get chapped. 

Cold weather can also be dry weather. The lack of humidity in the air can dehydrate the lips, causing them to dry out. You must protect your lips just as you would the rest of your skin. How? Just like you need a good skin care routine, you also must have a good lip care routine. 

3 Step Lip Care Routine for Healthy and Hydrated Lips 

If you do the following 3 simple steps, your lips will be hydrated throughout the fall season as well as all winter long. 

Moisturize with the Right Lip Balm 

To protect your lips and keep them healthy, moisture is crucial especially if you’re trying to combat the elements such as dry air. A good moisturizer for your lips is the number one thing in a good lip care routine. 

Apply lip balm after applying your facial moisturizer every day. Reapply as needed throughout the day, especially if your lips are feeling dry. But not just any lip balm will do, you must choose the right lip balm. A good natural lip balm will give you the best results. 

When choosing a lip balm, look for one made from natural, and dermatologist-recommended ingredients such as shea butter and castor oil. These are extremely hydrating and moisturizing but are also nourishing to the lips. Stay away from lip balms containing drying ingredients such as the following: 

  • Camphor 
  • Menthol 
  • Alcohol 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Flavorings/Essential Oils 
  • Fragrance 
  • Phenol 
  • Salicylic Acid 
  • Octinoxate 

If you will be outdoors for a long time, make sure to use a lip balm that contains sun protection. Even in cooler weather, sun exposure can mean sun damage which could also cause cracked, dry chapped lips. 

Red Apple Lipstick’s Rallye Balm is my go-to lip balm. It is made up of only 5 natural and nourishing ingredients, with a base of both castor oil and shea butter. Safe for even those with the most sensitive lips. 

Our Pick

Rallye Balm Gluten Free Lip Balm by Red Apple Lipstick 4.5g

Rallye Balm is a clear choice for eco-conscious women, and it is one of the best choices for persons with an auto-immune condition such as Celiac disease, Sjögren’s syndrome or Hashimoto’s.

It will easily and readily treat chapped lips and also keep them looking healthy and colorful. Its ingredients work within the cell membrane and lipid matrix to protect the lip’s sensitive skin to soothe, soften, and prevent moisture loss. It also helps protect from the sun’s damaging rays, containing an SPF Level of 8. 

Exfoliate the Lips Once a Week 

Exfoliating the lips is also highly important in maintaining smooth and moisturized lips. Regular exfoliation will help remove any flaky and dead skin so that it doesn’t accumulate on the surface and prevent your nourishing lip products from soaking in. 

The key is to exfoliate gently but without over-exfoliating. You should only exfoliate about once a week if using something like a natural, sugar-based, lip scrub. Brown sugar is great to use in homemade scrubs, but of course, you can also use regular granulated white sugar to make your lip scrub. 

If a sugar scrub is too much for you, the Exfoliate Stick is an excellent way to remove dead skin in a gentler way. It is so gentle that you can use it to exfoliate multiple times a week. You can even use it daily if needed. 

Our Pick

Lip Exfoliate Stick – Gluten Free – by Red Apple Lipstick 4.5g

Our exfoliate stick is gentle but effective. It is formulated specifically for tender, this lip skin and it’s easy to use. The Red Apple Lipstick Exfoliate Stick is loved by persons with an auto-immune condition such as Celiac disease, Sjögren’s syndrome or Hashimoto’s.

Simply rub it gently onto the lips and then use a clean finger to work the product in small circles and rinse or wipe it off. This easily and gently removes all dead skin that would fall away anyway, leaving you with a supple and smooth canvas for your lipstick. Just make sure to always apply some lip balm right after exfoliating. 

Drink Enough Water 

To keep your lips hydrated, you must stay hydrated. This means that along with moisturizing and exfoliating your lips, you must also hydrate from the inside. Make sure to drink plenty of water every day. 

Yes, drink water when you are thirsty, but you may also need to drink even if you don’t feel thirsty. The exact amount of water you should drink will vary for each person, but the general recommendation is about 8 glasses of water a day or half your body weight in ounces. 

An easy way to tell if you are hydrated or not is by paying attention to the color of your urine. A pale-yellow hue color means you’re getting enough fluids. If your urine is a more concentrated yellow color, you probably need to be drinking some more H2O. 

Additional Tips for Maintaining Healthy Lips During Fall 

Here are some additional tips to help take care of your lips. These will help prevent chapped lips and help fight the lips from drying out. 

Don’t Lick Your Lips! 

You may think you are helping to “moisturize” or “hydrate” the lips by licking them, but lip licking does the complete opposite. The enzymes in saliva are harsh on the lips’ delicate skin, it dries it out once it evaporates from the surface. 

So, whenever you feel the urge to lick your lips because they feel dry, it’s time to take out your natural lip balm and apply some instead. 

Try a Humidifier 

If the air in your house is dry, try using a humidifier at night while you sleep. Humidifiers are a great way to add some moisture into the air which can aid in preventing your skin and lips from drying out. 

Always Look for Lip Products with Nourishing Ingredients 

Check what ingredients are in your lip products. Stay away from products with harmful, harsh, and drying ingredients, such as alcohol and fragrances. Look for gentle, clean, safe, natural, and nourishing ingredients. 

Keep in mind that lip-plumping products and matte lipsticks can also make dry lips worse because of the ingredients that are commonly used in those. When choosing lipsticks and lip glosses, make sure to choose ones with a hydrating and creamy formula. 

Red Apple Lipstick has many lipstick and lip gloss options to choose from. They are all super moisturizing, super pigmented, and very comfortable on the lips. Not to mention, they are all packed with nourishing ingredients that won’t dry the lips’ skin. 

For more tips and a more thorough everyday lip care guide, head on over to the Everyday Lip Care – 13 Easy Daily Lip Care Tips article. 

Have any additional tips that have helped you? Share with us in the comments below. We would love to hear what they are! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do you take care of your lips in the winter? 

Apply lip balm frequently. Exfoliate regularly, and drink plenty of water daily. 

How can I increase my lip hydration? 

By drinking enough water every day and moisturizing your lips frequently with a good lip balm. 

How do you prevent dehydration of lips? 

Avoid lip products with harsh and drying ingredients such as alcohol and fragrances. Look for ones with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients instead, look for those containing natural butters and nourishing oils. Stay hydrated by drinking water. 

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