Makeup Tips for Women Over 60: Age-Defying Beauty Secrets Revealed

Hey there beauties! Let’s face it, no one escapes the aging process, it’s part of life – but why can’t we age like fine wine? Our aging skin doesn’t have to be a bad thing, we’ll take the “well-aging” route.  And what a fabulous journey it is!

Hitting the 60’s brings about some changes, and challenges, that come with maturing skin. These changes can influence the way your makeup looks.  I believe that every age has its own kind of beauty, and with a few tweaks to your makeup routine, I can make those changes work in your favor.

So if you’re rocking those fabulous 60’s and beyond, you are in the right place because Red Apple Lipstick is sharing some great makeup tips for older women (particularly those over 60s) in this article.

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Makeup Tips for Women Over 60: Navigating Common Changes & Concerns  

Many changes come with mature skin/aging skin. If you’re still applying makeup as you did in years past, you’ll probably notice you’re not getting the same results.  This can be a real pain-point for women over 60.

Women experiencing changes that come with mature skin will see these affecting the way their makeup looks. Certain makeup techniques that once used to look great may not quite look as flattering anymore.

So, what are these so-called changes that mature women over 60 should look out for? Let’s go over some.  

Skin Changes  

One of the biggest changes associated with the fabulous 60’s is with the skin. Your skin may no longer have as much of its youthful appearance for many reasons.  

From Dewy to Dry: For starters, remember those days of oily or normal skin? Well, as we age our skin might lean more towards the dry side. As the skin ages, it begins to moisture, and that healthy glow it once had.  

Collagen’s Great Escape: By 60, Collagen production has been on the decline, our skin may have let go of about 50% of its natural collagen. You might notice a loss in elasticity and a dabble of sagging. Maybe some more pronounced laugh lines. But hey, more lines, more stories, right?

Glow Shift: Our skin’s natural radiance might take a backseat, but on the flip side, we might spot some age spots. Think of them as nature’s freckles, adding character to our complexion! 

Mature Eyes  

The Eye Lid Limbo: As our skin loses collagen and elasticity, the skin around the eyes are affected. The skin surrounding the eyes can begin to sag, causing sag under the eyes and droopy/hooded eyelids Kinda like your eye is doing the limbo.

Shadows & Secrets: Those dark circles under your eye are very common in mature eyes. This happens because the skin begins to thin (from collagen loss). We’ll address some ways to handle this.

Glasses Glam: Hitting 60 usually comes with weakening eyesight. You may have more difficulty seeing things up close or smaller. This will affect the way you apply makeup, especially when it comes to applying eye makeup – But I always have a fantastic answer to this problem, so keep reading.

Thinning Lips  

Collagen Tells The Story: Everything seems to get either loose with age. Your lips are no different. You’ll notice your lips are thinner and flatter than they once were. We can totally handle that with the right lipstick! 

Hydration On Hiatus: By the age of 60, all of our skin loses moisture quicker, and so do the lips. Your lips are simply going to crave more hydration. Rallye Lip Balm is excellent for this.

Lipstick Adventures: Your lips may look dull, less pigmented, and with a few more lines than before,. This affects the application of lip products, and their appearance, on older women.  

Graying Hair  

The Silver Transition: The last change that may have an impact on the way makeup looks is graying hair. The hair can start going grey way before 60, but it is certainly even more grey by now – a silver badge of honor! Let’s make it rock.

Makeup Mingle: How will grey hair affect your makeup? You should embrace this natural part of aging; I certainly believe it looks beautiful. However, you might think looks a bit paler and even washed out compared to what you’re used to. Let’s make sure your makeup doesn’t go TOO frosty.  

A Balancing Act: Embracing silver tresses means playing with makeup shades that complement, but don’t compete. The tricky part is finding the right balance of color choices when it comes to it, neither being too light nor too dark.  

Makeup Techniques & Makeup Tips for Older Women Over 60  

Although these changes are unavoidable, there’s no need to worry. There is plenty we can do to help you age well. 

Makeup for older women doesn’t need to suffer due to changes in the skin. It’s all about adjusting and working with the changes by doing a few makeup changes. 

Here are some great tips and techniques that will have makeup for older women look flawless and add a youthful glow. Keep on reading to see what these are. 

1. Use a Lit Makeup Mirror With A Magnifier  

If you are not already using a lighted makeup mirror, you should start now. They are extremely helpful.  

Having one comes in handy when you want to see things up close. You can move it towards you as close as you need it to be. Plus, the lighting makes it easy to see things clearer.  

I prefer mirrors that have sides. If you are going to own a mirror, make it a good one. Magnification, color changing lights, plug on the front and it closes up nicely.

Our Pick

JERDON Tri-Fold Two-Sided Makeup Mirror

I prefer mirrors that have sides. If you are going to own a mirror, make it a good one. Magnification, color changing lights, plug on the front and it closes up nicely.

They even have some that come with a smaller magnifying mirror that you can attach. These come in handy when you want to make things appear bigger so that they are easier to see, and extremely helpful when doing eye makeup.   

2. Less Really IS More  

More natural makeup is extremely flattering on maturing skin as it won’t weigh the complexion down.   

Applying heavy amounts of product can end up settling into fine lines and wrinkles, emphasizing them even more. You want to apply your makeup with a lighter hand and in light layers at a time. Doing so will help not end up over-applying product and looking cakey.  

3. Hydrated Skin is Key  

One of the most essential makeup tips for women over 60 is to start with a good skincare routine. This is a must because it helps give makeup a smooth base so that products apply as smoothly as possible. 

Because the skin tends to get drier with age, it’s very important to choose a GOOD moisturizer. One that will give the skin that added moisture and hydration that it’s lacking. Look for a moisturizer or face cream with ingredients that have hydrating benefits. 

Natural butters like shea butter, nourishing oils like jojoba oil, and hyaluronic acid, for example, are great for both adding moisture and hydrating the skin. Ingredients like these will help give the skin some plumpness which can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles a bit. 

Speaking of moisturizers, Red Apple Lipstick now has a skin and face lotion that is a perfect option! The Magic Avocado Skin and Face Lotion is a plant-based vegan formula that is made with a blend of nourishing ingredients. The ingredient list includes Aloe Vera Juice, Avocado Oil, and Shea butter, to provide intense hydration and rejuvenation for the skin. 

Our Pick

Magic Avocado Lotion

This lotion is completely plant based.. like all of it. It uses the power of nature to moisturize skin and tighten fine lines.

For the exact same reasons, you also want to moisturize the lips. You always want to apply a bit of lip balm before applying any lip makeup and any time the lips need some moisture. And just like you want to choose a good moisturizer, you need a good lip balm. 

Of course, we must recommend Rallye Balm. It’s just one of the best lip balms out there because it simply works. Its ingredients work in the cell membrane and lipid matrix to protect the lips’ sensitive skin. It soothes, softens, and will help prevent moisture loss. 

Our Pick

Rallye Balm Gluten Free Lip Balm

This really popular lip balm works for all ladies, and particuarly those with allergies to common makeup.

4. Choose A Foundation for Mature Skin Types – It Will Make A Difference  

When it comes to face makeup, your choice of foundation (or a base product) is super important. Powder foundations are not the best for mature skin types and should be avoided. 

They are not very moisturizing nor flattering on textured skin. Powder also tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles. This will only draw attention to them, more so than normal, aging the skin even more. Instead, makeup artists recommend opting for more moisturizing formulas such as cream, serum, or liquid foundations. 

This is why so many makeup tips for women over 60 suggest steering clear of heavy, matte foundations, mostly because they can, and will, settle into fine lines.

Many foundations have great hydrating and moisturizing ingredients in them nowadays. Just as you would with a moisturizer, look for a foundation formula that has such nourishing ingredients. For example, look for hyaluronic acid and perhaps even natural nourishing oils like jojoba oil. 

If you do not need much coverage but just mainly want to even out your skin tone, try applying using a makeup sponge for lighter coverage. For those who are looking for a bit more coverage, applying with a foundation brush will give more coverage than a sponge. 

Now, if you want to wear less makeup or for an even more natural makeup routine, try tinted moisturizers or even a BB Cream instead. These provide the skin with much-needed moisture while providing just a sheer wash of color to even out the complexion. A great alternative to foundation and a perfect way to give a natural-looking, youthful glow to the skin, which is just what mature skins need. 

Go For a Slightly Warmer Foundation Tone 

Remember how we mentioned that the skin tends to look dull and paler with age? Well, here’s a trick if that is the case for you: choose a foundation shade that is slightly warmer than your natural skin tone. 

This doesn’t mean it has to be a darker color. Look for a shade that is as close to your skin tone as possible, but just with a warmer tone to it. This will help add some warmth to your complexion. 

makeup tips for women over 60 keep makeup lightweight.
Set With a Fine Powder  

If you must use powder to set your foundation/base makeup, whether it’s to prolong its wear or to cut down on some shine, we recommend using a finely milled powder to do so. Fine powders are lightweight on the skin and usually melt onto the skin more seamlessly. 

To prevent applying too much, though, do not apply using a powder puff. Instead, use a fluffy makeup brush for more of an airier, soft-focus effect on the skin. 

5. Choose a Moisture-Packed Under-Eye Concealer  

Using a concealer is an excellent way to add extra coverage and spot conceal any age spots and problematic areas rather than applying extra layers of foundation to the entire face. Concealer is also the perfect product for lightening dark circles under the eyes. 

Because the skin in this area is very delicate and has gotten a bit on the drier side, you want to make sure the concealer you chose is a creamy and moisturizing formula. Not only will it provide added moisture and hydration to the skin, but it will also blend out easily and smoothly without having to tug or pull on the delicate skin. 

Select a shade of concealer that matches your face’s natural skin tone for a seamless look. You may even want to go for a shade lighter for an under-eye concealer to help brighten that area, giving the effect of more youthful-looking eyes. 

6. Add a Bit of Bronzer  

Bronzer is a great way to add some warmth to the skin. If your complexion is looking on the duller side, you need to include it in your makeup routine. 

A cream formula is a good choice but RAL’s Sundrop Bronzer is also a perfect choice. It is a lightweight, fine powder formula that works amazingly well even on mature skin types. 

For more on how to use Sundrop Bronzer for adding warmth, as well as 4 other ways, head on over to the 5 Great Ways to Use Sundrop Bronzerarticle. 

Our Pick

Sundrop Bronzer

This mineral based, hypoallergenic formula is fitting for many skin types and tones. Mineral formulas are always easier to make look right.

7. Try a Cream Blush Formula  

Makeup products with a creamy formula are great for mature women. They can be your best friend when you’re dealing with drying skin as they can add back some moisture. 

Cream blushes are particularly a great choice for older skin. They are moisturizing and give an added glow to the cheeks. Although RAL does not offer “cream blushes” per say, the lipsticks can be used as cream blush due to their creamy and pigmented formulation. 

Another option is to turn RAL’s powder blushes into a cream or even a liquid tint! Learn how to do so by heading on over to the Blush How To: Powder Into Cream article. 

Know How to Apply Blush on Mature Skin  

Since the skin can begin to lose firmness and elasticity, the apples of the cheeks may drop a bit. If this happens, you will want to modify how to apply blush. 

Normally, blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks and blended towards the temples. However, if the apples of the cheeks have begun to drop, applying blush that way will no longer be flattering and can just age you more. 

Instead, try applying your blush a little higher, closer to the cheekbones, and then blend towards the temples. This placement of blush will help give the cheeks (the entire face really) a more lifted appearance. 

8. Eye Makeup- Go for Lighter, More Neutral Shades  

As one gets older, darker shades along with brighter shades of eyeshadow are no longer as flattering as they once used to be. Dark, heavy, and overly bright colors can weigh down mature eyes. The eye shape may no longer be the same as in younger years which can really affect how eye makeup looks. 

Lighter and more nude/neutral eyeshadow shades are much more flattering and will help give the eyes a more youthful look. Matte finishes are best as they won’t emphasize fine lines and wrinkles on the eyes. 

Simple eye makeup is also best, especially for daily wear. Apply lighter to more medium shades of eyeshadows on the lids. Place more medium-darker shades on the outer portion of the eye, on the outer corner, to add a bit of depth. 

*Greying Hair: If you have grey hair, make sure you don’t use very light shades to prevent you from looking washed out. Light-medium to deeper medium color shades will be best for anyone with beautiful grey to fully white hair. Not too light nor too dark, just the perfect balance. Professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown suggests using shades like taupe and soft grays.  

You can and should use lighter shimmery/satin shades to highlight the eyes which will give the appearance of more awake, brighter eyes. Apply these to the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone. To help give the appearance of bigger-looking eyes, apply to the center of the lids. Just avoid heavy glittery shadows as they can settle into the fine lines on your lids. 

Now, you do not have to give up smokey eye makeup altogether if you love those. These are always perfect for evenings and special occasions. Instead of the classic dark black/grey smokey eye, go for a softer smokey look using more of a light brown color palette or even mauve eyeshadow shades. 

Define the Crease  

The crease of the eye (the area just above the eyelid where the skin folds) can become harder to see with age. It may not be as defined or the skin on the eyelid may begin to sag and end up covering it, making it hard to see when the eyes are open. 

You want to help bring back definition to the crease because a well-defined/contoured crease makes the eyes look bigger and younger. You will need an eyeshadow shade that is a couple of shades darker than your complexion. Or you can also use Sundrop Bronzer. 

Look straight into a mirror and keep your eyes open. Place your shade of choice (with Crease and Blend Brush) just above your natural crease line to create one that you can see when your eyes are opened. Blend using windshield wiping and small circular motions.   

Don’t Neglect the Brows!  

Thinning brows can make the face more severe looking. On the other hand, fuller brows can give a softer, more flattering look. This is why you should fill in the brows if you are experiencing thinning. 

Brows that are full and look natural is the goal. Using a combo of both eye/brow pencil and eyeshadow is the best way to fill the brows with a more natural appearance. See how it’s done here

9. DO Line the Eyes but Avoid Heavy Eyeliner  

Thick and heavy eyeliner is harsh looking and is also another thing that can drag the eye down even more in maturing skin. You don’t want to skip eyeliner either, though. Eyeliner can help your beautiful eyes pop; you just must apply it right. 

Keep it simple and apply it closer to the lash line. Liner doesn’t have to be thick and heavy to make a difference. A softer and thinner liner will bring just the right amount of focus to the eyes without drawing attention to any unwanted areas. 

Instead of liquid or gel eyeliner, use a high pigment eye pencil with more of a creamier formula. Depending on your skin tone, go for a brown, dark brown, or even a black eyeliner pencil color. 

A creamier eye pencil will help to prevent tugging and pulling on the eyelids. However, you may still have to gently (and we mean gently) pull on the lids and hold them in place to get a smooth line. 

10. Do Line the Lips  

To help thinning lips look fuller, you should always line the lips with lip liner. Choose a natural shade of lip liner, a shade that is close to your lips’ natural coloring.  

For fuller-looking lips, apply your lip liner to the outer edge of the lips, just slightly going beyond the lips’ natural line.  

Lining the lips will also help prevent lip color from bleeding or feathering. This tends to happen a lot more in mature lips because they have more lines and wrinkles that color can seep through.  

11. Avoid Dark Lip Colors  

Remember how we said that dark eyeshadow isn’t the most flattering? Well, the same is true when it comes to lipstick shades that are too dark. Super dark lipstick colors can make thinning lips look even smaller.  

For a more flattering “darker” lip look, choose a shade that is slightly darker than your natural lip color. This kind of shade will enhance your natural lips without making them look smaller.  

Keep in mind, though, that too light of a lipstick color can end up making you look washed out. So be careful when choosing lighter shades and nudes.  

Need help choosing the right lipstick shades? We got you covered. Head to What Color Lipstick Should an Older Woman Wear? article.  

These are some of the best makeup tips that even a makeup artist will use and recommend for mature ladies. Put these to the test and you will see how your makeup looks so much better, both flattering and giving you a more youthful appearance.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:  

How can I make my 60-year-old eyes look younger?  

Keep eye makeup simple. Opt for lighter nudes and neutral eyeshadow shades rather than darker colors. A simple and thinner eyeliner is best, keep it closer to the lash line. Highlight the inner corner and brow bone for wider and brighter, more youthful eyes. Don’t forget to contour the eyes by defining the crease. 

How do you make older skin look younger with makeup?  

By choosing base products that are moisturizing and dewy instead of those that are matte. Always start with well-moisturized skin before applying any makeup products. Try cream formulas when it comes to blush and bronzer.  

What makeup should a 60-year-old wear? 

In essence, women in their 60s should choose moisturizing and light-reflecting products that will help give the complexion a natural glow for a younger appearance. For more on this, make sure to read this article. 

Should a 60-year-old woman wear eyeliner?  

Yes, she should. The key is a simple and softer liner for women in their 60s. Use a creamier eye pencil formula to apply a thinner liner that is closer to the lash line. Gel eyeliner is too harsh, so avoid it along with liquid ones. 

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