Fall Makeup Mistakes to Avoid  

Avoid common fall makeup blunders with our expert guide. Learn the do’s and don’ts of autumn beauty and steer clear of the top fall makeup mistakes in this insightful article.

I’m going over some of the most common makeup faux pas to look out for. Keep on reading to know what you should be avoiding in your makeup routine.  

Top 5 Common Fall Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid  

Adjusting your summer makeup routine to fall can make it easy for mishaps to happen. There are 5 specific mistakes that many make during this transition. Let’s talk about these and see how to avoid making them.  

Mistake #1- Using the Wrong Shade of Foundation  

Let’s face it, summer tans unfortunately don’t last forever (sigh).  This means, for most of us, our skin tone tends to lighten during fall and winter since we may not be out in the sun as much as we would during summertime. 

If this is the case, we should adjust the shade of foundation we are using. Your foundation should always match your natural skin tone as closely as possible. 

This may mean having 2 different shades. You may need one that matches your tan in the spring and summer, and then another that is a shade lighter (or shades) for the fall and winter months. 

fall makeup mistakes to avoid

Mistake #2- Not Using the Right Type of Foundation for Your Skin Type  

Speaking about foundation, not only should it be the right shade, but it should also be the right type for your skin type. What does this mean? 

Well, you first need to know what your skin type is- dry, normal, oily, or combination skin. You should then pick a foundation formula that suits your skin type. 

General Guideline: 

  • Dry skin- dewy/hydrating liquid & cream foundation formulas. 
  • Oily skin- more mattifying liquid & powder foundation formulas. 
  • Combination skin- try a hydrating liquid foundation and then set the oilier areas of the face with powder/setting powder. 
  • Normal skin- Liquid and powder foundations formulated for normal skin are usually best. 

Now, your skin can change a bit depending on the seasons. You may find your skin to be oilier in the warmer months, but a bit drier in fall and winter. If this is the case, consider that and choose a more moisturizing/hydrating foundation formula for your fall/winter foundation. 

Mistake #3- Applying Makeup in the Wrong Lighting  

Lighting can make or break your entire makeup application. Applying makeup in poor lighting could end up causing you to apply way too much or too little product. 

This is why good lighting is so important in achieving flawless makeup application. Unfortunately, once fall is here it starts getting darker sooner. 

This means not always the best natural lighting. Make sure you have enough (good) artificial light wherever you do your makeup if natural light is not sufficient or available. 

As an FYI, soft to bright white LED light bulbs make the best artificial lighting for makeup application. Avoid light bulbs that give off yellow or blue light, as this type of lighting is not flattering for applying makeup. 

Mistake #4- Overdoing It with Bronzer  

Bronzed skin is all the craze in the summer, which means heavier on the bronzer application since that’s the focus. However, once fall comes, too much bronzer is not a good look. This doesn’t mean you should take out of your makeup routine. 

Bronzer is an excellent product to use year-round. For the cooler months, though, you want to tone it down and use a more subtle and natural-looking shade to warm up and/or add definition to the complexion more so than bronzing. This is why we love Red Apple Lipstick‘s Sundrop Bronzer

Sundrop is a great natural-looking bronze color that is perfect for adding warmth or definition to enhance the face. Its buildability also makes it great for bronzing in the warmer months so you can use it year-round by just adjusting the amount you apply. 

fall makeup mistake -apply too much bronzer
Artistic representation – not a real photo.

Mistake #5- Not Applying Blush  

As previously stated, that summer tan begins to fade once we enter fall. This can cause the complexion to look a bit on the paler side. If you were to skip blush when doing your makeup, you would end up looking pale. 

Blush can make a huge difference. It will add much-needed color and a youthful glow to the complexion. This is a must in the cooler months when the complexion tends to look a bit paler, as the focus isn’t so much on heavy bronzed skin. 

So, make sure not to skip blush if you will be wearing makeup. Makeup artists always recommend lightly defining the face in combination with applying a bit of blush for a youthful glow that is natural-looking. 

Simply apply a bit of Sundrop Bronzer using the Blush Brush makeup brush (or a similar brush) to define under the cheekbones and jawline, on the temples, and the sides of the nose. Then, apply your blush color of choice to the apples of the cheeks and blend outwards towards the temples. Apply a little at a time and build up if needed. 

Other General Common Makeup Mistakes   

Many other makeup mistakes are made no matter the season we are in. The following are the most common ones that you want to make sure you aren’t doing if you want to achieve a flawless look. 

Not Prepping the Skin

Although this may seem obvious, many do not realize that a good makeup look starts with a good skincare routine. If you want to get a flawless finish, your complexion must be in good shape. 

Before you apply foundation or any makeup product, always make sure to start with a clean and well-moisturized face. Just as you would with your base, make sure you are using a moisturizer that suits your skin’s needs. 

Prepping for makeup application is a must for anyone who desires a flawless finish. For women with aging skin, it is crucial to give the complexion that much-needed moisture so that makeup products do not end up settling into any fine lines. 

Not Using Eyeshadow Primer  

A major concern for many when it comes to eye makeup is eyeshadow creasing or eyeshadow not lasting all day. This can be easily fixed with an eyeshadow primer. 

Eyeshadows tend to apply better and last a lot longer when the eyelids are primed first. Some like to prime their lids with concealer, and that can work fine for some. 

However, if too much concealer is applied or if it’s a thicker consistency, your eye makeup may still end up creasing. A concealer is best for the under-eye area, to brighten it up and conceal any dark circles. 

A makeup artist will usually recommend using an actual eye primer product as these are made specifically for the eyelids. RAL’s Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer will help control oils on the lids and prevent creasing so your eyeshadow stays put and lasts for hours. It also corrects any natural discoloration on the eyelids. 

Applying Too Much Product  

Cakey-looking makeup is a very common makeup mistake. This usually happens when too much product is applied. Most often, it’s because too much base makeup has been applied. 

The correct way to apply makeup products is by applying them in light layers. Apply a little bit of product at a time, blend well, and then build up if needed. With any powder products, apply with a light hand so you don’t end up over-applying. 

The right makeup brushes can help prevent the over-application of products. Use the right brush for the type of makeup product you are applying. For example, you may need a different type of brush when applying liquid or cream formulas and another type of brush for powder products. 

We are only human, and mistakes will happen from time to time. However, if you keep these more common ones in mind, you will be more aware and will avoid making them. Following these tips will have your makeup looking as natural and flawless as possible this fall season. 

Do you have any additional tips, or know of any other common fall makeup mistakes that should be avoided? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

How do you make old eyes look younger with makeup?  

A great and easy way is to avoid dark and heavy eyeshadows. Go for lighter to medium-deep neutral eyeshadow shades. Highlighting the eyes by applying a light shimmer color in the inner corner will help open and brighten the eyes. 

Avoid glittery eyeshadows, though, as these tend to settle into any fine lines. Mattes and satin/fine shimmer finishes are best for mature eyes. 

How do I transition my makeup from summer to fall? 

Transition your makeup with ease by following these 4 simple tips: 

  • Switch from tinted moisturizer to a lighter-to-medium coverage, with a natural finish, foundation. 
  • Go for a more natural and subtle, soft focus, finish instead of a super dewy complexion. 
  • Go easy with the bronzing and focus more on blush. 
  • Switch your makeup colors to deeper tones. 

What makeup ages you? 

Applying too much foundation and concealer as well as applying way too much powder products. Heavy and super dark eyeliner and even eyeshadow can also be aging especially for mature women. 

What is a common mistake in makeup? 

The most common makeup mistake is applying too much product. This can be either too much base makeup, too much bronzer/contour, or going heavy on blush. Overlining the lips is also an extremely common makeup mistake. 

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