How To Do Glam Red Lip Makeup and Look Simply Fabulous

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A red lip is a woman’s glamorous staple lip color, it’s no wonder it pairs perfectly with glam makeup looks. This beautiful pairing is a timeless, classic, and chic look that is loved by many.   

Glam looks are the perfect makeup looks for wearing red lipstick and are great for just about any type of special occasion, weddings, parties, dinner dates, or even for a girl’s night out. In this article, we will talk about some of the best ways to pair a glam look with the best red lipstick. We will share some of the best red lipsticks from RAL and some glam red lip makeup look ideas.   

By the end of this post you’ll:

  • Discover exactly what eye shadows to wear with any red lipstick color.
  • Never feel stuck wondering what goes together with a red lipstick!
  • You’ll feel confident and stylish when you know exactly how to put it together.
  • Get excited for upcoming events knowing you have the perfect glam lip and eye look planned already.

4 Gorgeous Red Lipsticks For Any Glam Makeup Look

Here are some great Red Apple Lipstick red lip colors that are perfect for those glamorous makeup looks. You will find an option for everyone on this list, whether you like a colorful, bold, or subtle red lip.   

Rebel Lipstick   

This is a gorgeous deep and sultry blue red shade, the classic retro red lipstick. It’s not too bright of a red, so this would be perfect for those who do not want a super loud red lip. It has a beautiful satin finish that gives the lips a healthy-looking shine. If you prefer matte red lips though, simply blot once after applying it to remove the shine and give it a more matte finish.   

Red Apple Red Lipstick   

Your classic signature red, light and bright with a slight pink undertone. This glamorous red is super comfortable on the lips being a super creamy and moisturizing formula, perfect for all-day wear. The perfect color for bold and attention-grabbing red lips but can also be worn as a softer and subtle stain with just the right amount.  

Risque! Lipstick   

A gorgeous bright warm-toned red with orange undertones. The perfect shade for those with warm and neutral complexions that are looking for red lipstick that will not turn pink on them. Wear it light and sheer with a single swipe or apply multiple coats for a striking bold glamorous look. This red lipstick pairs stunningly well with warmer browns and golden eyeshadows.   

Reddish Fetish Lipstick    

A deep pinky-red with a slight brown undertone. It’s a neutral red that leans more cool-toned, giving it a similar appearance to that of a blue-toned red lipstick for those with warm undertones and olive complexions. For those who want to wear a subtle red lip, this one is a great option as it is not a loud and vibrant red yet still very glamorous.   

Strawberry Lips Lipstick    

Strawberry Lips is a gorgeous light shade of red. It’s a versatile, sophisticated, and chic lip color that can be worn sheer for a berry-stained look or layered on for more depth. Perfect for those who are not comfortable wearing red lipstick as it is a great red lip beginner-friendly lipstick. Also, perfect to wear with very bold eyes, would look great with those darker smokey eyes.   

Glam Red Lip Makeup Ideas   

Your typical glam is a full-on makeup application look, which can sometimes be a little too much for some. A good way to achieve a nice balanced glam look is by keeping it light when it comes to face makeup, focusing more on the eyes and lips for that wow factor.   

Face Makeup with a Red Lipstick

Use a foundation that you are comfortable with, perhaps go for a medium coverage at most instead of full coverage to keep it light. Many like to contour, or sculpt, the face when going for a glam look. We suggest either lightly contouring or just adding some warmth to the face using the Sundrop Bronzer.

Since the lips and eyes will be more of the focus, go with more of a subtle blush option. A red lip will often look well with more of a neutral shade of blush or even a shade of pink. Choose a subtle pink shade that compliments your skin tone. Depending on the eyeshadows you use, you may even just be good with bronzer alone.    

Blush suggestions: Medium Skin – Coy, Light Skin – Dolly, Deep Skin – Good Vibes and ANY Skin – Gotta Glow.   

Eye Makeup To Pair With Red Lipstick Shades   

When it comes to the eyes, don’t use super colorful eyeshadows. Red lipsticks look best with neutral colors so there’s no clashing. Try warm or cool shades of brown paired with golds, champagne, even bronze shades to give that glam factor.

Black and grey shades are also perfect to pair with a red lip and a very glam look. Smokey eyes are also a perfect eye look that will look amazing with a red lip, in particular a brown or your classic (grey/silver and black) smokey eye.    

Create a Simple GLAM eye look by using 3 main eyeshadows:

  • 1 Light Shimmery Shade – apply to lid to highlight eyes, make ’em POP
  • 1 Medium Matte Shade – apply to crease (folded area above eyelids), blend lightly into area right above crease (“transition area”)
  • 1 Darker Matte Shade – apply to the outer corner, blending slightly into the crease for DRAMA

Add a winged liner if you would like, or simply just darken the lash line with eye pencil or dark eyeshadow, and you are good to go.   

Create a SMOKEY Glam Eye look in 3 steps using all matte shadows:

  • Apply darkest shadow all over lids (this can be a dark shimmery shade)
  • Blend out the edges of the dark shade using a medium shade toward your crease
  • Use the lightest shade to blend everything out for a smooth and seamless transition to your brows

Here are a few RAL eyeshadow combination ideas that will give the eyes a beautiful glam look to go perfectly with red lipstick. These will give you an idea of what kind of eyeshadow shades to pair together.

Make sure to start with primed lids (apply a bit of Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer), and your base color applied. A base color is a neutral matte eyeshadow shade that is close to the color of your skin tone, no more than one or two shades lighter, that is applied all over the lid.

This helps to even out the tone of your lids and helps the rest of the eyeshadows to blend out nicely. (My favorite go-to base shade is Porcelain eyeshadow.)   

Warm Browns and Gold Eyeshadows   

Step 1: Using a brush like the Crease and Blend Brush, apply Earth Girl eyeshadow in the crease, blending it out onto the transition area (use windshield-wiping and circular motions).   

Step 2: With a brush like the Wet/Dry Eye Brush, apply Golden Ticket eyeshadow on the lids.   

Step 3: Use the Crease and Blend Brush again and apply Yes You Canyon eyeshadow on the outer corner of the lids, using circular motions to blend the color out and take it slightly into the outer crease. Then apply it across the bottom lash line as well, blending out with windshield-wiping motions.   

Complete the eyes with a winged liner, or by simply darkening the lash line and a few coats of mascara.

Use either RAL’s Cocoa or Black Eye Liner Pencil to line the eyes, or you can use an eyeshadow such as Black Magic or a darker brown color. For added drama, top your pencil liner with eyeshadow!

If you are unsure of how to do a winged liner, head over to the How to Do Winged Eye Liner article.   

Step 1: Apply Blondeshell eyeshadow in the crease with the Crease and Blend Brush. (Earth Girl eyeshadow would work as well.) Blend that out onto the transition area.    

Step 2: Using the Wet/Dry eye brush, apply Sand Castle on the lids.   

Neutral Brown Eyeshadows    

Step 3: Now apply Tip Taupe on the outer corner using the Crease and Blend Brush. Blend it out, taking it slightly into the outer crease. Apply also on the lower lash line.   

Finish with winged liner or by darkening the lash line, and mascara.    

Find a step-by-step tutorial for this eye look in the Fall Makeup for Wedding Guests article.   

Brown Smokey Eye   

Step 1: With the Wet/Dry Eye Brush, apply Brownie Points eyeshadow on the lids. 

Step 2: Using the Crease and Blend Brush, apply Blondeshell eyeshadow in the crease to blend out the edges of Brownie Points.   

Step 3: Blend everything out using Heirloom eyeshadow.  

Step 4: Apply and blend both Brownie Points and Blondeshell on the lower lash line.  

Find a more detailed, step-by-step, tutorial on this brown smokey eye here.   

Complete this look by adding a winged liner, or darkening the lash line, and some coats of mascara.    

Dark Smokey Eye   

Step 1: Apply Raven eyeshadow on the lids with the Wet/Dry Eye Brush.   

Step 2: With the Crease and Blend Brush, apply Clean Slate eyeshadow in the crease to blend the edges of Raven out.   

Step 3: Use Taken for Granite eyeshadow to blend everything out.  

Step 4: Apply and blend both Raven and Clean Slate on the lower lash line. 

Finish the eyes with winged liner, or by darkening the lash line, and mascara.   

Simple Soft Glam Eye Look   

Step 1: Apply Tip Taupe eyeshadow all over the lids.   

Step 2: Blend out with Blondeshell eyeshadow.   

Step 3: Line the eyes with a winged liner and apply some coats of mascara.   

Will you be trying any of these glam look ideas out? What is your favorite RAL red lipstick? Please let us know in the comments below and share any of your makeup ideas for rocking red lips! 

Frequently Asked Questions:   

 What makeup goes with red lips?   

Since the lips are more of the focus, red lips will look best with more of a natural and simple makeup look. However, it also goes well with more glamorous makeup looks. Neutral and brown eyeshadows colors will coordinate beautifully with red lipstick. 

There isn’t just one popular red lipstick, there are a few favorites out there. One, in particular, is the classic, blue-based red lipstick color. Read more about this type of red lipstick color here.   

  • blue based red lipstickRed Apple Red
    Robust Classic Red
  • orange based red lipstick
    Warm-Toned Red
  • Soft Warm Red Lipstick
  • blue based red lipstick with deep retro vibesRebel! Allergen Free luscious finish
    Luscious Blue-Based Red
  • Earth Girl
  • Blondeshell
  • Gluten Free Yes You Canyon Eyeshadow
  • Allergen Free Sand Castle Eyeshadow
  • Golden Ticket Paraben Free brightens your eyes without being overtly glittery.
  • Vegan Black Magic Eyeshadow
  • Original price was: $45.Current price is: $40.
  • $15
  • $15
  • $15
  • $15
  • Z Palette mainZ Palette Open

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