How To Pick The Perfect Green Eyeshadow


When it comes to green eyeshadow, I’m always excited to find new, fun and interesting ways to incorporate this tranquil color into my beauty routine. However, I know that not everyone feels this way. For some people, green eyeshadow is a scary thing! I think most people are afraid of color in general and are scared that they’ll look like a clown. Even Kermit the frog says “It’s not that easy being green” but I’m here to tell you that’s far from being true.


The color Green symbolizes nature and represents tranquility, good fortune, and health. It also has calming and stress relieving properties for some people. Being a stress monger; I can say that surrounding myself with the color green and wearing it as well has helped relieve some of that negativity and helped provide me with a more calm sense. If that’s not reason enough to love the color green than I don’t know what is! Continue reading for tips on how to choose the perfect Green eyeshadow for you…

How To Select A Green Eyeshadow:

There are four ways to choose an eyeshadow based on the look you are going for and what features you want to enhance. Those would be Skin Color, Eye Color, Finish, and Occasion.

swatches on each arm color

1. Skin Color– Instead of thinking about your skin’s undertone (which is also important) consider first your skin color. Are you Dark, Medium or Light? Those with light skin should look for a green that is soft and muted such as Dirty Girl or Sage Rage. If you have a medium or darker complexion something like Olive This Color or Poise ‘N Ivy would look amazing. Those with darker skin can pull off a darker green easier than those with light skin. It’s not to say that if you have light skin you can’t wear Poise ‘N Ivy you just need to be light handed when you apply it so your look doesn’t become overwhelming in contrast.


2. Eye Color– Now consider your eye color. If you have Brown eyes a shade that is lighter than your natural eye color will provide a lovely contrast. I would recommend Dirty Girl, Olive This Color, and Sage Rage. For those with Blue eyes, a green that is darker or neutral will look great! I would suggest Dirty Girl, Olive This Color or Poise ‘N Ivy. Even those with Hazel or Green eyes can totally rock green eyeshadow. The trick for them would be to select a green that is either lighter or darker than their natural eye color. I would recommend Poise ‘N Ivy, Olive This Color or Siren.


3. Finish– Then you’ll want to decide what finish you prefer. If you love mattes try Sage Rage. Are you ok with a slight shimmer? Then pick up Dirty Girl, Olive This Color or Siren. If you really love shimmer then you’ll adore the golden reflects in Poise ‘N Ivy.


4. Occasion– The occasion and time of day will also be a factor in selecting which green eyeshadow will be best for you. For everyday wear, I suggest Dirty Girl, Olive This Color and Sage Rage. For dressier occasions, nights out or if you just want to kick things up a notch and play up your playful side I would look to Poise ‘N Ivy and Siren.

siren-eye 8.41.53 AM

BONUS: I wanted to throw in this little bonus for you all because there is one green that is universally flattering and tends to look amazing on everyone! Any guesses?….Teal! If you guessed Siren then you’d be right. I love no-brainer choices so of course I couldn’t forget to mention how amazing Siren is simply for the fact that it’s one of the few colors that tends to look amazing on everyone no matter their skin color or eye color. I know some people still shy away from this color but it really is awesome and deserves some more love. You can apply this shade lightly on the lid (don’t go above the crease), use it to accent the outer corners of your eye’s or try wearing it my favorite way which is as a liner.

Which green eyeshadow is your favorite?

If you don’t typically wear green eyeshadow, are you going to give it a try? Why or why not. 

Let us know in the comments below 🙂



  1. Marieve Desjardins says:

    Blush naming contest entry, day 3:

    Joy, Joyful, Playtime, Me Jane, Amazon, Daring, Soleil, Peached, Just Peachy, Tropicanista, Aloha, Fauve

    1. Michelle D says:

      I used to use an eyeshadow that complimented my green eyes. I think it had khaki, purple and green (olive). I liked it, but usually I try to stay away from green and blue eyeshadows.

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