The Importance Of Gluten-Free Makeup And Skincare

Ok at this point I HAVE to say something. I have seen so many comments lately on some posts from people who don’t seem to understand why there is a need for #glutenfree makeup. No, it’s not because there’s a group of lipstick munchers/makeup eaters out there…maybe there is I don’t know but that’s not really the point. It’s for people who have Celiac and other gluten-related health conditions/concerns. It’s not part of the fad diet thing. There are some studies that say that the gluten-molecule/protein is too large to be absorbed through the dermis BUT what about those that have topical reactions? What about those that lick their lips? (cough *everyone*) AND personally I believe that everything that we put on our skin is absorbed to a degree or at a certain percentage and what if that builds up over time? I’m not a Dr. or medical professional of any kind but I can say for a fact that I am a lip licker (not habitually but it know life.) and being sensitive to gluten and gliadin means that like SO many out there I need to be careful about what I put on and in my body.


My first instinct is to get annoyed and mad when I see these comments because I’ve come to know so many people (my bother included…but he doesn’t use makeup) who have VERY serious health conditions and when I see people making a joke out of it I just get mad and angry BUT I have to remind myself that it comes from a place of ignorance and not knowing/understanding. So bless their hearts.


I’ve gone back and forth on if I should even comment back to these people and I’ve decided to write this instead because honestly:

  1. I feel that trying to explain things would be a waste of time. Time that could be better spent with my family or helping out all of you lovely #redapplegirls 
  2. I don’t feel like getting into a heated argument or discussion on Facebook. There’s enough of that out there on internet land to make my head spin and I don’t want to contribute. It’s pointless and not a good or productive way to spend precious time.


So I wrote this instead and if you took the time to read it thank you for reading my little rant.


Questions for you: Would you or do you comment back to these type of people? Do you also feel like Facebook has enough back and forth arguing? and How does it make you feel when you see these type of comments?


Again, thank you for taking the time to read this. It had to be said.



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  1. I have celiac disease with dematitis herpeformis. I’m currently in agony because my hand cream was not gf enough. The rash is torture. If a product goes on my skin it’s enough to make me so so sick. I like living my life. I struggle to find skin care which doesn’t poison me. All you non sensitive celiacs or armchair experts don’t live the life of someone tortured and disabled by gluten. If it’s fine for you, ok then. I don’t actually believe you all are taking no damage, just having no symptoms. As Patti said, those of us who understand sure extend our hands. Preferably hands which can pick up an apple without leading to severe celiac consequences.

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