Red Apple Lipstick’s Blush + Bronzer Naming Contest: Day 1 * CLOSED*

*CLOSED* Hello, Red Apple Girls and welcome to Day #1 of our Blush + Bronzer Naming contest. As with all of our products, YOU get to tell US what to name each color. It’s a fun way for you to be involved with Red Apple Lipstick, and a fabulous way to WIN a $100 dollar Red Apple Lipstick Gift Card. Here’s how it works. Each day, starting today, we’ll post a photo of a new blush color. You’ll simply leave a comment suggesting as many names as you want at the product. We’ll choose the winning name at the end of each day, and the winner will receive a $100 dollar RAL Gift Certificate. It’s FUN! It’s EXCITING! We love your names!


Let’s begin 🙂 Help us give Blush B302 a name by leaving your suggestions in the comments below.






Reminder: These vegan, allergen friendly, non-toxic, mineral blush colors, bronzer, AND a new amazing brush launches on January 21st. Pre-Registration means you’ll receive the best deal. We’ll have a private sales page with special deals for those who register before January 19th. Registration is simple here ->

UPDATE: Day #1 has come to a close and the winning name is….Drumroll please….Dolly. Congrats to both Kayla Wong (Facebook) and Laura (here on the blog). Thank you all for participating and join us the rest of the week for more fun 😀


  1. Just peachy , peachy keen, sun kissed peach, sweet, so sweet, forever peach, peachy, love that peach, sweet peach

  2. Shade B302 names:
    Promise Ring
    Sweet Dreams
    Spell Bound
    Rose Spritz
    Be Mine
    RAL Sweetheart

  3. Samantha Bickerstaff says:

    Youth, gentle kiss, first love, spring blossom, tender, treat me gentle, kindness, kind heart, innocent glow, twitterpated, whisper in my ear.

  4. In the Pink
    Pink Perfection
    Fresh Faced
    Prima Ballerina
    Picnic Weather

  5. Tickled pink, ribbon candy, candy hearts, charmed, I heart you, enchant me, twiggy

  6. pink lemonade, pinktastic, cutie patooti, everything nice, pink happy thoughts, think pink, pink whisper, pink sugar, pink sky

  7. pink sherbet, tickle me pink, pink grapefruit, fairy kiss, flower power, my fair lady, you glow girl, it’s glow time, rosy posy

  8. Sweet Girl*
    It’s a Girl
    Toe Shoes
    Winter Warmth
    Kissed by the Cold
    Sweet Baby

  9. Champagne Kisses
    Butterfly Kisses
    First Crush
    First Love
    Baby Rosebuds
    April Showers
    Cherry Blossom Spring
    En Pointe
    Shopping in Paris
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    Nature Girl
    Pink Diamonds
    Ribbons and Bows
    Morning Light

  10. Tickled Pink
    Pretty Peony

  11. Angelic Glow
    Luminous Blush
    Pink Champagne
    Rose Illuminator
    Luminous Flush

  12. Gina Aylworth says:

    Sweet 16, innocence, girl next door, think pink

  13. Heaven Sent, Lighter Side of Love, Sweet Baby, Angelic, So Divine.

  14. Rose Glow
    Raindrops on Roses
    Barely Rose
    Blushing Petal
    Rose Dawn
    Rose Radiance
    Baby Love
    My Girl
    Birthday Wish
    Wish You Were Here

  15. B302
    Pink Breeze

  16. Audrey
    Parisian adventure
    Kitten heel

  17. “Daddy’s Girl” “Angel Kiss ” “Innocence” “Pretty in Pink”

  18. This natural baby pink reminds me of a princess. I think it should be called “Cinderella.” 🙂

  19. Pink glisten, cherry blossom, pink champagne, Doll kisses, glisten, pink cotton candy, Baby doll, Barely Pink, petal, petal pink, doll face, soft pink , pale pink, sweetheart, adore,

  20. Dollface, Pinched, First Kiss

  21. Cotton candy, pink champagne, cupcake, grace, sweet pea, baby doll, pretty in pink

  22. Lauren McAllister says:

    Ballet slipper

  23. RoseQuartzBeauty says:

    “Doll” because baby pink reminds me of dolls! 🙂

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      Congrats Laura. Thank you so much for participating. We have chosen Dolly as the name for Blush B302 😀 Please email [email protected]

  24. Dimaris Marrero says:

    Rose quartz , Butterfly Whispers, Peony fields

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