8 Best Lip Colors For Spring 2019

Hey Red Apple readers,

You may know by now that I’m a HUGE fan of color. As such, I follow the trendy seasonal colors often. I do so more out of curiosity but also for inspiration, and I’d like to be able to pass along the inspiration to you as well. Thus, the following product highlights are based on the trending colors for spring 2019 and are meant more for inspiration and a guide but always remember to wear what you love. Enjoy!



Risque – A festive warmer red lipstick that radiates energy, passion, and excitement.



Appley Ever After – In contrast to Risque, Appley is a lipstick that provides depth and intensity with a luxurious elegance. Another great option to fit the bold red bill would be Rebel!



Tangomint – An enlivening orange lipgloss that’s great on its own but equally beautiful applied over Coral Crush, Firecracker, and Beachside.


Coral Crush –  A nod to the color of the year, Coral Crush is a friendly, cheerful and animating shade of lipstick.



Hibiscus – A tantalizing deep, berry pink lipstick that is stunning! Wear it softly or build it up for some drama. 



Secrets – Where Hibiscus is bold Secrets has a more gentle approach. Secrets is an endearing and charming pink lipstick with a little hint of golden shimmer. Even with shimmer though it still holds onto it’s natural looking qualities.



Dusty Rose – The next lip pick is a soft blushing pink lip liner. Apply it as an all-over lip color and then top with a little Rallye Balm for moisture. Dusty Rose brings thoughts of romance and nostalgia to mind.



Bella Rina – Last but not least, the final lipstick is a vibrant warm medium pink color named Bella Rina. It has a beautiful, radiant quality to it and while it’s similar to Hibiscus, it can apply a little deeper.


Thank you for taking the time to check out this post. I hope you find some color inspiration and let me know in the comments what your favorite color for spring is. Take care!

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