Transition To Fall with Summer Lipsticks

Summer Lipsticks In Fall

When it comes to lipsticks, Spring and Summer is the best time for those beautiful bright and cheery shades, while Fall and Winter is the time for deeper, richer, and darker shades. Well, now that Fall is here, you may be thinking it’s time to put all your beautiful bright-colored summer lipsticks away, right? Think again!

Fall has begun, and you may have started to transition your makeup, but you can keep rocking your favorite summer RAL lipsticks. In this article, we will be talking all about how you can transition your lip colors into fall with your favorite summer lipsticks. We will also be sharing some examples of color combos to try out! This way you will be able to get a little more wear out of your summer lipsticks while the weather begins to cool down.

What Are Summer Lipsticks?

Before we get into how to transition lipsticks into fall, let’s review summer lipsticks. What exactly do we mean when we say summer lipsticks?

As mentioned, summer is the best time to wear bright and cheery shades of lipstick colors. So, when we say summer lipsticks, we are referring to those bright shades of pinks, hot pinks and fuchsias, reds, corals, and oranges, even those bold and bright shades of berries.

Here are some popular summertime RAL lipsticks:

· Brazilliant– a beautiful light shimmery pink with slight tangerine undertones, it is almost a light coral shade. This is not overly bright so would be a perfect choice for lighter skin tones or those that are not comfortable with something too bright.

· Coral Crush– a true, classic, coral color of pink and orange.

· Firecracker– a warm-toned medium, spicy, orange-red. It has an orange coral undertone with a brownish-red overtone. This is a perfect choice for fall as well.

· Hibiscus– a deep, berry pink with a hint of red to it, a true raspberry color.

· Let’s Flamingle– tropical hot pink with a coral cast.

· Love My Kiss– the perfect middle ground between pink and red.

· Oh Snapdragon– soft blossom pink with cool undertones of lavender, a colorful yet soft full-coverage color.

· Petal to the Metal– this rosy/mauve medium pink has a warm overtone with a cool undertone.

· Red Apple Red- a classic signature red, light and bright with a slight pink undertone.

· Risque!– warm-toned red with orange undertones.

· Starlette– a stunning, warm-toned, pinky red.

· Unpinkable– a fuchsia pink with just a bit of red to it. This shade is a warm color but with cool undertones.

How to Transition and Use Your Favorite Summer Lipsticks In Fall

So, how can you transition your summer lipsticks into fall? There are two very simple and easy ways to help you do so. They involve using another lipstick and lip gloss.

Method 1 – Layer Lipsticks (with swatches)

The most fun way to deepen/darken your summer lipsticks is by mixing, or layering, a summer lipstick with a darker lipstick. Nude lipsticks, in specific those deeper and darker shades of nude, are perfect to use for this since they will not completely change the overall color but will just darken and add deepness to brighter shades. I’ll show specific examples below. But with this method, you can single a darker lipstick with many summer lipsticks and have so many options! Plus, it’s fun.

Another great option would be to use a darker lipstick shade that is a similar color to the summer shade that you want to deepen. Both of these options will help darken any bright summer lipstick shade to make it more appropriate for fall.

Here are some great RAL lipstick options that would work for this purpose:

1. Chai Love You– A nude shade with a reddish-brown undertone. Perfect for darkening warm-toned summer lipstick shades as well as bright reds.

2. Day After Morocco– a reddish pink shade of lipstick tinted with a coral-beige undertone. This would be a perfect choice to pair with warmer shades of pinks and corals to deepen them up a bit without darkening them too much.

3. Gypsy Soul– brick red lipstick with a brown undertone. If you really want to darken a brighter lipstick shade, this is your fall go-to.

4. Naughty– the perfect tan nude lipstick. It has no shimmer and it gives the lips such a healthy shine! Naughty is the perfect choice to deepen summer lipsticks that have warm undertones to them.

5. Ohh La La– a dusty rose shade of lipstick that is slightly pink, slightly brown. The perfect neutral nude to darken and deepen just about any summer lipstick shade. Perfect to layer with your pink and berry shades.

6. Spice ‘N Easy– a medium spicy orange lipstick with a brownish-red undertone. Another perfect option to help deepen brighter orange/coral shades as well as warm reds.

Layering two lipsticks together is always a beautiful and fun way to explore your creativity. It’s easy, simple, and easy to undo if you aren’t happy with the results. I recommend you use a lip brush when layering, it just makes it way easier to be precise.

Method 2 – Shift The Tone With Lip Gloss (with swatches)

The second way to transition your summer lipsticks into fall is darkening or deepening them with a darker lip gloss. Look for a lip gloss color that is in the same color family but that is darker and deeper than the summer lipstick you want to pair it with. This will help tone down the brightness of the lipstick while darkening it a bit at the same time.

These are a few RAL lip glosses that could work to darken some summer lipsticks:

1. Cabernet Kiss This Gloss shade appears dark in the tube, but it goes on as a semi-sheer deep berry stain. It will perfectly work to deepen a bit any berry shade lipsticks as well as cool-toned shades of pink.

2. Gemazing A medium/dark pink Lip Gloss with micro shimmer that is fully pigmented. This is perfect to tone down and deepen any bright pink lipstick.

3. Kissyfit– A pigmented, warm-toned, shimmery, bronzed-berry lip gloss with hints of red. Perfect to deepen bright shades of berry-toned lipsticks.

4. Queen of Hearts– A medium pigmented red tinted lip gloss. Though it looks dark and bold in the tube, this gloss goes on with a gorgeous pigment that’s not too dark. Great for toning down any bright red and red-pinkish lipstick shades.

5. Tangomint– a warm shade of gloss with orange-red with golden micro-shimmer. This is a great color to tone the brightness and add depth to warm reds and orangey shades of lipsticks.

These two simple tricks will help you keep enjoying your summer lipsticks way into fall without them being too obvious that they are meant more for those summer months. We sure hope they are very helpful and useful for your makeup routine. By the way, these lipsticks and glosses that will help summer lipsticks transition into fall are also perfect for Fall and even wintertime, all on their own.

Do you have any or know of any other tips and tricks that help to transition your lipstick shades into Fall? Feel free to share with us in the comments as well as your thoughts on this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to transition makeup from summer to fall?

Summer is all about natural, glowy, and a bronzed complexion with bright and cheery lips. To transition into fall makeup, you still want to maintain a good skincare routine. Start switching over to more moisturizing products as the weather starts to get cooler and the air a bit drier. Bring back a foundation into your routine, nothing too glowy or dewy, but still with a radiant finish.

Focus more so on blush rather than a bronzer. When it comes to lips, start incorporating more richer, darker, bolder shades of lipsticks and glosses. This can also apply to eyeshadows; darker and richer shades are great as the weather starts to cool down, think of more earth tones, darker browns, and deeper plums to name a few.

2. What are the makeup trends for fall 2021?

There are a few trends we are seeing for this Fall season. Here are a few that seem to be quite popular: dewy fresh skin, natural brows, bold and lush lashes, lined eyes, bold lips (berries and rich reds in particular), subtle smokey eyes, as well as mauve and terracotta shades.


  1. Marsha Sayler says:

    Are you planning on getting a shipment of eggplant eyeliner soon?

    1. Jay Harper says:

      Hi Marsha,
      We are currently redesigning our pencils. Our new pencils will use sustainably grown woods along with some formula tweaks. They will be available Winter 2021, and we do intend to make an eggplant color.

  2. Barbara Coon says:

    First; I can’t believe your daughter is 4 1/2 already!
    Second; thank-you, Andrea, for these amazing ideas! I have several of the shades you demoed and am inspired to try others, too!
    Third; big accolades for Unpinkable! I think it just might be the universal pink! (Can be worn by everyone.)
    Happy Fall, Y’all!
    Your friend,

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