Warm up your look for the cooler months of Fall.

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Fall/Autumn/Winter season is officially on. Cozy sweaters, warm jackets, shawls, beanies and hot chocolate (or a coffee if you’re a mom ;)) cup vibe – AND warm makeup for fall. But what makeup colors are the fall makeup go-to’s? How does skin tone play into this? (hint hint, I’ve compiled all of these looks to work for any skin tone – yay!)

For all those who miss warmer weather and those who simply like to match makeup to their outfits and winter accessories – we present some warm toned makeup looks examples. They will be a perfect finishing touch to your style.

Try A Monochromatic Bronze Look

Do you miss your summertime tan? Create a better, healthier version of it by using RAL Sundrop Bronzer – it works so perfectly for all skin tones. Apply it generously (but remember to blend it well!) on your cheeks and eyelids.

Image of Barbara wearing a monochromatic Bronze makeup look for fall.
Sundrop Bronzer by Red Apple Lipstick works on both your cheeks and your eyelinds

For application and easy, seamless blending I recommend RAL Vegan Blush Brush – which will make your bronzer look natural & not overdone. This super soft, angled brush is made with synthetic bristles which means it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

Use bronzer on cheeks for an instantly warmer look, under jawline for slight lift and definition and on eyelids – especially on the crease – to add some warmth and depth. For eyes I recommend trying both crease and blend brush from RAL. This simple mono-bronzer look will make you a summer goddess again. This works no matter your skin tone.

Brown Eyes With A Spicy Touch – PERFECT For Fall, and Easy.

Brown + neutral eye shadow is so nice and natural looking; and that makes them the perfect choice any time of the year. It also works with just about every skin tone. Especially if you want to make your eye makeup warmer for autumn makeup eye makeup. Use warm matte browns paired with either darker eye pencil or dark eyeshadow in the outer corner for your fall makeup.

Use a bit of metallic finish eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelid – for example lucky penny (solid eye makeup color for any skin tone). It’s a fun way to add some spiciness to your warm colors and any warm tones.. This gorgeous medium yellow copper will add more glam and warmth to the whole look. Pair with a beautiful nude lipstick in shade Naughty (graphic below). On top of my list for winter colors!

graphic of Barbara demonstrating warm fall brown eye shadow looks.

Here is how to create it:

  1. Apply eye primer Prime Time
  2. Use medium brown eyeshadow on the entire eyelid 
  3. Add some darker brown on the outer corner 
  4. Use eye pencil [optional]
  5. Optionally use metallic eyeshadow over the medium brown before step 4.
  6. Use nude lipstick Naughty.

Bold Red Lips Are A Fall Favorite

Always on point warm look that will guarantee that you won’t go unnoticed – red lips and bold red lips. Red is warm on its own and does not need much more to it, so choose your favorite RAL with the undertone you like (I used classic Red Apple Red here) and smile, because you just brought the summer heat back.

Image of barbara wearing a bold red lip perfect for fall makeup looks.
Bold Red Lips is a classic & timeless go-to for fall makeup.

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Eye Look – So Simple

Who can resist hot chocolate? Not me and not on a cooler day. I am sure this beverage inspired eye look will make you crave one (literally). Use Brownie points as hot chocolate and buttercream as marshmallow – apply brown shade on the whole eyelid, blending slightly going beyond the crease and add buttercream on your brow bone for some brightening effect and a bigger eye. You can apply eye pencil on your lash line for a thicker lashes line illusion and use brown mascara to stay completely in a warm tone. These warm color s are perfect and sweet look is ready.

  • Cream shimmer vegan & gluten free eyeshadow
  • Medium Brown Matte Eyeshadow Brownie Points

Salted Caramel Latte – YES!

If we are all about having seasonal beverages, here is something for coffee lovers. Espresso shade paired with Like U Latte and some Hello Darkness as the eyeliner will make a gorgeous, warm (not to say hot) combo on your eyelids – a perfect fall makeup look. Sultry eyes to warm up cooler months are the way to go. If you like to wear a scarf, choose the one in similar shade to your eyeshadows – that way your eyes will be even more emphasized and beautiful. 

  • Hello Darkness
  • Paraben Free Like U Latte Eyeshadow
  • Gluten Free Espresso Eyeshadow

Warm Neutrals On The Eyes Are Where We Go

I would not be myself if I forgot about all the warm, matte neutrals. They are perfect for fall makeup They go with about anything and help to create a well-balanced, dimensional look of the eyes. All you need is the new matte palette and a pro eyes brush set.

Use 3 shades if you want to achieve a neutral version of smokey eyes – apply the lightest close to the inner corner and on the brow bone, medium on the entire eyelid and finish with the darkest on the outer corner, blending on the crease.

Apply a bit of the medium shade on the lower eyelid as well. Finish your look with a warm neutral lipstick as Naughty or Chai Love shade.

Naughty is a perfect, tan nude color with no shimmer, but still gives your lips a healthy shine that is oh-so glamorous. Chai Love You is a sophisticated nude lipstick with a reddish brown undertone – perfect shades to warm up the moody seasons!

Glossy Lips For The Win

Another easy way to warm up your look is using warm-toned lip gloss. It can be applied on bare lips or over your favorite RAL lipstick shade for more color saturation. Use nude with pink and brown undertones like Honey Badger, or semi-sheer shade like Brazen Raisin, for a natural bronzed lip with ever so faint micro-shimmer.

Don’t like the sticky feel? Don’t worry, neither do I. RAL gluten-free Vegan lip glosses are non-sticky formulas that moisturize lips while you wear them. 

Cocoa Eyeliner – Not Black

You think it, we have it – cocoa eyeliner will look stunning on its own as the classy eyeliner on top eyelid or in smudged cat eye version. You can use primer & light beige eyeshadow color as a base and then add the pencil. If you want to go for a more glam version of this look, use lip gloss on your eyelids. Choose the one without shimmer, like for example Tiny Dancer – a beautiful warm peachy-pink nude lipgloss.

Hopefully these looks will inspire you to create your own, warm-toned makeup. Let us know in the comments below which products you’ll use and which idea you will try.

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