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What Is Beauty To You?

Two of my friends and I were discussing this question. One friend is 62 and had been exploring the question, “What is pretty at 62? How do I define that?” 

She had been going thru old high school photos (in preparation for moving) and reliving many times when her father told her she looked fat. But, looking at the photos she didn’t see that, she saw a lovely happy young woman who was being handed other people’s unsolicited opinions.  It was a big moment of realization for her, in her words…

“I have come to realize that ‘pretty’ is defined by how we love ourselves, not an opinion from others”

Then my other friend said, using that definition of beauty – let’s ask ourselves great questions to get great answers. 

“How am I beautiful today?” 

“What can I do to be beautiful today?”

“How can I make the world a more beautiful place today?”

 When beauty means loving ourselves – these questions take on a whole new meaning.

Recently, many Red Apple shoppers received mirrors in their order that said “You Are Beautiful”. We sent those mirrors out, because no matter who received them – that message is a fact. There is no question that you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are love. No matter what. <– And that last sentence is key

I want to know, do you agree or disagree with my beautiful 62 year old friend? Is she onto something?

I know for me, when I show up for myself, when I love myself unconditionally, when I treat myself with respect – I feel insanely beauty-filled! How about you?

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9 thoughts on “What Is Beauty To You?”

  1. Avatar

    I echo the Judy Gorter wish for a truly allergic free foundation. Finding your mascara a few years ago allowed me to once again use eye makeup and I am truly grateful. But even though I wear foundations that are supposed to be free from most allergens and irritants, none truly do the job. So by the end of the week, the skin near my eyes swells up from foundation exposure (but nothing like when I used to use other mascaras). I trust the Red Apple products as they have proven to be the most irritant free. So, if you come up with a foundation and concealer line, I will be even more thrilled with your products!

    1. Andrea Harper

      I’m so thrilled that you can use our mascara without issue, it was a major goal of mine many years ago to create a mascara that didn’t irritate. We are in the development stages of foundation. Would you prefer liquid, powder or both?

  2. Avatar

    Hello Andrea,
    I completely agree with your friend and believe it’s also taking a step back and having gratitude for your body. Instead of thinking about the lines around your eyes, think about how many beautiful or joyous moments your eyes have seen which are now reflected in the area around your eyes. When you look at your hands, instead of seeing skin that is older and weathered, think about how much love those hands have given to others…How many diapers did those hands change, how many children’s tears did they gently wipe away, how many nourishing meals did they make and how many hugs to friends and family did they give. Appreciating our bodies and understanding how incredible our bodies truly are can help in feeling beautiful and strong and add to a foundation of confidence, self love, compassion, and respect for ourselves and others.

  3. Avatar

    Hi, my name is Judy Gorter, I am wondering if your company has foundations ? I am looking for a foundation that is gluten free and free of all the chemicals in other products. I am gluten sensitive and would like to see if the gluten free foundation would stop my rash on my face. I have your lipsticks . I love them that I can wear them and not worry about ingesting them and getting sick. Please let me know where I can find the foundation or if you also have the foundations. I get your emails and am happy to hear that you carry other products like eye colors and mascara as my eyes tear all day when I put anything near my eyes. Thank you for reading my email. Thanks for any help in my pursuit of gluten free make up.

    1. Andrea Harper

      Hi Judy, I’m curious if you’re interested in liquid foundation, powder foundation or both. We are in develop stages and would love to know what you are looking for.

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