9 Lipstick Shades You Need For Fall

image of woman wearing lipstick for fall covering her right eye with a fall red leaf

The cozy clothes, the camp fires, the leaves changing, boots and scarves and hats are sooo welcome after all this heat! It’s also when we want to start shifting our makeup (and clothing) shades.  Which makes it an awesome time to grab new gluten-free lipstick colors, and here’s 9 lipstick colors we’re obsessed with for fall.


One would be remiss to overlook Audrey in Fall 2021

Audrey is Red Apple Lipstick’s top selling shade, with good reason.  It’s a classic neutral, so – if your lips have a pink base, it’s a your-lips-but-better shade.  If your lips lean purple or darker, Audrey wears as a medium pink – classic and lovely. Because it’s neutral, it pairs well with any outfit and eye makeup look so it’s an easy lipstick to pop out and KNOW you’ll look pulled together.

Monika of Rocaille Writes said this of Audrey “Audrey gets two thumbs up from me – so much so that I promptly tossed NYX Tea Rose in the trash. There’s just no way I would reach for Tea Rose over Audrey if I wanted that neutral warm pink lip!”


Wanna dive a little deeper in the berries this fall?  Vogue is your go-to

Without being over-dramatic, Vogue takes your lips tone into the berrily perfect side of fall.  The tonal ranges Vogue is capable of will blow your mind.  It works perfectly as a sheer wash of color, or when paired with a similar color in your outfit, looks perfectly in place with each additional swipe!

The Clean Curator blog mentions this of Vogue “I love Vogue for these fall to winter days since it is like a darker, everyday lip for me. Again, I never had issues with this fading into my lip lines and I find that this actually makes my lips look fuller and better after application as the moisturizing formula really helps with any lip issues.”


Do you consider yourself an adventurous, red lipstick wearing person?  If yes, then wear Rebel!

Start lightly, and build the intensity to get it just right.  This stunning, deep red screams “I’ve GOT THIS – just WATCH me!”  The formula behind Rebel! gives a satin finish, or with a proper blot, a perfectly matte finish.  Use a lip brush or our lip liner in Scarlet Red to make sure you fill in your lips to their true edges. This will keep your lips looking full with a deep shade of red.

In the Vegan Beauty Review, Sunny says “Rebel! is a sexy blue-based red – it’s very old Hollywood glamour! It has a satin finish, but if you’re looking for a matte finish, just blot once and TADA!”

Chai Love You

If you only wear ONE lipstick this fall – make it Chai Love You!  Awww…I love you too!

Listen, this shade is righteous…it’s reddish brown undertones lend a warmth to this neutral lipstick that make it perfect for fall. On darker lip tones this lipstick will be a reddish nude. On lighter lip tones it will be a rich, golden red brown.

Since the moment we launched this shade, it quickly rose to the top of fan favorites forever.

Cabernet Kiss

Cabernet Kiss

Don’t forget a gloss! Cabernet Kiss

This gloss is an all around winner for shifting the tone of any lipstick into that “Fall-is-in-the-air” feeling.

Jenna Finke, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach of Good For You Gluten Free says “When I purchased my first gluten-free lip gloss from Red Apple Lipstick years ago – Cabernet Kiss – I loved that it made my lips feel so moisturized. I thought it would dry out my lips, but it didn’t. I assure you, this stuff feels like a moisturizing lip balm!”

What Makes A Fall Lipstick Color Perfect?

The short answer is – the confidence you have while wearing it. Truly, there are no set rules that you can’t break.  The best lipsticks for you are the ones you enjoy wearing and make you feel good and gorgeous.  That being said…

I tend to prefer berries, browns, reds, and oranges for fall…hmmm basically the color of autumnal leaves.  Pay attention to the clothing colors you tend to wear in the fall and choose from there.  

If you tend to wear jewel tones or black – choose the berry & pink shades we’ve listed here (like Paris, Vogue, Audrey, Petal To The Metal, Cabernet Kiss, Rebel).

If you love wearing browns, oranges, warm tones – choose the brown, neutral, spicy oranges we’ve listed here (Chai Love You, Ooh La La, Firecracker). 

If you wear grey, blue, taupe, white, pink, red choose the reds & pinks (Rebel, Petal To The Metal, Vogue, Audrey). 

If you like wearing ALL the fall colors – then choose whichever ones are calling your name (you can wear them all!)

Comment below and tell us what YOUR favorite colors are to wear in the fall! 


  1. I love Rebel and Petal to the Metal for Fall! I’m so excited to rock these colors!

  2. Ashley Teague says:

    Hi Joanne, Thank you for your feedback. I’d love for Swoon to come back as well. I will have Gail put a tally mark on it for you 😀

  3. Ashley Teague says:

    Thank you for the feedback about Manhattan. It was a pretty red 🙂 I’ll have Gail put a tally mark on it for you. It’s always possible if we were to get enough requests we could bring it back in a limited batch.

  4. Ashley Teague says:

    Thank you for the feedback Melinda 🙂 If you ever have any examples of colors you’d like to see feel free to send pictures. It’s always helpful for us to get a visual. I agree about Sweet Pea too. It’s such a beautiful color <3

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