Best Lipsticks For Fair Skin – Cool Undertones & Dirty Blonde Hair

bold warm lipstick on woman with fair cool undertoned skin
  • blue based red lipstickRed Apple Red
    Robust Classic Red
  • Soft Hot Pink
  • Coral Lipstick
    Light Wam Coral Shimmer
  • Sheer Brown Berry
  • Soft Rosy Mauve
  • Smiling woman wearing Audrey Gluten Free Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick
    Timeless, Essential Pink

Why Are These The Best Lipsticks For Fair Skin & Cool Undertones

Those with cool skin tones can easily become washed out by light colors and on the other hand look overpowered by a color that’s too bright or too dark. We recommend always having an everyday go-to shade (like Maven Mauve or Berry Blast), a classic red (like Red Apple Red), and a fun pop of color (like Brazilliant or Let’s Flamingle).  

When choosing lipsticks for someone with a similar look as Jordan, pictured here, we’re really focused on enhancing features. The great thing about these colors is she’ll likely be able to still wear them as her features change over time. Maybe with only slight adjustments to how bold the colors are worn.  

Now, let’s talk base lip color, which is the color your lips are with nothing on them.  This is important because our lipsticks are designed to blend WITH your natural lip color not completely cover it up. So, these lipsticks will look different on someone who has a brown or purple base lip color, and may not be our first choices. 

Jordan’s base lip color is pink and differs from the skin color on her face. Knowing your base lip color allows you to find lipstick shades that are just a shade deeper (like Maven Mauve) for a “my-lips-but-better” look – the perfect everyday lipstick for looking pulled together without any effort.  It’s your timeless, classic, everyday shade. 

If your overall look, is anywhere similar to Jordan’s these lipsticks will all be good choices for you. 

Checkout More Makeup For Fair Skin With Cool Undertones

You might be wondering what other makeup will look amazing on your fair skin. Below, you’ll find lip pencils that will pair perfectly with the best lipsticks for you, that we talked about above. We also included some glosses that would look AMAZING with those lipsticks but also beautiful worn alone. Blush is one of our favorite products, because it brings your face to life – and the shade Dolly, is by far the best blush for fair skin! You could also get away with Gotta Glow (peachy pink universally flattering blush). Either way, your makeup bag will not be complete without blush – and we highly recommend a matte baby pink for just the right glow.

  • Hypo-Allergenic & Buildable
  • $36
  • $36
  • $36
  • Cool Orchid Pink
  • Gluten Free Lip Gloss
  • photo of Berried Treasure Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick - a berried color lip glossBerried Treasure Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
    Sheer Shimmery Berry Lipgloss
  • Image of Barely Pink Lip Liner from Gluten Free and Cruelty Free brand Red Apple Lipstick

Why Should I Wear Red Apple Lipstick?

Because you’ve never worn a lipstick this good before. It glides on smooth and is ultra creamy and moisturizing – thousands of five star reviews, waiting for you to read. For 10 years, Red Apple has specialized in clean, vegan, cruelty free & gluten free makeup for lips, eyes, and cheeks. 

If you’re like us, you’ve been searching for makeup with just the right blend of high performance + quality ingredients + non-toxic + cruelty free.  It can be tough to find (especially 10 years ago) so we created it. Then, we made sure it was free of animal bits and allergens for all our vegan & sensitive skin friends.

So, if you’re new here – welcome! We love helping you find the perfect lipstick shades for your fair skin tone – and if you want more suggestions for lipsticks that are great for your skin tone – or makeup for your eyes & cheeks just email our beauty advisors, they’re standing by! 

You’ve found high performance, clean makeup that won’t irritate your skin or make you sick (this is especially important for our friends with auto-immune diseases and cancer survivors/fighters).  If you’re in one of those categories, we support you – and are glad you’re here!

We source the highest quality clean ingredients for our makeup – and ensure that our suppliers do not test the raw ingredients on animals. We are Leaping Bunny certified, GMO free, Paraben Free & Gluten Free, to name a few. We exclude all toxic practices and ingredients from our company and products.

You’ve found makeup that glides on smooth, nourishes your skin, lashes and lips – and is truly enjoyable to wear.  

You’ve found a company that cares about its customers.  We treat you, the way you would treat you! 

You’ve found a company who cares about the world around us.  Your purchases help support women’s shelters, cancer fighters & survivors, animal welfare groups, auto-immune disease foundations and support groups (specifically Celiac Disease and Sjögren’s Syndrome).  We love helping smaller groups that need support but don’t have national attention yet – if you know a group that needs support, click here to email us

You’ve found Beauty You Can Believe In.  No more searching, no more guessing, no more buying products that you can’t return.

Start shopping with confidence! And if you need anything at all – contact our customer care team who is eager to help you!


  1. shannalane says:

    The lip moisturizer stick is the ONLY one of nearly 30 other brands I have tried that doesn’t dry out my lips. Your lip gloss unfortunately did dry my lip but the moisturizer stick quickly fixed it after I peeled if the dry skin layer. I am desperate to find a lip color that my lips can tolerate. Any suggestions???

  2. kathleenmarie81 says:

    do you still have twist and pout ?

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. At this time we do not still have Twist N Pout.

  3. Emilee Ritz says:

    What’s happened to the drama shade?

    1. Hi Emilee,
      Unfortunately, Drama has been discontinued. I can place a tally mark on it for you, it’s possible with enough requests that it could make a comeback in the future.

  4. Love this; really helpful. 🙂

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      So glad you found this helpful <3

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