Classic and Timeless Makeup for Blue Eyes

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How to Enhance Blue Eyes: Timeless and Classic

In this video, Ashley shows you how you can create a beautiful, timeless, and classic makeup look to enhance blue eyes. This look can be worn for a simple and easy everyday look, having lunch with friends, or even just out running errands. Ashley has chosen these eyeshadows that will complement and enhance blue eyes with both matte and shimmer eyeshadows giving you a classic and timeless look.

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes:

Makeup You’ll Need To Create This look:

An image of shimmer eyeshadows for blue eyes used by Ashley to create timeless Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

The eyeshadows that Ashley uses and that are listed below are all part of our special eyeshadow palette for blue eyes. We’ve created 2 palettes for each eye color – you can shop by eye color here. Ashley is using the Blue Eyes Shimmer Palette to create a classic & timeless look. All of these special palettes come with a step-by-step beauty guide included and this look is detailed on paper there. Enjoy seeing it done in video detail.

Hush Hush Eye Shadow

Image of Red Apple Lipstick Matte Eyeshadow in the shade called Hush Hush. This eyeshadow is a matte peach toned shade.

Hush Hush eyeshadow by Red Apple Lipstick is a matte peach-toned eye shadow and Ashley uses this shade all over her lid all the way to the brow bone.

Sand Castle Eye Shadow

Image of Red Apple Lipsticks eyeshadow in the shade called Sand Castle. Light nude peach color with golden shimmer to create Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Sand Castle eyeshadow by Red Apple Lipstick is a light, nude peach with a golden shimmer. The golden shimmer will really help to enhance blue eyes. Ashley applies this all over her lid and in the inner corner.

Earth Girl Eye Shadow

Image of Red Apple Lipstick Eye shadow in the shade called Earth Girl, This color is a warm, matte, camel brown shade

Earth Girl eyeshadow by Red Apple Lipstick is a warm matte camel brown color. In this video, Ashley applies this shade into the crease.

Chocolate Martini

Image of Red Apple Lipsticks Vegan Chocolate Martini Eyeshadow by Red Apple Lipstick. This color is a rich dark chocolate brown with golden bronze shimmer

Chocolate Martini eyeshadow by Red Apple Lisptick is a rich and beautiful dark chocolate brown with golden bronze shimmer. In this video, Ashley uses this shade with the angled eyeliner brush dampened and applies this to the upper lash line.

Angled Eye Liner Brush

image of a dual ended brush tool one end has a spoolie mascara wand and the other end is an angled brush this is the perfect tool for shaping eyebrows or applying eyeshadow as eyeliner

As mentioned above with Chocolate Martini, Red Apple Lipsticks Angled Eye Liner brush with spoolie end, works beautifully for applying eye shadows as eyeliners. Just dampen the angled end and pick up the eyeshadow color and apply the upper and/ or bottom lash lines.

The Lash Project Mascara

Image of The Lash Project Mascara. This conditioning mascara is in the shade black to create timeless Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

In this video, Ashley uses 1 coat of The Lash Project Mascara by Red Apple Lipstick to complete this timeless and Classic eye make up look for blue eyes. You can apply several coats depending on how dramatic of a look you prefer.


To complete your makeup look, we can’t forget the lips. When considering timeless or classic we often think of a red lipstick that would look amazing with this combination of makeup, however, you can pick any one of your favorite cruelty-free lipsticks. In this video, Ashley is wearing one of her favorites, which is Chai Love You. Audrey would also be a great color which is a timeless and classic pink.

Chai Love you

Image of Red Apple Lipsticks lipstick in the shade called Chai Love you, This color is a nude lipstick with reddish brown undertone.

Chai Love You by Red Apple Lipstick is a sophisticated nude lipstick with a reddish brown undertone. Apply it delicately to have it work harmoniously with your base lip color or you can adorn your lips with a heavier application. Using this lipstick as an anchor color captures just the right amount of attention.


Image of Red Apple Lipstick lipstick in the shade called Audrey is a soft neutral pink without shimmer.

Audrey by Red Apple Lipstick is soft, elegant, and sophisticated. This no-shimmer, neutral pink lipstick goes on smooth, feels silky on the lips and has a beautiful smell. Audrey is timeless; the perfect lipstick for women of all ages and skin tones.

We’ve created a video course “All About Eyes” – that will cover every basic to medium technique you can think of. From brows, to eyeliner, to special tips for women over 40 and special eye shapes like hooded lids – this course covers it all.

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