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no makeup look

What exactly is a No Makeup look makeup, you may ask.? Simply put, it’s makeup that looks like you are
not wearing makeup or very little of it. Using as minimal makeup as possible to achieve a natural look. You
want to focus more on the steps of application, how you apply your products, rather than on the number of
products. So today we have a step-by-step tutorial to help you achieve a beautiful No-Makeup look using
Red Apple Lipstick products.

Steps To Achieve The No Makeup Look a.k.a The Natural Look

Step 1- Base

You want to start by prepping your face. This can be done by simply using a good moisturizer. You can
also apply a makeup primer if you wish, just let the moisturizer soak in before applying. After your
moisturizer/primer has had a few minutes to soak in, you want to apply your foundation. Choose a light
coverage foundation or even a tinted moisturizer, the goal is not to completely cover all our flaws but to
even out the skin. We want the skin to look as natural as possible. I like to use a tinted moisturizer or a light
coverage foundation that has a bit of a dewy finish so that my skin still has that natural-looking glow. If
you have some problem areas, you can always use a concealer for a little extra coverage on those spots. For
those with oily skin, it would be best to set only the areas that tend to get oily the most, such as the T-zone
area instead of powdering the whole face. You can also choose to skip foundation altogether, and just use
concealer where needed.

In both pictures , Noemi is wearing a tinted moisturizer and concealer

Perfect no makeup look

Step 2- Bronzer

Next, we want to add back some color. Remember, you want it to look natural so we just want to add some
warmth to the complexion. Using the Vegan Blush Brush, apply some Sundrop Bronzer to the areas where
the sun naturally hits your face (your forehead, cheekbones, and nose). Start lightly and build up to the
intensity you need, making sure to blend well

Perfect no makeup look

In these two pictures of Noemi, she is wearing Sundrop Bronzer by Red Apple Lipstick.

Perfect no makeup look

Step 3- Blush

You can either just stop at bronzer or go ahead and add a bit of blush for a naturally flushed look. I like to
use a shade that is close to my natural cheek color (when flushed), I personally like how natural Gotta Glow
looks on my skin tone so that is my go-to shade. You do not want to apply too much, just a light touch of
color. Smile slightly to locate the apples of your cheeks, and with the Blush Brush apply your blush there
and blend towards your hairline. If you have mature skin apply your blush a little higher, closer to the
cheekbones, and farther from the apples of the cheeks.

Step 4- Eyes

We want to keep the eyes very simple. Start by priming them using the Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer,
you only need a tiny amount, and let it sit for about a minute. (My eyelids tend to get oily throughout the
day so I like to take the extra step of setting the primer with a bit of setting powder.) Now apply your base
color, this is an eyeshadow color that is close to your complexion. (Porcelain works perfectly for me.) Apply
all over the lids, up to the brow bone. You then want to add some definition to the eye, but you want it to
look as natural as possible. Choose a matte, medium neutral, eyeshadow color that is no more than a couple
of shades darker than your complexion. Blondeshell is a good option for light to medium skin tones, Tip
and Hello Darkness would be great for tan to darker skin tones. Using the Vegan Crease and Blend
apply your eyeshadow in the crease (the folded area above the lid) and blend upwards and across
the crease (apply above the crease if you have hooded eyes). You want it to look like a natural shadow
there. Finish the eyes by applying a coat or two of The Lash Project Mascara.

Perfect no makeup look

In this picture, Noemi is wearing Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer and Porcelain eyeshadow as a base color.

Perfect no makeup look

In the next 3 photos, Noemi has applied her crease color. You can see here she has applied the crease color just above the natural crease creating a slight shadow.

Perfect no makeup look

Perfect no makeup look

Here, Noemi has applied the lash Project Mascara completing the eye look.

Step 5- Brows

You want to keep the brows as natural as possible, so fill in just the sparse areas with an eyeshadow that
matches your hair color. For those with naturally thick eyebrows, you can either just leave them as is or
you can use a brow gel to give them a slight tint and keep them in place (there are also clear brow gels

Step 6- Lips

Keep it pretty simple. Pick a soft lipstick color that is close to the natural color of your lips. I find that
Audrey, Mabel, Maven Mauve, and Secrets are some good options. You can also pick a lip gloss instead,
again choosing a color that looks close to your natural lip color or even a clear gloss. Some good choices
would be Diamond Sands, Love Letter, Sun Sparkles, and Tiny Dancer. I decided to go with Secrets lipstick
for this look.

*Step 7 For a Natural Look – Completely optional

I like to use a facial mist as my last step, this is completely optional and not necessary though. However, I
do find that spraying my face with a mist after I have applied my makeup helps the powders I used to blend
into my skin and look more natural, more skin-like. So, this is a tip I like to share and that I find to be
perfect for this type of look.

And that is it! It’s pretty simple and easy, but the end result is quite beautiful and very natural. This
look is perfect for every day, especially when you want something simple. You can also do this look for
those super hot summer days when you do not want to be wearing a lot of products, choosing to skip
foundation if you want. Share in the comments what are some of your favorite RAL products you like to
use for your No-Makeup makeup looks.

Perfect no makeup look

Noemi’s finished No makeup -makeup look

Perfect no makeup look

Perfect no makeup look

Frequently Asked Questions about No-Makeup makeup:

What is a natural makeup look?
It is exactly what it sounds, makeup that looks like you are not wearing makeup or not much at all. The focus is to enhance natural features rather than hiding flaws.
What makeup do I need for a no-makeup look?
Stick to the very basics and as minimal as possible. A good tinted moisturizer is a great option when doing a no-makeup look, or if you can, skip it all together. Concealer to cover problematic areas. A natural looking bronzer is good to add some warmth to the complexion. Pick a blush that is close to the natural color of your cheeks when they are flushed. Keep the eyes simple, you only need a base color and just a bit of definition, that can be added using bronzer, and mascara. For the lips, you can either use a lipstick or a gloss, just choose a shade that is similar to the natural color of your lips.

What can I wear instead of foundation?
Instead of foundation, you can use a lighter, more sheer product such as a tinted moisturizer/skin tint, BB cream and/or just a concealer for areas that need to be covered.

Share in the comments what are some of your favorite RAL products you like to use for your No-Makeup makeup looks.

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