Best Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes  

best eyeshadows for blue eyes

It’s all about those beautiful, bright, blue eyes in this article. What are the best eyeshadows for blue eyes? How can you make them stand out? Is there anything to keep in mind when choosing eye makeup for blue eyes?  

We are answering all these questions, so keep on reading to find out the answers. Also, we are sharing some of our Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadow options that are perfect for our blue-eyed babes.  

What Shade of Blue Eyes Do You Have?  

Before discussing which eyeshadows or what eye makeup is best for blue eyes, we should know what shade your blue eyes are.

Considering the shade of blue eyes you have is a great first step to figuring out what eyeshadows will be best for you. And if you really want to make them pop, this matters. So, what are these 3 blue eye shades exactly? It’s a little more than dark or light blue.  

While there are many variations of blue eyes, for todays post I’ll separate them into three main categories: light blue, gray-blue, and dark blue.   

Light Blue Eyes:  

I categorize light blue eyes as the type of blue eye that is lightest in color, of course, but the color is made up of hints of sky-blue hues along with silver hues.  

Gray Blue Eyes:   

Then there are those with eyes that would be categorized as gray blue. These have more of a grayish hue to them with hints of light green in the mix.   

Dark Blue Eyes:  

Last but not least, are those with eyes in the dark blue category. These are the darkest and deepest shades of blue as the name suggests.   

What Are the Best Eyeshadows to Make Blue Eyes Pop?  

Now that we know the 3 categories of blue eye colors we can figure out what are the best eyeshadows for them. This is where you will need that oh so helpful tool, the famous color wheel chart.  

If you locate the color blue, straight across from it you will find the color orange. This means that, in general, the color orange or shades with orange undertones to them will compliment and look best next to the color blue, in this case, blue eyes.   Before you freak out, let me explain.

Orange types of eyeshadow shades would include (in my opinion) are the natural rusts, coppers, bronzes, spice colors, certain browns and neutrals. These will definitely complement blue eyes and make them pop.

Looking left or right lands us into the reddish hues or the yellow hues. Again, super great choices. But you might shy away from Yellow green and violet shades.

Let’s break this down a bit more according to the three main categories of blue eyes.  

Best Eyeshadows for Light Blue Eyes   

If you pinch zoom on the detailed color wheel above, the lighter spectrum of blue (Carolina) sits right across from orange. Therefore, if you have light eyes, go for warm shades of orange-based eyeshadow colors.  

You don’t wear straight-up orange eyeshadow, although you can if you want. Think of colors like coppers, rust, spice-like colors, and even warm neutrals with orange tones.   I would suggest that light mauve shadow is near enough to this range that it works very well.

best eyeshadow for blue eyes

Best Eyeshadows for Gray Blue Eyes  

You will find the greyer blue shades on the color wheel to be more directly across the more yellow-orange side of colors. So, those with gray-blue eyes should try lighter orange tone shades.  

Try peachy eyeshadows since peach is a mix of orange and yellow. Anywhere from actual peach shades to those light peachy neutrals, you can even wear peachy shades that have some pinkish undertones to them as pink eyeshadow looks great on blue eyes.

Best Eyeshadows for Dark Blue Eyes  

This shade of blue eyes can wear any shade of orange that we have already mentioned.

This particular blue eye color will pop even better against warmer tones, yellow-based eyeshadows as these will brighten them even more.  

Go for a golden eyeshadow shades. Both bright and rich gold shades, as well as pale golds, will look amazing on these deeper blue eyes.

Also, a yellow tinted eyeshadow for blue eyes works well here too. It’s just adjacent orange.  

best eyeshadows for blue eyes

How to Enhance Blue Eyes?  

You don’t always need to make your eyes pop with a bolder eyeshadow color. I generally prefer to enhance my eye color in a more natural way instead of bold contrast.   

Neutral eyeshadows can do the trick.

Neutral eyeshadow colors are great when you want a natural eyeshadow look that won’t overwhelm your beautiful blue eyes. Also, if you simply don’t feel comfortable wearing more orangey eyeshadow colors.  

Brown and taupe eyeshadows are perfect for any blue eyes too. They among the best eyeshadows for blue eyes because brown and taupe eyeshadow will enhance blue eyes while giving them a little pop, but more naturally.

Gray eye shadow colors are another near perfect choice for enhancing blue eyes, especially for those with gray-toned blue eyes. Grey shadows will enhance the natural cool tones in grey blue eyes.

These choices all lend to great and beautiful smokey eye looks!   So that’s a bonus!

Anything Orange base… stick with warm copper, gold, and brown tones to make [sic] blue eyes pop

Celebrity Makeup Artit Alex Rutkay

Are there any other colors that can enhance blue eyes without being super bold? Yes, there are!

Try Blue Eyeshadows.

blue eyeshadow for blue eyes

Blue Eye Shadows will intensify the blue hues in your eyes. Pastel blue eyeshadows work great!

If you have gray tones in your eyes, try a lighter eyeshadow color of blue that has some silver shimmer or even a silver with blue undertones.   

If your blue eyes have green hues, try lighter blue eyeshadows with green undertones to them. Turquoise and teal shades are perfect for these eyes.  

Use these eyeshadow colors on the lids, or you can simply just apply them on the bottom lash line for a slight pop of color that will enhance your blue eyes without being too dramatic. Try them even as eyeliner.  

Buy A Complete EyeShadow Palette For Blue Eyes

I always like a shortcut. If I can get it all in one place designed by an expert, why not?

Red Apple makes two fabulous eye shadow palette for blue eyes. These eye shadows come in a reusable case that’s tough and lasts a really long time, and the eye shadows just stick to the bottom magnet.

They are also highly hypo-allergenic. These are some high quality eye shadows, and I love that I’m saving so much money on a case that normally would put the cost of the palette over $70.

  • Matte Neutral Brown Quad
    Original price was: $66.Current price is: $30.
  • Shimmery Neutral Quad
    Original price was: $66.Current price is: $30.

Best Red Apple Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes:   

Bronze Bombshell– a warm and deeply pigmented medium bronze eyeshadow with a golden sheen.     

Down to Earth– a rich medium terra-cotta copper with a beautiful golden sheen.  

En Pointe– a soft, muted, dusty rose, matte eyeshadow.    

Golden Ticket– beautiful shimmering gold.  

Graphite Glam– a cool toned, graphite gray eyeshadow with a purplish-blue sheen  

Sugar & Spice– a matte, medium, warm, spicy, brown eyeshadow with a reddish-orange undertone.  

Best Red Apple Neutral Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes: 

Brownie Points– a matte, medium brown with a warm undertone.  

Champagne– a light golden frosty taupe.  

Chocolate Martini– a rich, dark chocolate brown with golden bronze shimmer.  

Clean Slate– a matte cool toned dark gray with an ever so slight purple tint.    

Dirty Girl– a medium, mushroom, earthy, khaki taupe with shimmer.  

Espresso– a very dark, matte coffee bean brown eyeshadow.  

Like U Latte– a soft, light, rosy caramel tan with a slight shimmer.  

Minx– a medium taupe eyeshadow with a blend of gray, brown, and a slight tint of a rosy, purple plum color.  

Sand Castle– a light, nude peach with golden shimmer.  

Taken For Granite– a light, muted, taupe gray eyeshadow.  

Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Blue Eyes:  

Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette for Blue EyesA perfectly put-together shimmer eye shadow palette created just for blue eyes.   

Matte Eye Shadow Palette for Blue Eyes A perfectly put-together matte eye shadow palette made just for blue eyes.  

The Best Matte Eye Shadow Palette 9 new all-neutral matte shades.  

Make sure to check out both the Classic and Timeless Makeup for Blue Eyes, How to Enhance Blue Eyes with Matte Eyeshadow & How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors articles. In those articles, you will find three step-by-step tutorials specifically for blue eyes done by Ashley.   

We hope you have enjoyed these tips and eyeshadow suggestions! Please share your thoughts or any questions you may have in the comments below.   

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What color eyeshadow makes blue eyes pop the most?  

The best eyeshadow colors to make blue eyes pop are orange-based shades, goldens, neutrals, and browns.  Matte eyeshadows can keep a look form being too over the top.

Can blue eyes wear blue eyeshadow?  

Yes, yes and MORE YES. Do this, please. Wearing blue eyeshadow is a great way to enhance the natural blue hues in the eyes.  They will make blue eyes stand out.

Does purple eyeshadow make blue eyes pop?  

Yes! Richer purples, such as those with blue undertones, are another great option to enhance blue eyes. Sometimes, certain shades of blues or blue-greens can blend in with your eye color instead of making them stand out. In that case, rich purples are a great alternative.  


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      Hi Carol, we’d be happy to help. Feel free to text us a picture of yourself to our business phone number: 281-664-8880. We can point you in the right direction.

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