Best Sweat Proof Makeup for Hot Humid Weather

The weather is for sure warming up and the warmer it is, the less makeup we want to wear. That is why summertime is the best time for no makeup! Sometimes though, even in hot weather, we have to wear makeup or just simply want to. In that case, how do you successfully achieve a summer-proofed makeup application?

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to wearing makeup in the heat. In this post, we are sharing our best sweat-proof makeup tips and suggestions for hot and humid weather. So, if you live in a humid climate, these tips are for you!

Why Should You Keep Your Makeup Light For Humid Weather?

First and foremost, no matter what kind of makeup look you are going for, keep it light. Less is definitely more when it comes to wearing makeup in the summer. Minimal is key to sweat-proof makeup. Even if you have to wear a full face of makeup, or want to, light layers of each product you apply will help to keep your makeup sweat-proofed.

Image of lady with medium skin tone, long dark hair and dark eyes. She is wearing a  light makeup application of Prime Time primer on the lids, Heirloom, Blondeshell, and Buttercream eyeshadows and The Lash Project mascara on the eyes; Sundrop Bronzer and Tango Blush; wearing Coral Crush lipstick as a lip stain. All products featured are from Red Apple Lipstick INC

Noemi is wearing a light makeup application of Prime Time primer on the lids, Heirloom, Blondeshell, and Buttercream eyeshadows and mascara on the eyes; Sundrop Bronzer and Tango Blush; and she is wearing Coral Crush lipstick as a lip stain.

Why Prep Your Skin For Humidity?

The first step to a good, and sweat-proofed, makeup look is to prep the skin. Remember, you want to keep the layers of the products you use light. Choose a light yet hydrating moisturizer, you want to avoid heavy creams in the summer, especially during the day and if you are in a humid area.

Lighter-weight moisturizers will not feel heavy on the skin and will soak in quicker, leaving the skin soft and moisturized and prepped for makeup application. If you have very oily skin, you could also apply a makeup primer after your moisturizer. However, to keep it light, try applying on the areas that get oily the most such as on your T-Zone area of the face (across the forehead, down the nose, and on the chin), or any areas where you specifically get the oiliest. Otherwise, a moisturizer will be enough to prep the skin.

Why Avoid Cream Products In Hot And Humid Weather?

Cream products tend to be less stable in very hot and humid climates, they can move around and wear off rather quickly, even getting messy at times. It is best to avoid these heavier creamy products when you’re choosing your makeup products in very warm weather. Gel/liquid and powder products are better options, they perform better in humid weather and will ensure a sweat-proofed makeup application.

When it comes to:

· Foundation– choose a liquid foundation as these hold up better in the heat and humidity. Apply a light layer and only add more just on the areas that need a bit more coverage, like on blemishes or dark spots. For those with very oily skin, you could choose to set your foundation with a bit of setting powder.

Although powder products are best, remember to always apply lightly, you don’t want to end up looking powdery and cakey. You only need a light dusting of setting powder, and even better yet, you could just set the areas you know are the oiliest instead of the whole face. Now, if you do not need much coverage, you can either skip foundation or go with a lightweight powder foundation and apply a light layer of it.

· Blush– cream blushes seem to be fairly popular these days because they tend to look more natural on the skin. Unfortunately, they tend to not always last and should be avoided if possible in the humid heat. Go for a blush stain or powder blush instead. As long as you don’t over-apply, powder blushes can look very natural. Red Apple Lipstick has some beautiful blushes that are not heavy looking on the skin. The powder is quite fine and lightweight yet nicely pigmented that you do not need to apply much of it.

Best Sweatproof Makeup

Blushes and Bronzer by Red Apple Lipstick

· Eyeshadow– cream shadows are also quite popular nowadays. Just like cream blushes, though, they should be avoided in the humidity as they will most likely crease and not be long-lasting. For a sweat-proof look, go for powder eyeshadows instead. Choose lighter, more natural, shades for summer and avoid darker colors as they will make your eye makeup look heavy. Check out RAL’s eyeshadow selection here.

The New Mattes are getting lots of love because the neutral colors don’t add extra shine. Which is perfect for humid weather!

Image of some of Red Apple Lipstick's over 40+ eyeshadow pans in a variety of colors to choose from

Red Apple Lipstick offers 40+ beautiful eyeshadow colors

Image of 7 of Red Apple Lipstick brown toned natural looking eyeshadows for lighter shades to wear during warmer weather when needing to avoid darker tones

Gorgeous natural-looking brown toned eyeshadow by Red Apple Lipstick

Image of custom Red Apple Lipstick Z palette holding our newest 9 matte eyeshadows.

Featured are Red Apple Lipstick’s 9 New Matte eyeshadows

*For those who prefer cream products, perhaps due to having dry skin, you could do a mix of cream and powder products to sweat-proof your makeup. For example, if you are going for a more natural look and are using a light liquid or no foundation, you could use a light application of cream blush and bronzer and then top it with a light layer of powder blush and powder bronzer to set and keep in place. Red Apple Lipstick does not specifically have cream blushes but you can use any of the lipsticks as a cream blush.

Image of 7 Red Apple Lipstick tubes with bullet's twisted up and caps off laying in a circular pattern showcasing some colors that would make a great cream blush if preferred

Featured are some of Red Apple lipstick colors that could be used as a cream blusher if preferred.

Why Should You Use Eye Primer for Hot Humid Weather?

Speaking of eyeshadows, if you will be wearing eye makeup, eye primer is a must. Even powder eyeshadows can crease in hot humid weather so it is a good idea to prep the lids by applying eye primer before your eyeshadow. An eye (or eyeshadow) primer will help eyeshadows to stick and stay in place all day as well as preventing any creasing from happening. The Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer is a great one, you only need a tiny amount which is great because it is not heavy at all. You just need to give it a couple of minutes to dry and then you’re ready to apply your eyeshadow.

Image of Prime Time Eyeshadow primer by Red Apple Lipstick in it's round case with the lid twisted of and placed to the side.

Prime Time Eyeshadow Primer by Red Apple Lipstick

· Eyeliner-If you are going to use eyeliner, avoid any cream-based ones and choose a gel or even a pencil liner. To make sure your eyeliner is as sweat-proof as possible, you will want to top it, or in other words seal it, with a powder eyeshadow. An eyeshadow powder will act just like a setting powder does for foundation, it will set your liner in place and help it last.

Image of the Black and Charcoal eyeliner pencils by Red Apple Lipstick. Both are laying side by side with the cap off and pencil tip sharpened.

Featured are the Black and Charcoal Eye Liner Pencils by Red Apple Lipstick

· Mascara-A lot of mascaras can smudge in the heat and humidity. Waterproof formulas are great to wear in this type of weather because they perform well as they are water-resistant. However, because of this same reason, many do not like using waterproof mascaras (myself included) as they are harder to remove.

If that is the case, the next best option would be to choose a mascara with a drier formula, one that is not too wet. The Lash Project Mascara has a drier formula that helps prevent it from smudging, so this would be a perfect mascara option to wear in hot humid weather. This mascara is also a lash conditioner, it contains ingredients that are found in the best lash serums and conditioners to help damaged lashes regain their original health. It strengthens your lashes while keeping them sweat-proofed.

Image of The Lash Project Mascara in it's original packaging with the top casing slid off and placed underneath the product

The Lash Project Mascara by Red Apple Lipstick

Image of close up of model with gray blue eyes showcasing her upper lashes after applying The Lash Project Mascara by Red Apple Lipstick

The Lash Project Mascara is a HypoAllergenic Mascara & Lash Conditioner in one that is classic and timeless in satin black and gives your lashes a weightless, soft feathery look all while defining and strengthening your lashes.

· Lipstick/Lipgloss-When it comes to lip products, it is best to not use lip glosses when you are in humid climates. Instead, go with lipsticks that have a more matte finish to them and don’t apply too many coats. You can even choose lip stains as they are even lighter. The great thing about RAL’s lipsticks is that they can be worn as lip stains as well! Just apply some on your finger first and then dab that on the lips.

Image of woman with long brown curly hair. She is demonstrating applying a lighter lipstick shade using a hand mirror all by Red Apple Lipstick

Why Should You Spray/Mist Your Face?

Finish your makeup look with a setting spray. Setting sprays will help your makeup last longer and help it stay in place, this will help it from smudging and fading in the humid heat. You can also use a face mist to spritz your face throughout the day for a burst of freshness and hydration in the heat. This will also help to freshen up your makeup as well. Keep a travel-size one in your purse.

Why Keep Blotting Paper On Hand?

Another great way to freshen up your makeup is by using blotting papers to blot away any excess oils from your face without disturbing or messing up your makeup. You can keep these on hand, in your purse, and use them whenever you need to. Some like to touch up their makeup a bit after using blotting paper by using a bit of powder. This works great, but if you have to do it multiple times throughout the day you run the risk of looking powdery. We recommend touching up with a powder just once and then just sticking to the blotting papers as well as a face mist. This will help keep everything light.

These are some great ways to sweat-proof your makeup in hot humid weather. We hope this is helpful and please feel free to share with anyone that could find it useful. Do you live in a humid climate? What helps you to keep your makeup intact during summer? Please share your tips with us in the comments.

Do you live in a drier climate? We’ve got you covered too! Check out this post – Best Sweat-Proof Makeup for Hot Dry Weather

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you get makeup to stay in humid weather?

Keep your makeup light, less is more. Use a face primer if you need to and stick to lightweight foundations like a liquid or powder one. Apply your makeup in light layers and try to use minimal products if possible. Set your finished makeup look with a setting spray to lock it in place.

  1. How do I keep my makeup on all day in hot weather?

In short, keep your makeup light avoiding heavy products. Apply products lightly and if you can, use as minimal products as possible. For more tips, make sure to read Our Best 9 Tips for How to Sweat-Proof Makeup for Summertime Heat article.

  1. What can I use instead of foundation in the summer?

Instead of foundation, you can try something much lighter like a skin tint, tinted moisturizer, BB Cream, or even just a tinted sunscreen. You can also just lightly dust your face with a tinted setting powder, this will give you a sheer wash of color while keeping oils at bay. If you do not need any type of coverage, you can skip your base product and just make sure to moisturize and apply an SPF.

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