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3 Steps to Date-Night Ready Lashes

Hey there, Red Apple Lipstick readers! It’s Adrianna Bohrer here!   I’m a style & lifestyle blogger over at & a long-time fan of Red Apple Lipstick products!   I’ve been a long-time fan of their creamy, gluten-free & non-toxic lipsticks, but since working with them over the last year I’ve also branched out […]

How To Apply Bronzer – And Still Look Like Yourself

Bronzer is the key to a warm, beautiful and natural glow. But most people don’t realize you can use it very easily WITHOUT doing all the heavy contouring, highlighting, and tons of products found on the red carpet these days. By using bronzer to lightly shade three areas of your face, you can define and […]

How To Not Look Old or Clownish When Wearing Blush

She told me, “I don’t wear blush because it makes me look like a clown.” I’ve heard this statement numerous times. I’ve also been asked, “How can blush make me look younger…or at least not older than I am…?” In this video, I explain how to avoid both looking clownish and looking old. They share the […]

Never Have Dry Mascara Again

The Lash Project is being released in early July 2014!! Woo hoo!! We have long awaited the completion of this project and I know you have too.  I wanna tell you things about this mascara as I think of them, so you can get the full picture. First off, if you haven’t already – REGISTER […]

Fringe, Olivia Dunham, and The Invisible Lipstick

If you have taken my course “Lipstick Frustrations to Sensations in 5 Days”, this would be a great add-on to day  3. (if not, you can get it for free – look just to the right from here) Makeup artists that work on TV shows are amazing!  The reason their job is so tough is […]

How long before a lipstick grows mold and bacteria? Not as long as you think once you consider…

Multiple Choice How long should a lipstick last before it goes bad and cattywhompus? A. 6 Months B. 1 Year C. 3 Years D. 12 Years If you picked D, you’re way off… 🙂 Think about this for second. Lipstick is sticky (that’s why it’s called lipstick, not cause of it’s shape 🙂 AND all […]

10 Time Saving Beauty Tricks!

red apple lipstick fast beauty tricks

Let’s face it-not all of us have time to perfect ourselves every morning. With kids, work, soccer practice and dance recitals, the last thing most women want to do is spend hours in front of the mirror fighting with fly-aways or caking on products. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be polished in no time […]

Lost In Translation: Makeup Packaging Symbols: Lifespan

jar symbol on makeup packaging

Ever wonder what those tiny little symbols on the back of your makeup mean? The beauty counter sales people will not share this information with you, but by understanding a few key symbols, you’ll become a wiser shopper and a safer consumer. Each week, I’ll shed a little light on those [hr] These symbols are perhaps the […]