Warm Toned Makeup Look for Spring

Discover how to rock a warm toned makeup look for spring with Red Apple Lipstick! Here is another fabulous makeup look that is right on trend for Spring. You’ll be blown away by these browns, bronzes, and taupes palette is perfect for a natural and radiant glow.. I know, Browns? Wut? Read on!

When we think of a spring color palette we tend to jump straight to bright, bold, and pastel colors.. However, neutral and warm colors are totally the right choice this Spring, and I’ll prove it. 

This Spring season, the trend we are seeing and loving is a color palette of browns, bronzes, and taupes. This isn’t new and it’s making a huge comeback (and for good reason, because it’s GORGEOUS).

So, we put together a warm-toned look incorporating this trend because we can. We sure love these types of colors here at Red Apple Lipstick

Warm-Toned Makeup. What is It? 

Makeup products come in different colors and shades. These colors also come with different undertones, or hues, to them.  

You will find shades with cool undertones, warm undertones, and even something in between or a neutral undertone. Since we will be using colors with more of a warm undertone to them, let’s talk more about these. 

Warm makeup will have warm golden undertones to them. These are yellow hues (yellow undertone), golden hues (golden undertone), and even warm brown and peachy hues.  

You may automatically think of colors such as browns, golds, oranges, yellows, and greens when you think of warm color shades. However, even colors such as pink, blue, and purple (which are usually seen as cooler colors) can come in shades with warmer undertones to them.  

Likewise, warmer colors such as brown, gold, and green can also come in shades with cool undertones to them. 

So, what makes a color either warm or cool is the undertones or hues in them, not necessarily the overall color itself. 

Warm Spring Makeup Look Tutorial 

In this look, we are using eyeshadows in brown, bronze, and golden hues with satin finishes to create a look having more of a warm undertone to it for a warm Spring look.  

Yes, makeup shades that are in a warm color family usually look great on those with a warm skin tone, but these also work great on cooler skin tones! Plus, brown shades are super flattering for just about anyone with any hair and eye color.  

To begin, we want to start with clean and moisturized skin. You can also moisturize and prep your lips by applying a bit of lip balm like RAL’s Rallye Balm

Apply your foundation/base makeup product. For Spring and warmer weather, avoid anything too heavy. Go for something lightweight and lighter in coverage. If some areas need more coverage, simply apply a bit of concealer there. 

*You can also choose to apply foundation/base makeup after applying eye makeup. 

BB/CC Creams and tinted moisturizers are perfect for a more natural and minimal no-makeup makeup type of look. Light coverage serum foundations as well as skin tints are also great options. 

Step-by-Step Eye Makeup Tutorial 


If it’s part of your routine, fill in your brows to start. Do so in a subtle way, keeping them looking as natural as possible. If you need any tips on filling them in, Andrea has you covered. Simply click here to see her tips and tricks. 

Some prefer to do brows after they have done their eye makeup, so feel free to do so if that works better for you. Either way is totally fine, just make sure your foundation has already been applied to avoid messing up the brows. 

Step 1- Eye Primer

Let’s get started with the eyes by first priming them. 

Prime the eyes for this warm toned makeup look for spring

Apply a tiny amount of Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer on the entire lid, up to the brow bone. Let it dry for a couple of minutes before moving on. Feel free to set it with a bit of powder after drying if you wish to do so. 

Step 2- Base Color

Set a base eye color for a warm toned makeup look for spring

Choose an eyeshadow shade that is close to your natural complexion tone as a base color. Using a brush like the Wet/Dry Eye Brush, apply it all over the lid. 

I’m using Porcelain eyeshadow as this is my go-to base color shade. If Porcelain doesn’t work for you, feel free to choose another eyeshadow

Step 3- Crease & Transition

Now take a brush like the Vegan Crease and Blend Brush and apply Earth Girl eyeshadow on the crease, that folded area above the eyelid. Blend it out across the entire crease and just above it, onto the transition area, using windshield wiping motions. 

Set a crease color and a transition color for a warm toned makeup look for spring

Step 4- Inner & Middle Eyelid Shade

Use the Wet/Dry Eye Brush to apply Golden Ticket eyeshadow to the inner and middle third, even into the inner corner, of the lid. Apply it taking it just into the crease. 

set your eye shadow for the inner and middle eyelid of a warm toned makeup look for spring

Step 5- Outer Corner Eyelid Shade

Apply Bronze Bombshell eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid, gently blending into golden Ticket. Switch to the Crease and Blend Brush to blend Bronze Bombshell onto the outer corner, blending it into that outer corner crease area. 

Apply your eye shadow to the outer corner eyelid to help a warm toned makeup look for spring

Feel free to re-apply a bit more of Golden Ticket if it needs a little touch-up. Make sure to gently blend onto Bronze Bombshell for a smooth transition. 

Step 6- Brow Bone

Gently highlight the brow bone by applying Heirloom eyeshadow on it. 

shade your brow bone for a warm toned makeup look for spring

Step 7- Bottom Lid/Lower Lash Line

Take some of Earth Girl eyeshadow and apply it to the bottom lid/lower lash line, blending out well. 

don't forget your lower lash line in a warm toned makeup look for spring

Step 8 (Optional)- Eyeliner

For a dramatic bold touch, add eyeliner to the eyes. 

use eyeliner when making a warm toned makeup look for spring

Apply Black Eye Liner Pencil directly onto the upper lash lines. Smooth out your line using the Vegan Angled Eye Brush, and wing it out to your preference. Then, using the Angled Eye Brush again, apply Espresso eyeshadow on top. 

If you prefer a softer eye look, though, simply skip the eyeliner. 

Step 9- Mascara

Finish the eyes with The Lash Project Mascara. 3 to 4 coats for more dramatic lashes, or 1 to 2 coats for more natural-looking lashes.  

do use mascara when you are creating a warm toned makeup look for spring

Complete The Makeup Look

Add Warmth (It’s Easy!)

For a natural sun-kissed look, apply Sundrop Bronzer using a brush such as the Blush Brush. Apply to the high points of the face- across the forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin.   

adding warmth to the face is helpful to a warm toned makeup look for spring

Apply Your Blush

This look will pair perfectly with Tango, Gotta Glow, and Good Vibes blush, which are beautiful warm-toned color blushes. 

use a warm blush in a warm toned makeup look for spring

Apply your blush of choice to the apples of the cheeks. Blend out upwards, going towards the temples. For that super blush trend, go a little heavier on the amount of blush. Just heavy enough where the color is a little brighter/more visible than usual.   

Finish with Lip Color

For lip color, choose a lipstick color with warm undertones to it. This eye look will look amazing with warm pinky shades such as peachy pinks and corals as well as warm colours such as warmer-toned browns, warm nude lips, or an orange-red lip. 

Glow On, Brazilliant, Day After Morocco, Naughty, and Risque lipstick are awesome options to pair this look with. I have chosen to pair it with Day After Morocco, topping that with Brazilliant to add a little shimmer. 

choose a springy lip color for a warm toned makeup look for spring

Add some gold jewelry for a perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous warm spring makeup look! So, what do you think? Will this look, or something like it, be part of your warm spring wardrobe this season? 

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Feel free to let us know what your favorite Red Apple Lipstick products for Spring are as well! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are warm tones in makeup? 

When it comes to makeup, warm and cool tones can refer to the skin’s undertones as well as the undertones in the shades of makeup products. 

People with warm-toned skin will usually have peachy or golden/yellow undertones to their skin’s natural coloring. Similarly, warm makeup colors or shades will have peachy, golden/yellow, and beige undertones. 

What color makeup for Spring season? 

Bold and bright colors are great for Spring. Think of shades of pink, purple, green, and blue. Pastels are also perfect to wear during the Spring season as well as light neutrals. Avoid very dark colors. 

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