Cool Toned Makeup Look for Spring  

Get ready to dive into the world of fabulous spring makeup! In this delightful tutorial, we’ll be unveiling a cool toned makeup look for Spring. It’s a masterpiece that perfectly complements the warm spring season, and is an easy every day makeup look for cool toned ladies.

This look will specifically focus on a cooler-toned, bright spring look that will show off your natural features beautifully. 

I’ve crafted a toned-down version that lets you rock a bolder style without stepping too far outside your comfort zone. It’s time to embrace the magic of spring with this charming makeup look!

Before we get started with the tutorial, though, let’s review what cool-toned makeup is. 

Products Used In This Tutorial

  • Light Blush Pink
  • Hypo-Allergenic & Buildable
  • $15
  • $25
  • Hypoallergenic, Lightweight, Looks Natural, Great Glow
  • $15
  • Gluten Free, High Performance Eye Primer
  • Image of Gluten Free Vegan Matte Nude Eye Shadow Porcelain
  • Allergen Free Pixie Dust Eyeshadow
  • Image of Shimmer Taupe Vegan Eyeshadow by Red Apple Lipstick
  • Vegan En Pointe Eyeshadow

What is Cool Toned Makeup?  

Cool-toned makeup is simply as it sounds, makeup that has cool undertones.

Like cool skin tones, makeup with cool tones will have hues of blue, pink, purple, and even grey to them. Whereas warm-toned makeup will usually have orange, golden, or medium gold/yellow undertones. This works with foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyeshadows, and lip colors. 

You most likely think of colors such as blues, purples, and pinks for a cool-toned bright spring palette. However, you will also find that “warmer shades” like greens, browns, and neutral shades, also come with cooler undertones to them.

You will find different variations of these warm types of colors that will have a greater concentration of blue, purple, grey, or pink undertones to them. 

Cool Toned Makeup Look Tutorial  

Base Products  

I always start with clean and well-moisturized skin and I have my foundation/base makeup already applied. Choose your products of choice, but something lighter that enhances the skin’s natural beauty is always a good choice for Springtime. Natural makeup/minimal makeup is a popular makeup trend right now after all.  

Opt for a light coverage foundation, like a serum formula or skin tint. BB/CC Creams and tinted moisturizers are also perfect options. To add more coverage on problematic areas, simply apply a bit of concealer to those areas and blend them out well.  

This would also be a great time to prep the lips by applying a bit of lip balm such as RAL’s Rallye Balm. This will moisturize while also helping to provide a soft, smooth base for your lip color.  

Eye Makeup  


To Begin, Fill in your brows. Remember to go for subtle, more natural-looking, fluffy brows. Depending on your preference, you can also do this step after you have done your eye makeup.  

If you need help with filling in brows, head on over to see Andrea’s tips here.  

Step One – Apply Prime Time Shadow Primer  

I always start by priming the lids. Apply a tiny amount (really, a tiny bit works better) of Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer all over the lid, all the way to the brow bone.  

Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. If you would like, set it with a bit of setting powder after it has dried.  

Step Two – Apply Base EyeShadow Shade  

Apply Porcelain Eyeshadow as your base shade to your lids. You can opt for a different color, of course, but choose an eyeshadow color that is similar to your natural complexion tone.

Apply this base shade all over the lid, just as you did with the eye primer. Using a quality brush like the Wet/Dry Eye Brush makes this task a cinch. 

I highly recommend Porcelain eyeshadow for this task because it’s beautiful and lightweight in color.

Step Three – Apply The Lid Color  

Next, clear your wet dry eye brush by tapping the point of the base on your counter. Now apply Iced Mocha eyeshadow on the lid. Take it all the way into the crease area (the folded area above the eyelid).  

Step Four – Apply The Crease Shade  

Now using a different brush meant for the crease, like our own high quality Vegan Crease and Blend Brush, smooth out the edges of Iced Mocha by blending with En Pointe eyeshadow.

Place En Pointe into the crease, blending out using windshield wiping motions. Blend across the crease and just above, onto the transition area.  

Apply a bit of En Pointe to the bottom lid/lower lash line as well. Make sure to blend out well.   

Step Five – Apply The Highlight Shade  

Using Pixie Dust, apply this eyeshadow shade to the inner corner and brow bone to highlight the eyes. 

Step Six (Optional) – Add Eyeliner  

This eye look will look great with or without eyeliner. If you want a softer eye look, skip the eyeliner. However, if you want a bit of a dramatic bold touch or a classic cat eye, add a true black shade of eyeliner.  

Apply Black Eye Liner Pencil directly onto the upper lash lines. Smooth out your lines using the  Vegan Angled Eye Brush. You can wing it out to your preference.  

Step Seven – Apply Mascara  

Complete your eye look with The Lash Project Mascara. Apply 3 to 4 coats if you want more dramatic lashes. If you want more natural-looking lashes, apply 1 to 2 coats.   

Complexion Makeup:  

Warm Up the Complexion  

Sometimes a cool toned makeup look can look a little drab. But don’t worry, this is EASY to resolve!

Add a little contracting warmth to the complexion using Sundrop Bronzer and a Blush Brush to the cheeks.

In addition, you can add even more natural sun-kissed look by applying a bit of bronzer to the high points of the face – across the forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin.   

Apply Blush  

For blush, Coy, M’Lady, or Dolly are all great options for this look. Choose the one that suits your skin the best, or which ever you think is prettiest.  

Using a Blush Brush, apply your blush of choice to the apples of the cheeks. Blend out upwards, going towards the temples.   

*If you would like to incorporate the Spring Super Blush season trend into your look, go a little heavier on your blush application. Just heavy enough where your blush color is a little brighter/more visible than usual.  

Finish off this glorious look with some solid Lip Color

To finish this look, apply a lip color. Go for a lipstick color with cool undertones. Pink shades will pair perfectly, but even some cooler berry tones would work too. I have chosen to pair it with Tempting lipstick, but Maven Mauve or Mabel are also great choices.  Try not to go too dark though, it can make you look not so alive. This look needs a lively lipstick color. 

Cool Toned Makeup Look For Spring

If you want to include more of those current beauty trends into the look, opt for a frosted lipstick look. You can do this by either topping one of the lipstick shades mentioned with a shimmery lip gloss, like Dancing Princess or Twinkle Toes, or pairing it with Secrets lipstick.  

What did you think of this fun cool toned look? Will you be giving it a try? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What color makeup looks best on cool skin tone?  

Because cool skin tones have blue, pink, and red undertones, cooler colors will usually look the best on them. Shades of colors with blue undertones such as rosy pinks, purples, cool blues and greens, as well as blue-based colors of red.  

What makeup colors look best in Spring?  

Bright, bold colors of pinks, purples, greens, and blues are perfect to wear in Spring. Pastel colors are also very appropriate for Spring. Avoid colors that are too dark.   

Should cool skin tones wear cool makeup?  

When it comes to makeup for the complexion (such as base products, blush, and even bronzer), usually cooler shades will look the best. However, when it comes to eyeshadows, there’s no rule that says you should only stick to cooler shades.

Choosing flattering eyeshadow shades will depend more on the color of your eyes as well as your hair and not always on your skin’s undertone.

What are the eye makeup trends for 2023?  

Pop of Color- eyeshadow colors of pinks and lavenders. Bright and bold eyeliner.  

Glittery Lids & Metallic Eyes.  

Soft Smokey Eyes-using brown/neutral or even mauve eyeshadow colors.  

Brown, Bronze, and Taupe Spring Color Palette.  

Grunge Eye Look- achieve this lived-in and messy-looking eye makeup with darker shades of eyeshadow, smudged-out black liner, and heavy mascara, creating an imperfect undone look.  

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