Everyday Eye Makeup + Smile With Your Eyes

image of brunette woman wearing an easy everyday eye makeup look

How To Do Easy Eye Makeup In Under 10 Minutes

Andrea shows you in this quick tutorial how to do a simple eye makeup look, perfect for everyday at home or out and about. Watch this short video to learn how to create this look.

This everyday eye makeup look is perfect for beginners or anyone who just wants to do their makeup fast – but look pulled together and leveled up. Let’s get into it!

Easy Eye Makeup Tips For Looking Youthful, Awake & Pulled Together

Step 1 – Prime Your Eyes

image of hypoallergenic eye primer sitting in its black two piece twist off pot

Prime Time Eye Primer keeps your eyeshadow in place all day, and keeps it from creasing. Tips are: Use a super tiny amount on your ring finger and dab all over your eyelid and up to your brow bone. Using too much, or applying eyeshadow immediately after (vs. letting it dry for a couple minutes) will result in creasing – which is the opposite of what it’s meant to do.

Step 2 – Fill In Your Eye Brows

I use Brownie Points (a medium brown matte eyeshadow) to fill in eyebrows – but you use whatever eyeshadow fits your eyebrow/hair color. I’ve included an easy guide below. For dark haired women – we’re going to use eyeshadow that’s close to our hair color. Light haired women are going to go a tiny bit deeper/darker than their natural hair color so their eyebrows pop. I like to use eyeshadow because multi-purpose products are my jam. Use whatever you like to fill in your brows – the point is…FILL IN THOSE BROWS. It literally takes years off your face – and if you’re going to do only 3 things for your everyday makeup – it should be brows, lashes, lips – boom! Easy daily makeup!

Step 3 – Highlight The Inner Corner with Innocence Eyeshadow

image of pearly white Cruelty Free eyeshadow named innocence

This pearly white eyeshadow is sheer and buildable making it an awesome shade for highlighting. My favorite place to use this shade is in the inner corner and into the inner 1/3 of the eyelid to lighten, brighten, and open up the eye. Use it lightly at first where it’s barely noticeable and blend it in as you do the rest of your eyes. This simple daily trick makes your eyes look instantly awake and bright.

Step 4 – Dust a medium neutral shade on your lower brow bone

Like U Latte Corn Free eyeshadow from Red Apple Lipstick

Like U Latte is a great neutral “transition” shade. That means a shade that’s not dark (like a crease shade) and not super light. Any shade that fits this category can be used. I use this shade to help blend together the eyelid to the crease. It helps adjust the light brow bone color to the darker crease color. This helps create the natural shadow for your eyes to pop against.

Step 5 – Fill In Outer 2/3 of Eyelid

image of shimmer coppery brown itch free eyeshadow

Down To Earth is a terra-cotta coppery shadow perfect for the outer 2/3 of the eyelid and/or into the crease. It’s great for blue eyes, grey eyes (and even green & hazel in some instances). If you have another eye color, use a medium shade that’s best for your eye color. We show you how to find the best eyeshadows for your eye color here. This will make it super easy for you to choose your daily shadows!

Step 6 – Deepen the outer crease corner

image of medium neutral taupe eyeshadow - mineral eyeshadow that will never itch

Minx is a medium neutral taupe eyeshadow that’s great for many eye colors. It works really well in the outer crease corner. Think of a little triangle pointing out & up toward your temple, fill that in. PRO TIP: don’t let that shadow fall below the imaginary line from your bottom lash line up to the outer corner of your brow. Relax your eyes and look in the mirror, if that shadow is below the “line”, remove it gently. Dark shadow below that “line” makes you look older and your eyes, droopy. Don’t let it happen!

Step 7 – Use Light Shadow To Line The Lower Lash Line

image of angled eyeliner brush with vegan brush bristles

Using the vegan angled eyeliner brush that you used to fill in your brows – use an eyeshadow to line your lower lash line. To look youthful use a light/medium shade and stop halfway (or less) across your lower lash line. In this look, I used Down To Earth – but you could use Brownie Points, Like U Latte or even Minx. As long as you do it lightly and stop halfway, it will open your eyes up instead of closing them down. Dark eyeliner that goes across the entire lower lash line ages you.

Step 8 – Mascara!! 2+ coats for natural, feathery lashes

image of itch free, allergen free, no clump water resistant conditioning mascara for lashes that grow healthy and strong

If you don’t do anything else for an easy, everyday eye makeup look – make it BROWS + LASHES! The Lash Project is a truly hypoallergenic mascara that gives you natural looking lashes and will never make your eyes itch or burn. It removes easily at the end of the day and won’t clump, flake, or smudge. Wiggle wiggle, swipe swipe will apply it beautifully. Do 2+ coats for gorgeous lashes (and one light coat on bottom)!

The First (or Final) Step For An Everyday Look

image of a super moisturizing gluten free lip balm that's also vegan and cruelty free

Whether you do this first (like I do) or last – applying a super moisturizing lip balm is crucial for an everyday makeup look! Rallye Balm has only 5 squeaky clean ingredients and has transformed over 20,000 women’s lips! If you haven’t tried this balm yet, it needs to be in your cart. You can also use it on cuticles, scars, dry skin patches on babies – it’s literally a miracle balm. Gluten free lip balm that’s also vegan and cruelty free – your lips have never felt better. Top it with lipstick or gloss if you’re wanting to level up even more!

Now…How To Smile With Your Eyes

Let’s talk smiling. When we smile, our eyes squint. So, when your mouth is hidden behind a mask – it’s even MORE important to make those eyes squint. So how do we smile with our eyes…well, by smiling REALLY BIG under your mask! But why??

Why would I smile at other people if they can’t see it?

If you’re asking this question – let me share a little tid bit with you.

  1. Dopamine is amazing. It’s the chemical our body releases to make us feel good. Smiling BIG releases dopamine – I call this a “dopamine hit”. So, the reason for smiling, even if no one can see it, is FOR YOU to receive a dopamine hit.
  2. Other people know that eye squint, and they will smile back (even if you don’t see it)…which gives THEM a dopamine hit
  3. It feels good to feel good – so getting and giving dopamine hits all thru the day helps us all be happier people
  4. If we stop smiling at strangers all together, when the mask comes off – we won’t be used to smiling as much
  5. Smiling (like lipstick) is an INSTANT mood booster – do it right now, just smile to yourself – see don’t you immediately feel a little better?? So, why have a serious face when you can smile. Do it for yourself, as an act of self care!

Now, If you’re like me, makeup just makes you feel better…a little more pulled together and more confident. I believe learning simple tips for doing easy makeup quickly is the key to doing this daily (or often) – and therefore feeling better more often!

My massage therapist said to me the other day: “I wear lipstick even with my mask on, it just makes me feel better. Everyone feels better with a little lipstick on.” If you agree (or if you wanna see if she’s right) – then head on over to our gluten free, vegan & cruelty free lipstick selection and just choose a shade that looks FUN!

You have 6 months to try any of our makeup out – and if you don’t agree that it’s the most fabulous makeup you’ve ever worn – we don’t want you to keep it and will gladly refund you. So, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Have you tried Red Apple makeup yet? If not, why not – let us know in the comments…we’d love to help you out! And if you have…then WELCOME BACK – will you share with other readers why you keep coming back?!


  1. Sharon Bradley says:

    I am 63 years old & my eyebrows are thinning on the outer tips & have a few grey hairs now. I tried Andrea’s tip about filling in my eyebrows. I used Brownie Points & I am thrilled with the results. It adds a youthful look to my face & it reminds me of how I looked in photos from years ago. I met a friend for lunch & I noticed that when I sat down at the table, she looked at me when we said hello & then she looked at me again (but didn’t say anything). I know she was wondering what was different about me that day!! It made me feel so pretty!! And then my daughter remarked on Face Time and again on Marco Polo that she thought it took 10 years off my face 🙂 Try it ladies!! It works & you’ll feel more confident 🙂

    1. Andrea Harper says:

      Sharon thanks so much for sharing your personal experience with filling in your eyebrows! It’s almost magic and I’m so glad you’re feeling so confident!

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