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Wouldn’t you like find out the easiest, and best methods for filling brows? Of course you do, because your eyebrows are perfect sisters on your face, and they make a big impact to your overall look. This is a very common question I receive when I demonstrate eye makeup “How To Fill In EyeBrows?”

But first, shouldn’t we talk about “Brow shape”?

Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

In Part One of this Eyebrows 101 series – we discuss how to shape your brows, and why. 

In general, your look should start with your brows and brow shape before filling in your brows. My take on shaping eye brow hairs is going to tame wild hair growth, but still look like natural brows.

Everyone’s eyebrows are different. There is no way for me to say this or that is the “right way”. 

Even though I am going to suggest we follow the contours of your natural brow shape to begin with (unless you are an advanced brow girl), that doesn’t mean you should leave them alone either. Watch the video in the link just above if you want more information about how I SHAPE my brows.

Why Fill In Brows

Bushy brows stick out like a sore thumb. Too thin brows or wiry hairs make you look way older than you really are. Drawn-on brows look obvious and harsh. And unkempt brows make your face look dirty…or is that just me? Brow hairs can be such unruly things some times.

But, I will warn you – if you haven’t been filling in your brows (especially if they are thin, light, or almost non-existent) it’s going to feel strange at first. I suggest the following things:

  • Start with the tail of your brow, just fill that in to make it match the shade of the front of your brow (i.e. don’t fill in a lot of the front just yet)
  • Once you get comfy having a brow tail – then start experimenting with filling in the arch then the front
  • Accept all the compliments with a simple “thank you” – people “won’t know what you’ve done differently”

The next step is to fill your brows in the way you want them to look – then pluck the final hairs to finish the process. In Part One, I encourage you to leave extra hairs in the sparse areas because you may need them for the structure of the brow (especially in the arch).

The video right at the top of the page deep dives into filling in your brows nicely.

“A good brow has a classic, well-groomed shape that’s timeless, ” says Charla Krupp, author of How Not To Look Old.

Charla Krupp

The more birthdays you’ve had – the more you need a refined look. A good brow frames your eyes and lifts your entire face. A defined brow is magical – so let me show you how to do it.

6 Tools and Products For Filling In EyeBrows Naturally

Monochromatic Makeup

EyeBrow Brush With Spoolie Brush

The Vegan Angled Brush with Spoolie will be your favorite multipurpose tool. The brush end is used for filling in the brows. The spoolie end works great for brushing, shaping, and helping to lift any wild or unruly hairs for a perfectly groomed look. It will also help make brow contours look fuller.

Cocoa Pencil for Guide Marks And As A Brow Pencil

I totally use my eye liner pencil to double as my brow pencil. A quick whisk of a sharpener gets my pencil from brow pencil back to the eye liner in seconds.

Our hypoallergenic eyeliners work great for making all of your guide marks and for lightly filling in your eyebrow hair where they might be sparse for perfectly shaped and groomed brows. Be sure to have it freshly sharpened for the best results.

Use Eye Shadow As A Brow Powder for Filling In Brows

I find that using eye shadow looks WAY more natural than using only brow pencils. As mentioned above, I use my eye liner as a brow pencil, but mostly for eye brow shape (and markings for reference). You can see me demonstrate this in the video.

But you will be amazed at how natural and eye shadow looks when used to fill in your brows, and I love a natural brow. This technique also works well on THINNER BROWS. If you have any mileage on you, your brows are no doubt a little thinner than they used to be.

My Favorite Shade Of Brow Powder is Actually an eye shadow.

This Matte Medium Brown Eyeshadow in the shade Brownie Points is what I used in this video as my brow powder. I recommend for every light to medium brunette. This powder makes an excellent brow product. If you are brunette like like, this shade just blends right in with eyebrow hairs, easily and simply. You’ll see in the video, scroll up and press play.

If you have a different hair color, see our recs below. In general, for dark hair you want to match the hair or go a shade lighter. For light hair, choose a color that is slightly darker than your natural hair color. If you have grey hair, match your eyebrows – it’s ok if they’re darker than your hair. If you have red hair, go slightly darker.

The angled brush recommended above is perfect as a brow brush. The spool tames brow hairs and the brush holds the exact amount of brow powder you would want. It’s also just stiff enough to the job without leaving obvious stroke marks.

Eyeshadow As Brow Powder Recommendations For Every Brow Color

Natural Looking Eyebrows For a Super Refined Look

Using an eyeshadow powder is the easiest way to get a natural looking brow. I use an eyeliner pencil and small flicks for filling in a couple places that are super thin. The trick to a natural brow is to use more powder than pencil. Pencil can look very obvious if not followed up by powder.

Whether you’ve been growing your brows out for years (like this child of the 80s/90s has) – or you’re a beginner…this process will work. So don’t fret if you see my video and think “her brows are thick what does she know”…just use the same techniques and you will get a natural-looking refined brow. Using a pencil to draw in tiny hairs in very sparse areas, then filling in with powder.

I’ve done this process on hundreds of women in person and each one is always amazed at how their face instantly looks lifted, their eyes look brighter and they look youthful. Give this a shot and let me know in the comments how it goes or if you have any questions.

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