Winter Wedding Makeup Look for Guests 

Winter Wedding Makeup For Guests

Are you attending a wedding this winter? If so, are you wondering how you should do your makeup for such a special occasion? We’ve got you covered!  Winter Wedding Makeup here we go.

Doing your makeup for a wedding, or even a special event, is very exciting and fun! However, you may wonder if there are any rules or tips that should be followed when it comes to doing your makeup for attending a wedding, and one that is taking place during the cooler season.   

Let’s have a look at the final look before we jump into this simple, but stunning makeup tutorial

There are no set rules when it comes to makeup and wedding makeup. However, there are some great guidelines that will help you achieve a beautiful makeup look for attending a wedding or any other special occasion during winter.

In this article, we will share some of those with you and then we also have a gorgeous, yet simple, makeup look tutorial for wedding guests using some great Red Apple Lipstick products. Let’s begin by going over some tips for winter makeup.   

Winter Makeup Refresher

The first thing you want to keep in mind is that the skin tends to be a little bit drier in the cooler months due to the dry air that comes along with winter.

Make sure to hydrate and moisturize the skin by using a good moisturizer, this will allow your makeup to apply and look the best possible.  

Choose a good moisturizing base product that will give the skin a subtle glow, anything from a tinted moisturizer to a cream or liquid foundation.

Avoid powder foundations, especially if you have dry skin as this can emphasize dry skin or patches.

However, if you do prefer powder foundations, you can use a facial spray after finishing your makeup look to add some extra hydration and help any powders melt seamlessly into the skin.  

Richer, deeper, bold lips are very popular for the cooler season, and a bold red lip is quite beautiful for wintertime. A red lip is a staple in Glam (glamourous) makeup looks and this makeup trend is a go-to for winter weddings.   

Of course, not everyone wants to do a full-on, heavy makeup look. So, perhaps a Soft Glam would be more ideal for a wedding look.

Keep the complexion natural and then pick either your lips or the eyes as the main focus of your look.

You can always do a beautiful smokey eye with a nude lip or keep the eyes neutral with just a winged liner for a touch of drama and go with a bold lip instead.  

Deeper and richer eyeshadow shades, as well as neutrals (like the New Mattes), are great for fall and winter and neutral eyeshadow shades are a go-to for wedding makeup. They work perfectly for both day and night looks as well for simple to more dramatic eye makeup.

And as already mentioned, a winged liner is not only great for winter makeup looks but also perfect for special occasions.  

Tips for Wedding Guest Makeup 

Ok, so now that we went over some tips and things to keep in mind about winter makeup in general, let’s talk about wedding makeup. Are there any tips to remember when it comes to doing your makeup when attending a wedding? Yes, there is!  

First and foremost, this is the bride’s special day. A wedding is a very special occasion and you want to do your makeup accordingly, but it should not outdo or stand out to the point that it outshines the bride.  

As it is mentioned in the Fall Makeup for Wedding Guests article, the overall makeup look should be balanced. Choose one area to be the focus of the look, whether that’s the eyes or lips, and the rest should complement it.    

Although richer, deeper, and darker shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks are great for winter makeup, avoid anything too dark. You also want to avoid glittery shadows, these don’t look great in photos, and you will likely be taking plenty of pictures.   

Head on over to the Top 10 Wedding Makeup Tips article for some additional tips. These tips are directed towards brides-to-be but are also great for wedding guests doing their makeup.  

Winter Wedding Makeup Look Tutorial   

Since bold lips are great for wintertime, in this look we will focus the attention on the lips. To keep the look balanced, we will keep the eyes neutral and simple with just a touch of drama. Let’s begin with the eyes.  

Eye Makeup

Step 1- Prime the Lids

Prep the lids using the Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer. Apply a tiny amount all over the lids, up to the brow bone. Let that dry for a couple of minutes. Once it has dried, you may set it with a bit of setting powder to help eyeshadows blend even more smoothly.   

Wedding guest makeup prime the eyes

Step 2- Base Color

Now apply a base color on the lids. (Porcelain eyeshadow makes a great base color, but if it is too light for you, use another eyeshadow color that is closer to your skin color.) Using the Wet/Dry Eye Brush, or a similar brush, apply all over the lid and up to the brow bone.   

Step 3- Lid & Crease Shade

Next, use the Wet/Dry Eye Brush to apply Tip Taupe eyeshadow on the lids. Then switch over to the Crease and Blend Brush and blend that into the crease, into that folded area above the eyelid.  

Wedding guest makeup eye lid and crease color

Step 4- Transition Area

Again, using the Crease and Blend Brush, take some of Blondeshell eyeshadow to blend the edges of Tip Taupe and blend that out onto the transition area which is just above the crease. Smoothly blend that out using a combo of circular and windshield-wiping motions.  

Wedding guest makeup  eye transition shadow

Step 5- Inner Corner & Brow Bone

Soften the eyes by applying Heirloom eyeshadow on the inner corners. Then also apply on the brow bone.  

Wedding guest makeup eye inner corner and brow bone

Step 6- Bottom Lid

Apply Tip Taupe eyeshadow on the bottom lid, across the lash line, with the Crease and Blend Brush. Blend it out using windshield-wiping motions for a soft wash of color.   

Wedding guest makeup eye bottom lid

Step 7- Line the Eyes

For just a touch of drama on the eyes, add a winged liner. Apply a bit of the Black Eyeliner Pencil directly onto the lash line. Next, smooth it out using the Vegan Angled Eye Brush and wing the liner out. Darken and set your liner by applying Black Magic eyeshadow on top.  

Wedding guest makeup line the eyes

Step 8- Mascara

Complete the eye look by applying The Lash Project Mascara. Apply 3 to 4 coats for a beautiful, slightly dramatic, lash look.  

Wedding guest makeup apply mascara

Face Makeup

Step 1- Base

Apply your base makeup of choice as you would normally do.   

*Step 2 (optional)- Brows   

Fill in your brows if this is part of your routine. For a more natural look, we recommend using a powder such as an eyeshadow. Choose a color that is close to your hair color but nothing too dark. For more on how to go about filling in the eyebrows, make sure to check out Andrea’s tips.  

Step 3- Bronzer   

Add a bit of warmth and some definition to the complexion by applying Sundrop Bronzer using the Blush Brush. Lightly blend across the forehead, on the hollows of the cheeks, as well as the sides of the nose, and jawline.    

Wedding guest makeup apply face bronzer
Wedding guest makeup apply bronzer

Step 4- Blush   

Using the Blush Brush, apply Gotta Glow blush to add a flush of color to the cheeks. M’Lady blush would also work great for this look.   

Wedding guest makeup apply blush

Step 5- Prep the Lips   

Before applying lip color, moisturize your pout by applying a light coat of the Rallye Balm.  

Step 6- Lip Color   

Finish your look by applying your lip color. We are going for rich, bold, red lips so you can line them first using Scarlet Red lip pencil. Then, apply the best red lipstick for your skintone! I’ve used Rebel lipstick, Power Potion would also be a great option for cool or neutral tones. And warm tones would look awesome in Fire Sign (more orange) or Risque (less orange).

We hope you have enjoyed this look as well as this info. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Red Apple Lipstick Products Used for This Look:   

Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer– helps color correct and prime the eyelids, eliminating eyeshadow creasing.   

Porcelain Eyeshadow– light, matte, off-white, creamy nude eyeshadow with a slightly pinkish, peachy yellow tint to it. Great as an eyeshadow base as it helps to neutralize discoloration on the lids.   

Tip Taupe Eyeshadow– light grayish-brown matte shade.  

Blondeshell Eyeshadow– a matte honey blonde shade of brown eyeshadow.   

Heirloom Eyeshadow– a light yellow shade.    

Black Magic Eyeshadow– a very dark matte black eyeshadow. Can even be applied as an eyeliner.     

Black Eyeliner Pencil– your go-to black liner shade.   

The Lash Project Mascara– a hypoallergenic mascara & lash conditioner in one, in satin black. Defines and strengthens the lashes.   

Sundrop Bronzer– warm matte bronzer. Buildable and natural-looking, perfect for all skin tones.   

Glotta Glow Blush Slightly shimmery peachy pink blush shade.  

Rebel Lipstick– deep and sultry blue-red color, the classic retro red lipstick  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What makeup is appropriate for a wedding?  

Awesome question! Find the answer to this question in this article.  

Should I get my makeup done if I’m a wedding guest?  

The is totally up to you. If getting your makeup done works best for you, then go for it! If you prefer doing it yourself, make sure to check out our tips and suggestions in this article.  

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