Best Red Apple Lipstick Moments Of 2018

Feeling nostalgic and retrospective today so let’s take a journey throughout 2018 and reflect on the best RAL moments of this past year. January– Kicked the beginning of 2018 off with an excellent blog post about makeup expiration dates   February– Celebrated Galentine’s Day again. It’s always so much fun so it’ll likely happen again this […]

10 BEST Red Apple Lipstick Products Of 2018

Each product featured in the Best Of RAL 2018 roundup was voted by you with your dollar. Thank you for choosing Red Apple Lipstick and for choosing to shop small businesses. There’d be no us without you. Now let’s get into this roundup because there’s some amazing makeup goodies here. 1. Rallye Balm– No surprises […]

How To Do A Breast Exam & Remember It Monthly – Let’s Talk Boobs

  If you’re reading this, chances are you haven’t done a self-exam in months. I’m 34, and I haven’t done one in 8 months.  It’s WAY too easy to forget. We’re smart women, we know why we should do them – so let’s talk about ways to remember and exactly what to do.  HOW TO REMEMBER: 1. […]