How To Apply And Remove Mascara


By the title of this blog post you might be thinking “I already know how to do these things!” However, just stick with us here because you might learn something new. You could even find out that the way you’ve been removing your mascara is damaging your luscious lashes and causing them to fall out prematurely. Continue reading (or watch the video below) to learn more on how we recommend for you apply and remove The Lash Project mascara.





The Lash Project mascara is very different than most mascaras on the market today, so proper application is crucial to your results in using it. First, be sure never to pump the wand up and down in the tube. You may already know this but just in case we wanted to give you a loving reminder. Doing this pushes air in the tube and then the mascara will dry out. Instead, when you open your mascara swirl or circle the wand inside of the tube, so it scrapes the insides and picks up the product. After this pull the wand out and dab off any excess from the tip of the wand onto the edge of the tube. 


For the actual application of your mascara, Andrea recommends looking down in a hand held mirror. Doing this will help you not to get any transfer onto your eyelids then you’ll want to swipe and wiggle the mascara starting from the base of your lashes to the tips. Doing this helps to separate your lashes, so they don’t get clumped together. I also like to rotate the brush as I go up from the base of my lashes. I find doing this helps to get the mascara off from different parts of the wand, and it curls my lashes a bit more, so I don’t have to use a lash curler. Then you’ll use the tip of the wand on the outside edges of your lashes and swipe and wiggle the wand a little more. I’m fondly calling this the swipe and wiggle technique, and I wish someone would turn it into a song. How fun would it be to have a swipe and wiggle song to listen to when applying your mascara!?




There are a lot of different mascara and eye makeup removers out there. If you are lucky enough to have found one that works for you fantastic! Use it. However, if you haven’t found one you like yet give coconut oil a try (as long as you are not allergic to coconuts of course). Other types of oils work too, but Andrea and I are big coconut oil fans! The biggest thing you’ll want to remember whether you are using oil or an eye makeup remover is not to rub or scrub at your eyes. If your eye makeup remover makes you feel like you have to do this, I recommend trying something else. It’s the rubbing, scrubbing and pulling on your eyes that contribute to lash damage as well.


To remove your mascara you’ll start off by applying your oil to a cotton ball, round or a gentle cloth and press that against your eyelashes and hold it there for a few seconds. Once you feel like you’ve let the oil do its magic for a decent amount of time you’ll slowly drag the cotton ball, round or cloth all the way down. You should see the product under your eye. You’ll do this a few times making sure always to swipe down in one direction. Then you’ll swipe under your eye to remove the mascara from there. Depending on how much mascara you’ve applied you may have to do this more than just once. Andrea also likes to use a tissue to clean up any residue that may be left over.


That’s all there is to it. By following these super easy steps you’ll get the most out of your mascara plus keep your lashes healthy and strong!


Here’s to fabulous and healthy lashes!



Big, Small…We Love Them All!


There is something that has been bothering me the last few weeks. I haven’t written anything about it or made a video about it until now because I’ve been able to let it go but today I just can’t! I’ve had several encounters recently that just really blew my mind and sparked some questions in my mind: Why do we as people feel the need to give backhanded compliments?, Why do we feel the need to ALWAYS voice our opinions about other people? Do our opinions of others really matter in the big picture? Do they change anything in the world? Do they make things better or worse?


I hear it time and time again: “She’s pretty but she’s too skinny.” or “She’s attractive but her lips are too small.” etc. When I hear these things I can’t help but thinking First, “Why are you telling me this?” and second “Ummm…ok why does that matter?”


I mean come on does it REALLY matter that much if someone looks different than you or another person! We were not created/made to be the same. It’s our differences that make us unique, special and beautiful.


I just don’t get it or understand it and the ironic thing is I know I’m guilty of it too. I try really hard and make a conscious effort to not act or take on the qualities I dislike in others but it seems like we’ve been conditioned to act, speak and behave this way. So I guess the BIG question is how can we hold ourselves accountable? Even more importantly how can we forgive others when they say unkind things about us or another person? After all, we are imperfect people in this world just trying to live our lives and you know maybe that person that said something unkind to you about another person just needs some kindness shown to them or needs a little grace in their lives.


I think about the people that have said these things to me and I can say with almost 100% certainty that someone has said something unkind to them and they are just giving what they’ve received and that is sad. Maybe they are so used to this behavior that it’s become a bad habit and they don’t even realize what they are doing or saying. I hope that they find someone/something in their lives who/that can be the love and positivity they need and deserve.


If you are reading this I hope you know how simply beautiful you are. Every last little thing about you is beautiful…even the things that others say are imperfections.


Also, please do me a favor and say something kind to someone today and leave off the BUT. The but does not belong.



O Ye Of Little Faith

This morning I had an…well let’s just say interesting interaction that has sparked these thoughts I’m about to share with you. Let’s begin with these two questions. Why do we trust anyone? Why do we trust any business, corporation or company? I think there are a lot of people out there who are used to being lied to. It becomes something they expect. So it doesn’t matter if a person, company or business is being honest and truthful they don’t believe it. They can’t believe it. They’ll look for any reason for things to not be true. They try to find any fault they possibly can to prove their opinion of “Everyone lies all the time” to be true and will argue the point till the very end. They can’t be helped because their opinion has been made up.


Now, I’ll admit that there have been times in my life where I’ve been or felt this way myself. Maybe not to such extreme lengths but mistrusting, absolutely! I think to a certain degree we have a right as consumers to feel this way just because of the sheer volume of companies that do lie. However, to let that ruin it for yourself and other companies out there that are good, hard working, honest people is in my opinion not healthy. To say that everyone lies all the time or every company lies is just not factual. There needs to be some level of trust and faith present. Or you’ll just be bitter and angry all the time. Why put that out into the world?


I guess this leads into my other questions. What can a company do to earn your trust? For me, it’s about transparency and even here there’s a certain level of faith that needs to be involved. Even as a company, we have to have faith that the ingredients that we purchase from suppliers are what they tell us they are. Which is why it’s so important to us as a company to be very cautious and careful who we purchase from.


I’ve come to a place now where I’m a lot more trusting. I have more faith. I don’t want to be going around feeling like everyone is lying to me all the time. It’s just not a positive or happy way to be/live. When I think about the way I want to be and live my life mistrusting and suspicious are not on that list. What’s on your list? How do you want to be and live? What kind of energy do you want to put out into the world?


To have faith or not to have faith? That’s totally up to you. You have the power. The choice is yours.



Gail’s Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks By Red Apple Lipstick


Mother’s Day is just a few days away and I can’t believe how fast it’s approaching. I’m so thankful for my Mom. She is hard working, has an awesome sense of humor, and has taught me the importance of being an individual…among many other things. Recently, we sat down and were able to film a makeup tutorial together. I really cherish those moments. We always have a great time! What was not on camera though was a discussion on her favorite Red Apple Lipstick  products. I thought it would be fun to get notes and turn it into a blog post so that’s what I’m doing for you all today.

Continue reading to find out which Red Apple Lipstick lipsticks Gail (my Mom) adores….


Boys ‘N Berries: “Nice pink/mauve color. A great daytime color that goes with most every outfit I pick. I think it looks great on most people’s complexions”


Drama: “Love this color! Great for applying lighter during the day or applying darker for a night out. It’s a rich, dreamy color.”


Strawberry Lips: This is my go to neutral with a tint of red. I pick this color when I want a  “Reddish” color, but don’t want a “lips coming at you!’ bold red. It’s nice for a casual or dressy look.”


Vogue: This color is so nice when I want a darker pink/plum. Stays on all day.”


Brazilliant: Brazilliant is my go to neutral when I need a warmer color while I’m wearing white or a “summery” outfit. It also makes my teeth look whiter when I wear it so I LOVE that!”

Thank you, Mom for taking the time to help me with this post and thank you all for taking the time to read it.

What are your favorite Red Apple Lipsticks? 



10 Essential Cosmetics Every Girl Needs!

Hello, Red Apple readers! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about essentials. What are essentials? What makes particular items essential and why? To me, in order to call a makeup item essential, it needs to fall into at least one of four categories.

  1. How often is it used
  2. Does it serve more than one purpose
  3. How much do I genuinely enjoy using it
  4. Is it practical and easy to use

Continue reading to find out which ten Red Apple Lipstick cosmetic items I consider being essentials for all women.


1. Primer

It’s amazing to me how many women out there have yet to discover the beauty and awesomeness of a primer. A primer, whether it be for your eyes, face or lips, prepares the surface (face, lips or eyes) for optimal results. Primers can smooth out surfaces, enhance colors and increase longevity. Our gluten-free eyeshadow primer is the best way to eliminate mid-day eyeshadow creasing or disappearing acts. It provides a solid color base for your eyeshadows to be applied on top of, which allows the shadow to stand out and corrects any discolorations or veins on your eyelids. It falls somewhere between a cream and powder as far as consistency goes. For some, this primer can even work as a concealer under the eyes, on blemishes, even try it on your lips as a lip primer.


2. Clear or Nude Gloss

You really can’t go wrong with sheer, clear or nude lipglosses. You can apply them in a jiffy to enhance your natural lip color and add a little shine. This is great on busy days! Also, you can apply them over your favorite lipsticks and they won’t add or take away from your favorite colors. A few of my favorites are Sun Sparkles, Diamond Sands and Honey Badger. If you’re looking for a really clear gloss though I would recommend Sun Sparkles.


3. Exfoliate

We exfoliate our elbows and knees but what about our lips? Before you use a primer or apply any lip product for that matter exfoliating is a must! Exfoliating removes the dirt, dead skin cells, and dry flakes that are preventing your lips from being soft and smooth. Our lip exfoliant is a no mess, no fuss product that allows Rallye Balm to work more efficiently, lipsticks to last longer and makes your lips look and feel better.


4. City Starter Palette

When you are new to makeup or haven’t used makeup in a while it can be overwhelming to have so many choices. We designed our new City Starter palette just for those of you who are starting out with makeup or don’t know where to begin. It has every color you need to complete a simple or smokey eye. Blending one shimmer with three matte colors – you can enjoy the versatility of a neutral palette as you begin your collection. Includes shades perfect for eyeliner and filling in your eyebrows, this palette really is the perfect starter palette!


5. Rallye Balm

This list would not be complete if I didn’t mention the wonderful, magical and awesome Rallye Balm. This powerful lip balm is your key to ending chapped lips! It’s uniquely designed using a high quality, 100% gluten free Vitamin E suspended in a special, cold pressed Castor Seed Oil. Healthy lip skin is the only way to beat chapped lips. It’s completely odorless and tasteless, has no toxins, preservatives, waxy coverups, drying or addictive ingredients. Your life will never be the same. Oh, and how could I forget it does many other things too! I use it on my cuticles and on the ends of my hair. I’d like to challenge you to see what this balm can do for you!


6. The Lash Project Mascara

The Lash Project is high-performance 2-in-1 conditioning mascara that provides healthier, stronger and more youthful lashes! It offers so many amazing things for your lashes. One thing I love the most about this mascara is that it stops your lashes from falling out prematurely. I have a thyroid issue so my lashes, eyebrow hair, and hair falls out super easily which means this is definitely a promising product for those of us with dry and brittle lashes.


7. Makeup Brushes

Good quality brushes are essential to applying makeup. Nobody wants to bother with plucking loose hairs off their face from their brushes. We offer a Pro Brush Set that comes with a lip brush to help you define your lips and apply lipstick with precision, a wet/dry eyeshadow brush for applying eyeshadow all over the lid and an angled eyeliner brush that can be used to detail your eyeliner with just a simple line or a cat eye – and can be used to define and fill in your eyebrows! The brushes are of course vegan which is not only good for our furry friends…but they allow you to get the brush wet without worrying about the bristles swelling and falling out. This means you can own this brush set for years to come!



8. Multi-Tasking Eyeshadows

I’ve personally never understood the need to have both eyeshadows and an eyebrow powder when you could just find and eyeshadow that works for both! Our eyeshadows in Brownie Points, Espresso, Black Magic, Yes You Canyon, and Like U Latte make great eyebrow defining powders. Brownie Points is good for dark blondes to light brunettes, Espresso- dark brunettes, Black Magic-black, Yes You Canyon-strawberry blondes and red heads and Like U Latte I think would work well for blondes. You can also use our darker shadows with a slightly damp liner brush and use them as eyeliner!


9. Bold Lipstick

When you have a bad hair day and nothing in the world seems to be going right try applying a bright pop of lipstick to help uplift your mood. For me, this would be red! It’s a classic and sophisticated color that’s feminine and just fun! It’ll feel impossible to be in a bad mood while wearing your favorite bold color. My pick for a red lipstick would be Risque! I also suggest trying After Hours, Coral Crush, Hibiscus, Hollypeno, Petal Pusher, So Pinkin’ Cute or Sunkissed.


10. Eye-Brightening Eyeshadows

Moms, night owls, and those with allergies alike know that sometimes dark circles and tired looking eyes are unavoidable. To combat this you’ll want to brighten up your eyes by applying an eye shadow that brightens and highlights your eyes. I suggest trying our shadows in Buttercream, Porcelain, Pixie Dust, Golden Girl or Innocence. Just apply one of those on the inner corner of your eyes, the center of your eyelids and on your brow bones and your eyes will be brighter and more alert looking.

This concludes our list of the ten essential cosmetics every gal needs.

What are your essentials?


How To Tell The Difference Between Warm and Cool Lipsticks

Hello, Red Apple Lipstick readers! In this post, I wanted to share with you all how to tell the difference between warm toned red lipsticks and cool tones red lipsticks. Let’s take a look at a color wheel for a moment…


Now, technically all reds are warm because red is a warm color. When it comes to finding your perfect shade of red lipstick, though, you’ll be looking at its undertone. A warm red lipstick will have an undertone of either pink (not purple-pink…that’s a different story), orange or yellow. While a cool red lipstick will have an undertone of either purple, blue or green.


Just for comparison purposes, I’ve done a couple swatches for you. As you can see here Risqué is a warm toned red because of its orange undertone while Ravishing is a cool toned red because of its purple-blue undertone. Note* Arm swatches like this are really only good for telling what a color might look like with your skin and to give you an idea of a color’s undertone. Colors can change when applied to your lips because of your base lip color and occasionally your body’s chemistry. Jay talks about this in his free lipsticks course. I highly recommend it!

I did a video on the subject as well so be sure to check that out. Note* Our Red Hot Autumn sale is over now. To make sure you don’t miss out on future sales and promotions + have access to monthly coupon codes join our FREE VIP club.

The color wheel applies to other lipsticks, eyeshadows, and makeup as well so it’s a great thing to keep in mind when you are trying to find your perfect shades. I hope you’ve found this helpful and we’ll chat soon!

Do you prefer warm lipsticks or cool lipsticks?


How To Pick The Perfect Green Eyeshadow


When it comes to green eyeshadow, I’m always excited to find new, fun and interesting ways to incorporate this tranquil color into my beauty routine. However, I know that not everyone feels this way. For some people, green eyeshadow is a scary thing! I think most people are afraid of color in general and are scared that they’ll look like a clown. Even Kermit the frog says “It’s not that easy being green” but I’m here to tell you that’s far from being true.


The color Green symbolizes nature and represents tranquility, good fortune, and health. It also has calming and stress relieving properties for some people. Being a stress monger; I can say that surrounding myself with the color green and wearing it as well has helped relieve some of that negativity and helped provide me with a more calm sense. If that’s not reason enough to love the color green than I don’t know what is! Continue reading for tips on how to choose the perfect Green eyeshadow for you…

How To Select A Green Eyeshadow:

There are four ways to choose an eyeshadow based on the look you are going for and what features you want to enhance. Those would be Skin Color, Eye Color, Finish, and Occasion.

swatches on each arm color

1. Skin Color– Instead of thinking about your skin’s undertone (which is also important) consider first your skin color. Are you Dark, Medium or Light? Those with light skin should look for a green that is soft and muted such as Dirty Girl or Sage Rage. If you have a medium or darker complexion something like Olive This Color or Poise ‘N Ivy would look amazing. Those with darker skin can pull off a darker green easier than those with light skin. It’s not to say that if you have light skin you can’t wear Poise ‘N Ivy you just need to be light handed when you apply it so your look doesn’t become overwhelming in contrast.


2. Eye Color– Now consider your eye color. If you have Brown eyes a shade that is lighter than your natural eye color will provide a lovely contrast. I would recommend Dirty Girl, Olive This Color, and Sage Rage. For those with Blue eyes, a green that is darker or neutral will look great! I would suggest Dirty Girl, Olive This Color or Poise ‘N Ivy. Even those with Hazel or Green eyes can totally rock green eyeshadow. The trick for them would be to select a green that is either lighter or darker than their natural eye color. I would recommend Poise ‘N Ivy, Olive This Color or Siren.


3. Finish– Then you’ll want to decide what finish you prefer. If you love mattes try Sage Rage. Are you ok with a slight shimmer? Then pick up Dirty Girl, Olive This Color or Siren. If you really love shimmer then you’ll adore the golden reflects in Poise ‘N Ivy.


4. Occasion– The occasion and time of day will also be a factor in selecting which green eyeshadow will be best for you. For everyday wear, I suggest Dirty Girl, Olive This Color and Sage Rage. For dressier occasions, nights out or if you just want to kick things up a notch and play up your playful side I would look to Poise ‘N Ivy and Siren.

siren-eye 8.41.53 AM

BONUS: I wanted to throw in this little bonus for you all because there is one green that is universally flattering and tends to look amazing on everyone! Any guesses?….Teal! If you guessed Siren then you’d be right. I love no-brainer choices so of course I couldn’t forget to mention how amazing Siren is simply for the fact that it’s one of the few colors that tends to look amazing on everyone no matter their skin color or eye color. I know some people still shy away from this color but it really is awesome and deserves some more love. You can apply this shade lightly on the lid (don’t go above the crease), use it to accent the outer corners of your eye’s or try wearing it my favorite way which is as a liner.

Which green eyeshadow is your favorite?

If you don’t typically wear green eyeshadow, are you going to give it a try? Why or why not. 

Let us know in the comments below 🙂


4, 5, 6 Ways To Improve How You Pick Eyeshadows


Picking eye shadows can be a booger-bear.


It’s as simple as that.


Especially when it’s up to you to select each color in your palette individually.


It gets worse when you have over 40 choices of eyeshadow colors. One can get what we call “choice paralysis” – when too many choices make it difficult to make a decision, so we decide to do nothing instead.


When it comes to spending your hard earned cash, we totally understand it! It’s just part of our human nature.


This is why we have such a liberal return policy.


Over the years, we’ve created some great articles and videos to help guide you in buying eye shadows you’ll love and use.


So if you’re ready and willing to change up your springtime eye shadow bag this year, let’s dig in!


4 Great Eye Shadow Articles.

Ultimate Guide To Brown/Neutral Eyeshadows.
Every girl needs to know how to pick these must-have shades, and the three must-wear ways to use them.


How To Highlight With Eyeshadow
And make your eyes bigger, fresh, & wide awake with this useful tip!


All About Matte Eyeshadows, and Which Ones To Choose
An every girl guide – you can’t ever go wrong with these mattes!


Comparison: A Personal Guide To Neutral Shadows
With swatches and detailed descriptions! Go Girl!



5 Great 2016 Shadow Combinations Your Palette Needs!

Sometimes I just like it when someone in the know simply points out what I could be looking for! Here’s 5 excellent combinations for spring you can add to your Create-Your-Own-Palette builder.


1. Natural and Neutral: Porcelain, Iced Mocha, Minx and Brownie Points

2. Girly and Flirty: Tutu Cute, Silver Lining, Twinkle Taupe, Violet Vintage

3. Classic and Timeless (Matte): Pixie Dust, Clean Slate, Porcelain, Brownie Points

4. Fun and Carefree: Golden Girl, Mermaid Lagoon, Buttercream, Espresso

5. Bold and Beautiful: Innocence, Siren, Vamp, Sand Castle



Not Much Of A Reader? Here’s 6 Great Eye Shadow Videos Just For You










Galentine’s Day Blog Roundup

We’ve made it through the first full week of February and it’s been a pretty great week if I don’t say so myself! Hope your week was just as wonderful. One of our favorite holidays is coming up so we thought it’d be fun to share with you all some Galentine’s Day inspiration via a blog roundup. Today we’re sharing our favorite Galentine’s Day blog posts with you. Keep checking back as we find + add new and awesome posts. Take a peek, get inspired and enjoy your weekend!


Favorite Things Galentine’s Day Party + “Blessing Bags” by Chandice Probst ft. on HWTM (the Fries Before Guys bar is so awesome!)



Red Apple Lipstick Galentine’s Day Celebration by Clean Beauty Craze  (she’s used our lipsticks in Vogue, Maven Mauve and gloss in Love Letter for a beautiful Galentine’s Day makeup look)


Will you be celebrating Galentine’s Day this year? 

Getting together with your favorite gals is always fun. Having a special day just for celebrating those friendships + empowering each other is even better! You definitely don’t have to ask me twice.


Evolutionary Womanship

Welcome to your new year. If you want a Rubik’s Cube for change, then this is for you. 

Another year has ticked by. Everything is one year further.  Possibly the following… You’re one year longer into your current career, your kids are one year older, your grandchildren are one year older, your husband is one year older or you’re another year into searching for the love of your life. 

But are you “evolving”? 

Eckhardt Tolle speaks to this trueism.  If everything today is as it was yesterday, then tomorrow will be the same

Hinting at the greater point… Karma created.  Stuckness. Sameness. 

This isn’t a bad thing to everyone.  Some truly enjoy the relaxed peace of “no change”.  For sure though, the world outside always changes.. evolves. 

So I ask… are you evolving too? 

It’s possible that you really WANT to evolve, but aren’t always sure how.  That’s where I find myself a lot.  I really love personal growth, personal change, but it’s not always easy to find, especially if you’re in a bubble… and life has a way of creating these bubbles. 

Raising very young kids can keep you bubbled to the world around them, right between the diaper bin and the toy box. 

A job over an extended period of time can bubble up around the smallish area from the parking lot to your desk. 

College can bubble you into text books. 

Years can slip by without you even noticing. And at the other side of the worm hole, everything is the same or very similar. 

Why evolve? 

Evolving brings excitement.  Tangible creation.  New thoughts. And evolution is almost always surrounded by the happy, joyous creation of life. 

Hardly no one chooses to evolve for the worse.  “Worse” is one of those things that slip up on you when you aren’t evolving, usually from an unnoticed corner. 

What’s “better”? That’s up to you.  This is a very personal set of decisions.  But the act of evolving can lead to some amazing doors opening that you can’t always see from here.  It’s mostly an act of faith. 

Here’s the big point.  Well, there’s two. 

#1 Evolution Is Always Deliberate And Intentional. 
#2 Nothing Gets To Stay The Same. 

But do you have a system for evolving?  Deliberate evolution as a woman requires many Rubik’s Cubes, and it requires time to click the sides. 

And while I might not have every Rubik’s Cube for you, I can certainly speak to a system for changing routines at your makeup station. 

Step #1 : Tidy Up

It’s time.  It really is.  Here’s what you do.  Lay out a sheet or a towel on the floor or your bed, and dump every single piece of makeup you own on it.  I’m not kidding, seriously, everything.  That would include all brushes, curling irons, hair dryers, lotions… everything. 

Take this time to thoroughly clean your makeup area.  Clean every drawer, every surface, every bag. 

Next, separate all of the pieces that can be easily tossed.  This would include all makeup that’s over 12 months old and all makeup you know for a fact you’re never going to use. 

Now comes the hard part.  Pick up each piece you have left, and hold it in your hands.  Feel it, and take note of the emotion it gives you.   

If that emotion is anything other than joy, ditch it. 

For instance, if you pick up that expensive item you never used, and you feel guilty because you spent money on something you didn’t use… ditch it.  Because every time you open your makeup drawer and see it, that guilt will always be there.  It’s time to let it go, gracefully and with gratitude.  It served its purpose both in the excitement of buying it, and in letting you know you don’t need it.   

Thank it for its service, and let it go – trust me when I say you’ll feel refreshed when done! 

The remaining items need to go back.  Analyze each item for color, freshness, condition and neatly organize them back into your makeup area.  Keep note of similar colors, or are they widely spread out. 

STEP #2 : Open your closet.

Pause and reflect on the year behind, and consider the year ahead.  When you open your closet, you already know what you’re going to find. 

That would consist of: 

1. The clothes you always wear. 
2. The clothes you sometimes wear. 
3. The clothes you never wear. (for whatever reason). 

Forget the clothes you never wear and hone in on the colorsyou mostly wear.  It’s totally possible that you have a tendency to wear similar colors more often.  This is fine.  Just write them down. 

STEP #3 : Compare

Compare the colors of the clothes to your makeup palette. You’ve taken note of your color cosmetics, and now you’ve taken note of major color clothes pieces. 

How well do they match? 

I can assure you that wearing lipstick or eye shadows that matchy-matchy an outfit ALWAYS works.  100% of the time, it will always look “put together”.  I explain this in great detail in day 3 of my Lipstick Frustration to Sensations course.  If you’ve never taken it, you can get it for free here

STEP #4  Get outside of your bubble.

A large chunk of evolution comes from outside of you.  This is why HGTV is so popular. Personally, I’m addicted to HGTV.  I find myself up at 7am with coffee, my two dogs, and … HGTV. 

The reason for this is because we all get to see ideas we might not think up on our own.  It’s inspiring. 

Your makeup secret weapon?  Youtube.   No kidding.  Remember that thing I mentioned about time with the Rubik’s Cube.  This is it. 

Calendar it, promise yourself, make yourself do it…  Turn to youtube & pinterest and watch makeup videos.  Steal an hour here and there, and inspire yourself into learning something new.  Watch the plain videos, watch the outrageous videos.  Watch the young peoples videos, watch the videos intended for older people.  Just get on there and search.  Nothing is out of bounds here because you never know what you might take away.

You’re always welcome at our own Youtube channel: 

Step #5 Use my coupon, and fill in the gaps.

Now that you have all of this new information, in new light, it’s time to fill in the gaps in your newly organized makeup counter. 

This time around, when you go to my website, https://www.redapplelipstick.comreally look.

It can be a little overwhelming, so many colors.  I get that.  It’s too easy to simply flick up and down the page.   

I suggest that you be very deliberate and intentional in your looking.  Open pages, look at the photos, study them.  You’ll be surprised what you see in this new light. 

Pick out enough lipsticks to fill the gaps, and try at least one slightly out of your comfort zone, like Firecracker (it’s amazing).

Add some eye shadows with your newly enlightened thought process, and go for it.  Don’t forget a Rallye Balm or two to cure those winter dry lips. 

With my policy on swapping items out, you can’t make a mistake. 

From there, “Evolve”. 

Go to work with a solid new look.  Go back to class refreshed and renewed.  Attend your kid’s soccer game looking smashing.  Surprise your husband or boyfriend. Or simply feel better looking in the mirror.  Enjoy your deliberate creation. 

Evolutionary Womanship is about constantly challenging your assumptions objectively, this is the name of the game this year.  Get after it!  You and I both know you can.
To Your Health and Happiness,