5 Fun Lipstick + Sunglasses Combos For Summer

Summer is the perfect time to kick back, let loose and have a little fun with your look. Below you’ll find pairings of two favorite accessories: lipsticks and sunglasses, to help inspire you.   1. Teal Heart glasses + Summer Sands lipstick    2. White Heart Cat-Eye sunglasses + French Skirt lipstick   3. Floral […]

4 Delectable Summer Drink Recipes

Hey Red Apple Girls, Summer is here and that calls for not only pretty new lipsticks that keep your lips moisturized but some refreshing drinks to help you beat the heat. Below you will find four delicious drinks inspired by Red Apple Lipstick’s summer lipstick collection. Enjoy!   Sweet Coraline Cooler While dreaming up this […]

How-To Choose Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Finding a red lipstick can be challenging. To make it easier for you, this guide has five different ways you can find your perfect red lipstick easily based on either your complexion, your base lip color, teeth, skin condition, and comfort zone.   Based On Complexion: Look at the ladies below for the complexion that […]