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How to Flu-Proof Your Beauty Routine

Well, flu-season may be upon us or at the very least fast approaching. According to the CDC, peak flu season is between the fall and winter months. Having just had the flu, I can honestly tell you it’s not a joke. I’m going to try my best not to get sick again this year. 

How To Do A Breast Self-Exam & Remember It Monthly – Let’s Talk Boobs

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – but our breast self-awareness should be year round, am I right? Since originally writing version 1 of this article in October 2018, I’ve begun a monthly breast self-exam schedule and am more passionate than ever about bringing awareness to this topic. Last October, our employee, Melissa, finally went to …

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New At-Home Research Study Aims To Make Diagnosing Celiac Disease Easier and Less Invasive

A new at-home study is being conducted by Adaptive Biotech & The Celiac Disease Foundation. This at-home study will collect blood samples from people who have a Celiac Disease diagnosis or who suspect they have Celiac Disease. If you’ve ever been through the lengthy process of Celiac testing, you know it’s invasive and painful. For …

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Why and How You Should Break Your Makeup Ruts

A makeup rut is when you wear the exact same makeup, every day. Same lips, same eyes, same shades. Makeup ruts happens for a lot of reasons. Fear of the unknown, lack of motivation, complacency, excuses, or you simply might not know what to do next. There’s something to

How To Stop Lipstick Bleeding

Lipstick bleeding is one of the more significant frustrations when it comes to wearing lipstick. Let’s kick off with why lipstick bleeding happens.  Why does lipstick bleed? Lipstick bleeds or feathers because of one reason – wrinkles on the lip skin and surrounding areas. Wrinkled lip skin has two underlying causes. First, loss of collagen …

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9 Lipstick Shades You Need In Fall in 2019

Fall 2019 is upon is us!  The cozy clothes, the camp fires, the leaf changing, and the upcoming holidays are sooo welcome after all this heat! It’s an especially exciting time to buy new gluten-free lipstick colors, and here’s 9 lipstick colors we’re obsessed with this fall. Paris A Lipstick Shade Perfect for Fall in …

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Gluten-Free Makeup

Red Apple Lipstick is the first makeup line to independently lab test each makeup formula for Gluten Free certification in the United States. Red Apple Lipstick, Inc was founded in 2007 in Houston Texas with the express purpose of manufacturing and distributing color cosmetics and makeup for women with allergies. All Red Apple Lipstick makeup …

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Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial with Kissimmee Lipstick

Shop Full Looks For 5 New Summer Lipsticks – On Sale Now Let’s talk easy makeup! I love shades that multi-task (like Brownie Points eyeshadow , and unexpected neutrals that add interest without drawing all the attention (like Golden Girl eyeshadow).  Using just three eyeshadows, Primetime eye primer,  Charcoal eyeliner, and The Lash Project mascara you can get this look …

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*CLOSED* Summer 2019 Naming Contest

Hey, Welcome to the collection naming contest. Grab yourself a refreshing beverage, something to snack on, and put on your favorite summer song to get the creative energy flowing.  Here’s what’s up. Friday, July 19th five new gluten-free lipsticks go on sale. Yay! First, they’re going to need a collection name. That’s where you come …

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