Easy Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial

Do you sometimes find yourself in a makeup rut, particularly when it comes to your everyday makeup routine? This is very common, especially when you don’t have much time to do your makeup.  

In this article, we will be talking all about everyday makeup for fall season and how it’s possible to add some variety. We also have an easy everyday fall makeup look tutorial that can be done using Red Apple Lipstick products.  

What defines Everyday Fall Makeup?  

What exactly is an everyday fall makeup look? Everyday makeup is simple and quick. Usually in the mornings when you want to get your day started, there is not much time to do a full-on makeup look but you still want to look put together.  

The key is to go for simple, uncomplicated, more natural types of looks. When it comes to the eye makeup, using no more than 3 main eyeshadow shades would be best for quick looks. Eye looks using one eyeshadow are great for everyday makeup.

For fall, neutral shades that are not too dark are great choices! Even more simple, skip eyeshadow and go for a liner and mascara look or just mascara alone. You can add variety to your eye looks by using different formulas of eyeshadowsmattes are great for everyday looks but satin eyeshadows can work just as well. You could even do different shades of liner if you are skipping the shadows.  

When it comes to face makeup, you want to keep it as simple as possible. Keep it natural, light coverage foundations are perfect choices for everyday looks and tinted moisturizers are even better. For an even simpler and quicker look, foundation could be skipped altogether if you do not need much coverage.

You only need a bit of bronzer to add some warmth to the complexion and a touch of blush. For some variety, you can skip blush or try different shades that flatter your skin tone and undertones.   

Quick Tips: If you want to keep the eyes super simple but still want them to look done, try a base shade all over the eyes (after priming the lids) and then apply a bit of eyeliner, finishing the eyes with mascara. (For a base color, choose an eyeshadow shade that is close to your skin color.) To take your everyday fall makeup look from daytime to nighttime, add eyeliner to your eye look if you are not already wearing some. Another way to do so is by switching your lip color to a darker shade.  

Another great way to add some variety to everyday fall makeup looks is with your lip color. Switching up your lipstick/lip gloss is such an easy way to add a little something extra to simple everyday looks. Fall is the best time to play around with richer and deeper shades of lip colors. Dark lipstick is one of my favorite trends for fall so I love doing a very simple eye with a bold lip as the focus. This combo works amazingly well even for everyday looks.  

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of uncomplicated drama here and there to your everyday makeup look. Now, let’s check out an example of an easy everyday fall makeup look with the following tutorial.  

How to Create an Easy Everyday Fall Makeup Eye Look?  

Step 1- Prime the Lids  

Start by prepping the lids using the Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer. Apply a tiny amount all over the lids, all the way up to the brow bone. Let that dry for a couple of minutes. Once the primer has dried, you may set it with a bit of setting powder to help the eyeshadows blend even more smoothly.  

Step 2- Base Color  

You now want to apply a base color on the lids. Apply Porcelain eyeshadow using the Wet/Dry Eye Brush, or a similar brush, all over the lid and up to the brow bone. (If Porcelain eyeshadow is too light for you, use another eyeshadow shade that is closer to your skin color.)  

Step 3- Lid Shade  

Next, using the Wet/Dry Eye Brush again, apply Blondeshell eyeshadow on the lids, taking it up into the crease, into that folded area above the eyelid.  

Step 4- Crease & Transition Area  

Using the Crease and Blend Brush, lightly blend out Blondeshell in the crease by using windshield-wiping motions. Now, take some of Heirloom eyeshadow to blend the edges of Blondeshell in the crease, blending that out onto the transition area which is just above the crease. Smoothly blend that out using a combo of circular and windshield-wiping motions.  

Step 5- Inner Corner & Brow Bone   

To add just a subtle touch of softness and lightly brighten the inner area of the lids, apply Heirloom eyeshadow on the inner corners. Gently blend out, taking it slightly into the inner third area of the lids. Then also apply on the brow bone.  

Step 6- Bottom Lash Line/Lid  

Now apply Blondeshell eyeshadow on the bottom lid, across the lash line, with the Crease and Blend Brush. Blend it out using windshield-wiping motions for a soft wash of color.  

Step 7- Line the Eyes *(Optional)  

This step is completely optional, but if you want just a bit of drama on the eyes or if you want to take your daytime look into nighttime, you can do so by lining the eyes. Apply a bit of the Black Eyeliner Pencil directly onto the lash line (don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect). Next, smooth it out using the Vegan Angled Eye Brush. Darken and set your liner with Black Magic eyeshadow, applying it with the Angled Eye Brush on top of your Black Liner. You may wing it as much or as little as you like.   

Step 8- Mascara  

Complete the eye look by applying The Lash Project Mascara. Apply 3 to 4 coats for a beautiful, slightly dramatic, lash look. For a more natural lash look, you can apply up to two coats instead.  


How to Create an Easy Everyday Fall Face Makeup Look?   

Step 1- Base   

Apply your base makeup of choice. For an everyday day look, a more natural look would be best. A tinted moisturizer is a great option for everyday makeup looks as they provide light and natural-looking coverage. Powder foundations are also great for easy everyday wear as they are fast and simple to apply, plus you can control the amount of coverage needed. You could even skip foundation completely if you feel comfortable, using just a concealer to cover any problem areas.   

*Step 2 (optional)- Brows  

Fill in your brows if this is part of your routine, but you could skip this step as it is not always necessary for everyday makeup. For a more natural look, if you are filling them in, we recommend using a powder such as an eyeshadow. Choose a shade that is close to your hair color but nothing too dark. For more on how to go about filling in the eyebrows, make sure to check out Andrea’s tips.  

Step 3- Bronzer  

Add some warmth to the complexion by applying Sundrop Bronzer using the Blush Brush. Lightly blend on the areas where the sun would naturally hit the face- across the forehead, cheekbones, as well as the sides of the nose, and chin.   

Step 4- Blush  

Apply blush to add a flush of color to the cheeks. Choose a shade that works well with your complexion and that coordinates well with whatever eyeshadow shades are used. Usually, when using neutral eyeshadows like in this tutorial, any blush shade would work well. Pinks and mauves shades are some great choices. For this tutorial, we are using M’Lady blush. Simply use the Blush Brush to apply. For more in-depth details on how to apply blush, check out the How to Apply Blush & Bronzer For Your Face Shape article.  

*Optional- Setting Spray/ Face Mist   

To help keep everything in place and help your makeup stay looking fresh longer, you can set your finished look with a setting spray. Or instead, you could use a face mist to help all the powder products melt into the skin and give a more natural, skin-like finish to the makeup look.  

Step 5- Prep the Lips  

Moisturize and prep the lips before applying lip color by applying a light coat of the Rallye Balm. Let that soak in for a couple of minutes.  

Step 6- Lip Color  

Finish your look by applying your lip color. We have some great options for this look. Copper Candy lipstick is a great everyday fall shade that works beautifully with this eye look. If you prefer a bold lip or if you want to take this from a daytime look into a nighttime one, we suggest going for a shade like Swoon lipstick. Since the eye is very simple and more of a subtle eye look, a darker lip shade will look great and make the lips more of the focus for this fall makeup look.  Both of these shades will give a subtle effect of glossy lips.

This look will be perfect for just about any occasion where you want to look well put together with minimal effort. Share your thoughts in the comments below.  

Red Apple Lipstick Products Used for This Look:  

Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer– helps color correct and prime the eyelids, eliminating eyeshadow creasing.  

Porcelain Eyeshadow– light, matte, off-white, creamy nude eyeshadow with a slightly pinkish, peachy yellow tint to it. Great as an eyeshadow base as it helps to neutralize discoloration on the lids.  

Blondeshell Eyeshadow– a matte honey blonde shade of brown eyeshadow.  

Heirloom Eyeshadow– a light yellow shade.   

Hush Hush Eyeshadow– matte, light peach shade.  

Black Magic Eyeshadow– a very dark matte black eyeshadow. Can even be applied as an eyeliner.    

Black Eyeliner Pencil– your go-to black liner shade.  

The Lash Project Mascara– a hypoallergenic mascara & lash conditioner in one, in satin black. Defines and strengthens the lashes.  

Sundrop Bronzer– warm matte bronzer. Buildable and natural-looking, perfect for all skin tones.  

M’Lady Blush– a muted mauve that compliments warm undertones in medium skin tones.  

Copper Candy Lipstick  


Swoon Lipstick   

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