New Hypoallergenic Matte Eyeshadows Details

Andrea matte shadows palette

In this video Ashley breaks down each of the new matte eyeshadow shades and swatch them to show you the details of each. When creating these 9 new matte eyeshadows, we aimed to fill in the gaps in our current matte eyeshadow line-up and keep them all very neutral for easy, everyday wear. Neutral matte eyeshadows are classic & timeless so they’ll never go out of style. Find the best shades for you by Shopping By Eye Color or purchase the entire palette here.

Below the video, we’ve listed each new shade and its description for those who like to read instead of watch. And after that you’ll be relieved to understand how our palettes are different and why they save you time, money and hassle. There’s also a link to get access to our free course that will teach you everything you’ve wanted to know about about eye makeup (it’s new and amazing).

Meet Our New Matte Eyeshadows

yellow matte eyeshadow base shade

Heirloom is a light matte base eyeshadow and can also be used as a matte highlight shade (inner corner and brow bone). It has a yellow undertone which differentiates it from Porcelain (off-white/bone) and Pixie Dust (light pink).

light peach matte eyeshadow base shade

Hush Hush is another light matte base eyeshadow and on medium skin tones can be used as a matte highlight. This has a peachy undertone which differentiates it from Heirloom (yellow), Porcelain (off-white/bone), and Pixie Dust (light pink).

honey blonde eyeshadow

Blondeshell is a honey blonde matte eyeshadow that can be used in so many ways. Our favorite use for this shade is as a brow powder for people with blonde hair or super light brown hair. Next, as an eyeshadow it’s great for all-over lid color, crease color and a transition color. This versatile shade is gorgeous and super pigmented.

light taupe matte eyeshadow

Tip Taupe was designed as a light grayish-brown taupe to take our two current eyeshadows and make a blend of them (Taken For Granite & Brownie Points). Because of the nature of taupe – it can be worn for both cool and warm skin tones and is an eyeshadow palette essential.

dark taupe matte eyeshadow

Hello Darkness is the dark taupe eyeshadow blending two of our other current matte shadows together (Clean Slate & Espresso). This rich dark taupe can be used as an eyeliner or crease color and is super pigmented and completely buildable and blendable (as are they all!).

rosy taupe matte eyeshadow

Made You Wink was designed to bring some color into our new matte eyeshadow lineup but still keep it neutral. This rosy taupe works beautifully as an eyelid color or a crease color. Complementing so many different eye colors and working for both warm and cool skin tones this shade is gorgeous.

plum taupe matte eyeshadow

Plum’s Up! is a plum taupe designed to complement and work well with Made You Wink but also blend beautifully with numerous other shadows. This shade would look especially amazing as a crease color or eyelid color for green, hazel and brown eyes.

Camel eyeshadow

Earth Girl is a camel matte eyeshadow shade. With its rich warm tones that lean a bit orange it makes blue, grey and hazel eyes POP – but also looks amazing on warm olive and brown skin tones no matter their eye color!

cognac eyeshadow

She’s Spicy is an incredible cognac rich warm reddish-brown matte eyeshadow that is super pigmented and buildable. Similar to Earth Girl this will make blue, grey and hazel eyes POP – but also looks amazing on warm skin tones no matter their eye color. Works amazingly well in combination with Earth Girl and Heirloom.

new matte eyeshadows in palette

You can trust that all our eyeshadows are formulated with clean and minimal ingredients. Truly hypoallergenic eyeshadows that will never make your eyes irritated are hard to find. Add to that the customizability of our palette system – and you’ve got a combo that’s unbeatable.

Benefits Of The Red Apple Eyeshadow System

  • Larger, Deeper Pans Last a Much Longer Time
  • Customizable Palette means you buy the shades YOU want, not the shades we said you must have if you purchase this palette
  • No more annoyance of your favorite-most-used-shade running out before the rest, and not being able to replenish JUST THAT ONE
  • Waste less by purchasing only shades you love and will wear and replacing only the shades that run low
  • No more half-used palettes laying around and spending time trying to find your favorite shades from each one
  • One Palette to replace them all – filled with shades you love and wear – saving you time when getting ready and confusion on what shades go together.

Features Of Red Apple Eyeshadows

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free Eyeshadows
  • Gluten Free & Paraben Free
  • Non-Nano Particle Minerals
  • No Talc or Fillers
  • No Dimethicone or Palm
  • Fragrance Free & Nut Free
  • Super Pigmented
  • Highly Blendable & Buildable
  • Velvety Luxurious Finish
  • Smooth Application

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Choosing Eyeshadow That’s Right For You

It can be tough to know exactly which shades are best for you. If this sounds like you and you’d like customized advice – we’ve created a special way to choose eyeshadows by your eye color.

By Clicking Here you’ll be taken to choose your eye color. From there, you’ll be shown two pre-designed palettes of shades specifically designed to complement your eye color. The two options are an all-matte palette or a palette that contains both shimmers and mattes.

Click on either option to see details of that palette and to understand why these shades were chosen.

Remember that we offer an open-container 6-month return/exchange policy if you choose shades that aren’t right for you. Yes, you read that right – we want you to love what you purchase, and we have a passion for helping you find the right shades!

Our friendly, female customer care team is always happy to help guide you if you need one-on-one support.

Which of these shades are calling your name?! And what swatches or comparisons would you like to see? Leave us a comment below

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