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Trendy Fall Makeup - Image Of Girl Wearing Cat Eye Makeup

If you were wondering what you can try this fall to look and feel more into the latest trends, you are in a good place. Every year autumn makeup trends seem to be quite similar, but there are some crucial details that change: the dominant color, shape of the line or even the way of the application of the product. What is it this year? Find out how to create the most fashionable and the best looking fall makeups of 2021.

Eyeliner variations

Cat eye

This classy look feels almost timeless, since it’s been with us for many seasons. This fall however, the line seems thinner to medium and very winged kitten eye. Paired with natural, thicker eyebrows, long lashes and matte, neutral lips it will look just as it should. If you are still unsure if you can manage creating a cat eye – try our tips from ‘How To Do Cat Eye Makeup Article’.  And now, let’s focus on fall makeup trends 2021.

Cat Eye Makeup is for sure a welcome makeup trend in fall 2021
Cat Eye Makeup is for sure a welcome makeup trend in fall 2021

Intense eyeliner

Since this fall officially belongs to eyeliners, there had to be versions for everyone. Here we go with an intense eyeliner look for those who feel their inner rock nature. Inspired by Olsen sisters, Taylor Momsen and many more 90s celebrities, those over lined, grunge-style eyes will give you an edgier, rockstar look. Pair it with nude, glossy lips or bold red lips if you’re a more adventurous soul.

Graphic eyeliner

Another eye makeup idea is also an eyeliner variation: graphic eyeliner. It has been presented by many famous designers at Paris Fashion Week including Chloe, Maison Margiela, Valentino and more. This fall makeup trend requires some minimal eyeliner skills and practice before you go out. But do not worry, it is not as difficult as it seems and I am sure with a well-sharpened eyeliner you’ll become a pro very soon. Try double lines or on the crease graphic line connected with the wing. Always wear eyeliner paired with dewy skin – these fall makeup looks were on the runway this year!

Eggplant underline

Bottom eyelid line is another fall makeup trend which is great for beginners and it has been loved by celebrity makeup artist Kali Kennedy (for example on Met Gala this year). Follow your lower lash line and draw it a little bit further than your line really ends. Use Eggplant eyeliner to make your look less classy and more on trend. Eggplant color will look amazing with brown eyes.

Nature inspired eyeshadows

Lavender Garden

In case you thought eggplant purple is the only trending shade… It is not. Lavender truly dominated fall/winter runways 2021 and it is a great fall eyeshadow. This cute hue will look great on pretty much all eye colors and with many clothing variations as well. You can go from casual to glam in minutes, by adding different lip colors or black eyeliner to your makeup. You can pair it with natural lipstick or a lip gloss that has purplish undertones if you want to keep it all very colorful. Lavender will also look pretty with any shade of pink – use some on your lips or try pink eyeliner and you are all set. Some of our favorite shades from RAL collection that might help you create look inspired with lavender gardens include Violet Vixen, Violet Femme, Violet Vintage and Tutu Cute. Use your favorite shade as a one all done and buff slightly above the crease and add black eyeliner if needed. You can also try mixing at least two purple shades to shape your eye in order to appear bigger and for a more intense color payoff. Do not forGet creative and have fun!

Bold lips

What would autumn be without a bold lip? Here are some of the must-haves of this fall season to add to your vanity.

Red apple red – classy, timeless red with a hint of blue undertone that will look absolutely gorgeous on many skin tones. Bold yet classy lips like that can be paired with voluminous lashes or beige-gold eyeshadow – you simply cannot go wrong with that.

Fall makeup certainly includes the easy to maintain bold red lips.
Fall makeup certainly includes the easy to maintain bold red lips.

Brick red – this kind of red looks great with warmer types of skin & hair colors. It instantly adds a kind of edgier, super bold look for lighter complexions and sophisticated look for darker skin tones. Gypsy soul will be perfect to create that type of makeup. You can pair it with eggplant eye pencil as lip pencil for a bolder, autumn look.

Glowy skin

Glowy skin is always in, but this fall particularly. Glowy, healthy looking skin was seen in all runways this season. Prep your skin well before makeup application; use primer or moisturizer (or both if you have a very dry skin). A small amount of well-milled highlighter applied on the highest points of the face will also help to create a natural looking glow. Use some setting mist or setting spray for the best results and enjoy your fun fall makeup.

Natural brows

It seems like we can say bye for good to the overplucked 2000 brows trend (oh yes, please!). For many seasons natural brows are on top of the makeup trends and nothing has changed this year. Emphasize your natural brows with translucent gel to make them pop or get familiar with eyebrows laminating and stick to that. If you’re lucky to have a lot of eyebrow hairs, just gel might be enough, if you are less lucky (oh hello light blondes), get yourself a thin, precise liner for eyebrows and draw tiny hairs or use brow or eyeshadow to fill in empty spaces. Some of RAL matte shades are perfect to do so: Blonde Shell for warmer brown eyebrows or Brownie Points mixed with Clean Slate for a more cool/neutral tone.

Long, volumized lashes

Long, voluminous, healthy looking lashes are a trend this fall, but also a dream to some. You can use falsies, which we do not recommend, since the glue used to apply them may cause an allergic reaction, or invest in a multi tasking mascara and conditioner in one. We have a hint: The Lash Project. HypoAllergenic Mascara & Lash Conditioner in one that is classic and timeless in satin black (spoiler alert: we are working on a perfect brown to come soon!) and gives your lashes a weightless, soft feathery look all while defining and strengthening your lashes to make your eyes pop. Use it with patience and the results will blow your mind. And you’ll be on fleek with 2021 fall trends for sure. 

Classic neutrals and deep browns

Lighter version of black smokey eyes, sexy look? This was a dominant runway trend of Gucci by Tom Ford. Feminine, sultry, smudged look achieved using brown, grey and Burgundy tones smoky eye. Hello Darkness, Espresso, Clean Slate with Graphite Glam in crease line from RAL eyeshadows collection will help you to recreate these amazing runway fall looks in minutes. For more drama, add some charcoal or black liner. Remember to use primer especially for those darker eyeshadows – this will make them easier to blend, more buildable and long lasting. 

Classic Neutrals and Deep Browns 
 eye shadow are just right for fall makeup.
Classic Neutrals and Deep Browns around the eyes are just right for fall makeup.

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