Best Sweat-Proof Makeup for Hot Dry Weather

Sweatproof Makeup

Summer is in full swing, with beautiful sunny days and hot weather the norm. The warmer it gets, the less makeup we want to wear, which is not a bad thing. However, sometimes we might have to, or want to, wear makeup even on those really hot, dry days. Sweat-Proof makeup in dry weather requires a few changes to your daily makeup routine.

How can you achieve a summer-proofed look when you do want to wear makeup? Keep on reading because we are sharing our best sweat-proof makeup tips and suggestions, focusing in particular on hot dry weather.

No matter what kind of makeup look you are going for, if you live in hot dry weather, keep it light.

Minimal is key to sweat-proof makeup, less is really more here. If you have to wear a full face of makeup, applying your products in light layers will help to keep your look sweat-proofed.

Why Should You Always Prep Your Skin For Dry Weather.

You always want to prep the skin before applying any makeup. This will give you a nice clean, even canvas (your face) for a flawless sweat-proof makeup application.

Start with a good skincare routine. Hot dry weather causes the skin to feel dry, so choose products that will be light but moisturizing at the same time.

Go with a lightweight moisturizer that will still provide you with plenty of moisture and hydration. Avoid heavy creams especially during the day since you want to keep your layers light. You want something that isn’t too heavy on the skin and will soak in nicely. This will leave the skin soft and prepped for makeup application. For those with oily skin, look for an oil-free moisturizer.

“Start with a good
skincare routine”

If you have super oily skin, apply a makeup primer designed for oily skin. These can help to control excess oils. However, to keep it light, try applying only on the areas that get oily the most, such as your T-Zone area (across the forehead, down the nose, and on the chin), or any areas where you specifically get the oiliest. Otherwise, your moisturizer will be enough to prep the skin.

Why Should You Try Cream Products In A Dry Climate?

Cream products tend to be less stable in hot humid climates but are great options in hot dry climates.

As already mentioned, hot dry weather can be a bit drying on the face so opting for more moisturizing products is a good idea, especially if you already have dry skin. You can even try using a combo of both cream and powder products, this is especially a great option for those with oily skin types.

Remember to keep your layers light to ensure a sweat-proofed makeup application. (If you apply too much product, you run the risk of them moving around.) When it comes to:

Foundation– choose something light like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, these will keep your skin moisturized while providing light coverage without being heavy or cakey looking.

For those with oily skin, choose one that is oil-free. Apply a light layer and only apply more on the areas that need a bit more coverage, like on blemishes or dark spots.

You could choose to set your foundation with a bit of setting powder, this is a great idea for those with super oily skin types.

A light dusting of setting powder is all you need to do the job, even better yet, you could just set the areas you know are the oiliest instead of the whole face. (If you will be using other cream products, like blush and/or bronzer, we suggest you wait to use a setting powder until after you apply these. Go with a translucent setting powder and lightly dust the face to set everything.)

If you do not need much coverage at all, you can always skip foundation altogether.

Blush/Bronzer– try a cream blush and bronzer, these tend to look more natural on the skin and are more moisturizing which is great for hot dry weather. For a sweat-proof application, make sure to avoid over-applying. Also, you can choose to top cream blushes with a light layer of a powder blush and cream bronzers with a light layer of powder bronzer. (You can always just use powder blush and bronzer as well; they, too, can look very natural as long as you don’t over-apply.)

Red Apple Lipstick does not specifically have cream blushes but any of their lipsticks can be used as a cream blush. There is also a nice selection of beautiful blushes, the powder is lightweight yet nicely pigmented that you do not need to apply much for a nice flush of color.

Summertime makeup

Sun Drop Bronzer – A Lightweight Bronzer

A bronzer that WON’T dry, cake, clog pores or cause breakouts!

Image of 5 Red Apple Lipsticks with lipstick bullet's twisted up and caps off on a display with some blushes with floral background showing some pinks that make great options for a cream blush

Some of Red Apple Lipsticks can work perfectly as a cream blush.

Lipsticks like Audrey, Day After Morocco, Mabel, Maven Mauve, Strawberry Lips are wonderful for this task.

Eyeshadow– cream shadows are quite popular nowadays. They do tend to crease so we think using a cream shadow would be best when you are doing a One & Done eye look, where just one shadow color is used all over the eye. For an even more sweat-proof look, you can choose to use powder eyeshadows.

Whichever you choose to use, we recommend going with lighter, more natural shades for summer. Avoid darker colors as they will make your eye makeup look heavy. Check out RAL’s eyeshadow selection here. RAL lipsticks can also be used as cream shadows as well.

Image of Twosie Holder by Red Apple lipstick with 2 eyeshadow pans and one lipstick off to the side

Image of large z palette style case displaying several eyeshadow pans in lots of different shades that Red Apple Lipstick has to choose from

Red Apple Lipstick has 40+ gorgeous eyeshadow colors to choose from

Why Should You Prime Your Eyes for Hot Dry Weather?

If you will be wearing any kind of eye makeup, make sure to use an eye primer.

Priming the eyes is the best way to sweat-proof your eye makeup, even powder eyeshadows have the possibility of creasing in any kind of hot weather. Eyeshadow primer will help eyeshadows to stick and stay in place all day as well as prevent any creasing from happening.

The Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer is a great choice as you only need a tiny amount, making it a great lightweight option. Just give it a couple of minutes to dry and then you’re ready to apply your eyeshadow.

Prime Time Eye Primer by Red Apple Lipstick

A gluten free, hypo allergenic Eye Primer that reduces crinkles & creasing and increased wear time.

This eye shadow primer for sensitive skin is guaranteed to not cause allergic reactions – no more itchy, red, tired eyes!


If you are going to use eyeliner and you want to make sure it is as sweat-proof as possible, you will want to top it, or in other words, seal it with a powder eyeshadow.

An eyeshadow powder will act just like a setting powder does for foundation, it will set your liner in place and help it last. Another option is to simply use eyeshadow as a liner.


Mascaras can sometimes smudge, especially if you apply them on the lower lashes. Waterproof formulas are great to wear in the summer because they perform well in the heat as they are water-resistant. Many, however, do not like using waterproof mascaras because they are harder to remove. The next best option, in that case, would be to choose a mascara with a drier formula, one that is not too wet.

The Lash Project Mascara has a drier formula that helps prevent it from smudging, making it a perfect mascara option to wear in any hot weather. You can apply it to the lower lashes without worrying about smudging. (You can also just skip mascara on the lower lashes for an even more sweat-proof option.) This mascara is also a lash conditioner, it will strengthen your lashes while keeping them sweat-proofed.

smokey eye

The Lash Project Mascara by Red Apple Lipstick

A gluten free, hypo allergenic Mascara loved by the allergen free crowds.


When it comes to dry lips, make sure to always moisturize the lips with a good lip balm to prevent them from drying in the dry heat. Rallye Balm works great as a moisturizing lip balm and preps the lips for any lip color product.

Talking about lip products, RAL has plenty of options for that.

The key to sweat-proofing even your lip products is a light application.

RAL’s lipsticks are super pigmented (and super moisturizing as well) that you only need no more than two coats, you can even wear them as a lip stain for an even lighter application. Just apply some on your finger first and then dab that on the lips. You can also choose lip gloss instead, just do not apply too much. A light layer of lip gloss will provide you with a bit of color while keeping your lips moisturized. Check out all of RAL’s lip glosses here.

Image of Rallye Balm by Red Apple Lipstick laying on its side with the cap off and bullet twisted up. The cap is laying at the side with the original box it comes in on the top of the picture

Rallye Balm by Red Apple lipstick

Sweatproof Makeup

Lipsticks and Lip Glosses by Red Apple Lipstick

Should You Set Your Makeup In The Summer?

For a complete sweat-proof makeup application, it is a great idea to set your finished makeup look with a setting spray. Setting sprays are designed to help your makeup stay in place and last longer as they will help prevent any smudging, fading, or cracking in the summer’s heat.

Why You Should Keep Blotting Papers Or Face Mists on Hand?

Blotting papers and face mists are your best friends during summertime! Make sure to keep these in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.

A great way to freshen up your makeup is by using blotting papers to blot away any excess oils from your face without disturbing or messing up your makeup, use them whenever you need to.

Face mists are amazing for providing a burst of freshness and hydration in the heat, they will also help to freshen up your makeup when needed.

Image of stock model showing herself spraying a facial mist onto her face with her head tilted to the right and her cheek in the opposite palm of her hand

Some like to touch up their makeup a bit after using blotting paper by applying some powder. This works great, but if you have to do it multiple times throughout the day you run the risk of looking powdery.

We recommend touching up with a powder just once, apply a light dusting and then spritz your face with some facial mist. Then just stick to the blotting papers and face mist for any additional touch-ups. This will help keep everything light and sweat-proofed.

We hope these tips and suggestions help to keep your makeup sweat-proofed throughout the summer. Make sure to also check out our other summer makeup guides for more tips. (How to Transition Your Makeup Routine for Summer & Best Sweat-Proof Makeup for Hot Humid Weather) Please feel free to share your tips with us in the comments below.

Summertime makeup

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I keep my makeup from melting in hot weather?

The best way is to wear less makeup and/or applying light layers of product. Instead of wearing foundation, try just applying concealer on areas that need coverage. Applying a face primer before makeup will also help as well as setting your complete makeup application with a setting spray. For more tips on this, make sure to read the How to Sweat-Proof Makeup for Summertime Heat article.

2. How can I sweat-proof my makeup in the summer?

Make sure to read these articles for some great tips on sweat-proofing makeup for summer! How to Transition Your Makeup Routine for Summer, How to Sweat-Proof Makeup for Summertime Heat & Best Sweat-Proof Makeup for Hot Humid Weather.

3. How do I stop my foundation from sweating off?

Choose a lightweight foundation and apply light layers. Use a primer before applying your foundation and then lightly set your foundation with a setting powder. For an even more sweat-proofed application, set your complete look with a setting spray.

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